Hatred Or Vindication

I've noticed lately that there has been a lot of comments regarding the amount of hatred on this site, the bad language, Michael wouldn't have wanted to see any of this, and what has this to do with Michael?

So as nothing is really happening; I thought I'd take this quiet time to answer these comments in one big post.

Firstly, as the blogger, I write what I want. I don't force anyone to read it. I don't charge anyone to read it. As I have stated in the past it is just my opinion. Some people agree with it; and some people don't. As the poet, John Lydgate, said: "You can please some of the people all of the time and all of the people some of the time, but you can’t please all of the people all of the time." But that is the thing. I'm not trying to please anyone. I'm just blogging what I think.

Next comes the freedom of speech, or whatever you want to call it, that exists in almost every country (China, North Korea, Iraq, and Iran to name a few exceptions) which allows everyone to say what they want on any subject. So I use the freedom of speech to say what I think about MichaelJacksonHoaxDeath.com, MichaelJacksonHoaxDeath.net, a couple of blogs and websites, and the Admins that have been part of those websites and forums.

Would Michael have liked it? I'm not Michael Jackson. I don't know. Maybe. Maybe not. All I do know is that when certain things didn't sit right with Michael he voiced those opinions; and not always eloquently. As Michael was meeting fans in London last year he smiled as he held up a sign, briefly, which said: "Sony Kills Music". He can also be seen smiling at a fan who is holding up a sign which reads: "Fuck Motown".

So again I ask would Michael like what is on this blog? And I still have no definite answer. But what I do know is that he wouldn't have wanted people to lay down and be spoon fed bullshit from someone who was just making money off of his name.

And the final point. What has this got to do with Michael? Not a lot. This blog, as the name suggests, is about some of the underhand things that have gone on at MJHD. How a person put up a website, and forum, and then used that website to make money from it. Would Michael have liked that? Hell yeah, he didn't like anyone making money off his name, or legacy, so why would he have wanted to see MJHD do it?

So in response to all the people that complain about the language, the topics, and everything else - SHUT THE FUCK UP. Nobody forces you to come here and read this. Nobody is holding a gun to your head, or your family's heads, and saying "Read the MJHD Conspiracy blog or you will die!" IF you don't like what is on this blog, or the people that frequent it, there is other places on the Internet to go to.

This blog was put here for one reason - to show people what was really happening over at MJHD. A lot of people didn't believe it at first, and through time Auntie Amy, Fuckfish, and Nightmare, along with some others have proven to be liars and people that don't give a fuck what they do to people, or what they say to people.

No I'm not on some crusade to save the Internet from liars and assholes, there are too many for a start. But at the same time if I had sat and let the shit go on at MJHD which was going on and said nothing I would be no better than the ones that were, and will again, peddle their bullshit, drama, and lies.

So for the dumb and retarded I will say it once again:




Anonymous said...

Bravo and fuck the haters!!

Diana Jean said...

You were right about everything from the way begining. About Amy, John Smith and everything else. It blows my mind too know that people are still complaining about you. You tell the truth, which is more then we can say about allot of other people on here.

Like you said, when Michael had problems with Sony he didnt sit down and discuss it over tea with them. He went out there and did somthing about it dangit!

You say what everybody else knows they want too say, but there too afraid too say it.

Too all the haters out there, If you dont like how conspiracy is being mean to other people, why are you being mean to conspiracy? It works two ways, but the only difference is Conspiracy doesnt go too your blog and comment negativly on your posts, does he? I didnt think so.

Dont you dare say "Michael wouldnt like this blog" and then think that he would like the negative comments you leave. Thats just wack, Lay off the crack.

If you dont like this blog, then when you click on the link too get here, what the heck is going through your mind? Just wondering.

Anonymous said...

Didnt i read here somewhere you invited people to follow you on twitter?...It must exclude Aussies?...We arent all tainted with Auntie Amys diapers

Anonymous said...

Well said Conspiracy