Does ThisIsAlsoIt Contain Viruses?

Since my previous post mentioning ThisIsAlsoIt I've been asked on Twitter and Facebook about whether ThisIsAlsoIt.com has any viruses

Quick, and simple, answer. No. With it's current redirection going to a Youtube video featuring Aphrodite Jones and Tom Mesereau.

Did the redirection from yesterday, that redirected to a Google search results page contain viruses? No. Some of the links had malware/spyware attached but nothing that could crash a hard drive.

And doesn't that add to the whole feeling that this site (ThisIsAlsoIt) has nothing to do with Sony or Michael? Why would Sony want to infect computers with viruses from links which Sony would not want to be associated with? Why would Michael want to release clues to his fans which involves damaging their computers through links with malware and spyware?

So what is happening with ThisIsAlsoIt? Nothing. Just someone, possibly Auntie Amy, editing a single line of HTML code approximately every 24 hours. And that is the thing this is so simple to do.

< equiv="REFRESH" content="0; url=http://www.cnn.com/index.html">

The above example would take you to the CNN website. Notice the content="0; piece which basically means go there right now without delay.

So every day someone just edits the url= section to go to the next alleged clue. Is it Auntie Amy? I don't know 100% either way. What I do know is, as I have stated before, it started as Auntie Amy hid behind the curtain at MJHD.COM; and it's first redirection was to MJHD.COM. It's definitely a possibility.

And for those that really think ThisIsAlsoIt is actually owned by Sony or Michael, go to Google and do a search for "Sony This Is Also It". One news place, the Huffington Post, is the only media place to mention it. All other results which actually mention a film quote the Huffington Post article. Sony has never said there will be a sequel. And have actually denied the possibility of a sequel.

That's the final piece on this redirecting piece of shit. If you want to follow a hoax website just keep an eye on MJHD.COM for it's next reincarnation. But if you are stupid enough to keep seeing where ThisIsAlsoIt.com redirects you. I suggest you click every dumb fucking link they give to you. Because if you believe this is Sony or Michael you deserve every piece of malware, spyware, and virus they offer up to you.



Anonymous said...

Great post! I laugh at the idiots who follow TIAI like it's the Holy Grail of the Hoax Trail or something. Get real, folks. You're being PUNK'D.

Anonymous said...

ok, i can tell you this much: If u start looking into the new reincarnation of mjhd you might as well start looking into thisisalsoit. They will be suspiciously connected...

Anonymous said...

If ThisIsAlsoIt.com has any viruses, MJHD's members are virus

Anonymous said...

Good morning Conspiracy!

What is the point of all these redirects?

Anonymous said...

What the hell is going on! I have never seen so many swear words in one blog. Get thee to church now and repent thy sins.

Anonymous said...

LMFAO @ Al Sharpton!

Anonymous said...

Alrighty then fake Al Sharpton. You see what the hell is going on you do not have to ask. Who sent you here? I guess I will join your church of redemption. On second thoughts I will ask Frick and Frack which church they worship at. I heard that they teach Lying For Dummies. I know AL is intelligent and would use a question mark instead of an exclamation when asking a question lol.

The lady with no name

Anonymous said...

tis_ruthy is a sick cunt, posting as Al Sharpton. WTF? Get a life you dumb drunk, will ya?

Anonymous said...

Five come get your Step-child she went off the deep end!

Assessment: Considering the recent traumatic events in patient's life recently. She made the decision not to return to a forum. Her Step-mother removed her from her friend's list. Patient is finding it harder to live across the pond i.e. England. Patient expressed a deep desire to move to America to be with Rev. Al Sharpton. Her thought process and illusions are understandable considering the recent traumatic events in her life. The patient is now thinking of herself as and adapting the a persona of one whom she is infatuated with. Upon further evaluation by examining cryptic postings on a blog posted by the patient. It is of my professional opinion that with therapy and a combination of meds this patient will somewhat recover to 86%. I strongly feel that this patient should not have any further communication with her Step-mother. Doing so will impede the patient step towards recovery.

Post Traumatic Disorder
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Plan: Rx for Paxil 40 mg bid, Ambien 10 mg qhs, Xanax 0.5 mg tid, Adderall 30 mg bid. Next appointment in a couple weeks. Patien will be evaluated in two weeks. If no improvement I will consider increasing Xanax to 1.0 mg tid. I strongly advised patient to avoid consuming alcohol especially while on medication.

Lady with no name

Anonymous said...

God..this is exactly what Michael wouldn´t want..you just hate each other!you are fighting all the time!Because of what?!!!
wake up,be nice to each other,otherwise you wont get any of the answers.

tis_ruthy said...

hold on...me having a laugh means im a drunken sick cu** who needs anti depressants? lol this is priceless.....I guess the "norm" of this blog is to complain endlessly about everyone and then type fuck 48 times and call everyone a cu**

Right im off to buy some drugs...cyas all later.....fuck fuck fuck...i love that word, it's so animate...you say it you feel it lol

Anonymous said...

lmao tis ruthy is a fucking idiot get a life! fucking lame like someone else said why do michael's fans have to be so damn dumb!

Anonymous said...

haha this is probally why MJ faked his death so he can get away form his stupid ass retarded fans.

Diana Jean said...

Theres no need too be mean too Ruthy. She didnt do anything wrong.

Anonymous said...

tis_ruthy is desperately craving attention around here. Might as well go over to post some of her daft shite on the Peter Cetera forum, where she is also a member. No shit! What a git!

Anonymous said...

MJHD is sold?? For How much?

Anonymous said...

lmfao!! @ step child hahahahahaaa she really is craving attention.

Anonymous said...

Let's talk common sense and logic here.
Michael Jackson is not only an entertainer, he's a business man and way too intelligent to be operating MJHD. The man had connections in high places. Out of almost 7,6890 members, you think Miko Brando, John Branca or Frank Dileo would be lurking around the joint, but no, the only associate you see is Al Sharpton.
If Michael Jackson or SONY were running MJHD, you'd be seeing big names like

Jimmy "The Weasel" Fratianno
Vincent "Chin" Gigante
Paul "Big Paulie" Castellano
Carlo Gambino
Leo "Lips" Moceri
Sammy "The Bull" Gravano
Tony Salerno
Vincent "Fish" Cafaro
Lucky Luciano
Frank "Bignuts" Costello
Bugsy Siegel
Allan Smiley
John Branco
James "Jerkoff" Burke
Carmine Galante
Jimmy "the Gent" Burke
James Palladino
Carmelo Messina
Bernardo Provenzano
Toto "BigTits" Riina
Giuseppe Palazzolo
Benedetto "Nitto" Santapaola
Vincenzo "The Egg" Cotroni
Joseph Bonanno
Carmine Galante
Sal Giglio
Ciro "The Artichoke King" Terranova
Giuseppe "Joe The Boss" Masseria
Salvatore Maranzano
Salvatore "Charlie 'Lucky' Luciano" Luciana
Salvatore D'Aquilla
Alfred "Al Mineo" Manfredi
Frank "Don Cheech" "Ciccio" Scalise
Gaetano "Tom" Reina
Buontunio (Joseph) Pinzolo
Giuseppe (The Fox) Costabile
Joseph Profaci
Vincent Mangano
Umberto "Albert Anastasia" Anastasio
Lord High Executioner
Phillip Mangano
Umberto "Albert Anastasia" Anastasio
Joseph "Crazy Joe" Gallo
Stephen Grammauta
Carlo "Don Carlo" Gambino
Tony "Narcoleptic" Fazoli
Ralf "Trophy Hunter" Mortangelo
Johnny "Big Lips" Pescatori
Carlos "Futon" Santiago
Jimmy "The Chop" "Marini
Johnny "Crap Foot"Gambini
Sidney "Poitier" Gambini
Ants 'Ice Man' Zamboni
Marco "Gifilta Fish" Munchinni
Vincent "Pretty In Pink" Vega
Joey "Kneecap" Santorielli
Roberto "Wrinkle Free" Capelli
Johnny "Bingo" Bosco
Fredo "The Plumber" Giardino
These people do not fuck around. I would be worried if a cement truck were pulling up in my driveway when I ordered a new pair of shoes from Gucci or had a box of dead fish delivered at my doorstep.
Instead, you got the big honcho by the name of Auntie Amy running a low down dirty diaper cartel and her top guys are a bunch of redneck hillbillies.
Michael might throw in a few hundred plants via close associates. I hardly doubt they would go by the names of Hitlerfish aka Silverdick, Daydream, who turned into a total fucking Nightmare of a boss since she can't even operate a remote control let alone a set up of this kind. Then you got Qez, Starfux, Purplzdick, Goldicocks, Starfux, Rhi, ShovetheGlove, Speeddick, Tinkerbell, and certainly not Gymnbunny, sounds like a friggin faggot running around in a pink tutu.

As for the MuffingtonPost, consider the source- it ain't credible!

Hat's off once again to the Conspiracy blogger, the truth is staring everybody in the face, right here in black and white. Get it. If you don't there is no hope for you Jim Jones rejects. Lady with no name is right on the money. I like her way of thinking. You should have drank the fucking Kool-Aid. Maybe she can mix up a fresh batch hehe ;)

On a final note, if someone were to tell you to jump of a bridge, would you do it? Hell no you say. So why do you so blindly follow all these redirects from thisisalsoit aka, whogivesashit, they will be leading you around by the nose till the cows fly home. Take the name George, that's my dogs name. Now I'm not one to believe in coincidences but my dog farted at the very exact moment I clicked on the redirect link ( I did it for the hell of it one night), had to be a clue. Does the name Smelly mean anything to you. Hell yeah, Quincy Jones used to call MJ "Smelly" so maybe I'm on to something here WOAH :O hehe ;)
Keep clicking folks, keep clicking the links, you'll all be wearing straight jackets in no time LMAO !!!!!!

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 5:55 - That was the funniest fucking comment to date - LMFAO especially the part about big honcho Auntie Amy and the low down dirty diaper cartel .. OMFG now THAT'S some FUNNY shit right there!! :)

Anonymous said...

^^LMBO!!! I agree!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 5:55 you rock :). I am lmao I agree with everything you posted. My hats off to Conspiracy you and everyone here who see the light.

I heard the forum was sold for $10.00 lmao.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous said... "I heard the forum was sold for $10.00 lmao."

You are right to laugh at! LOL actually i do think the one who bought it will do a good bargain since there are a wide range of forum. Moreover since the last months, the traffic has dropped drasticly...
$10.00 lmao : Auntie Amy can buy to all her former members some diapers! lol

Anonymous said...

MJHD.net also has viruses a screen will come up that says your computer needs a anti security software to download.

Anonymous said...

Sony owns Thisisalsoit.

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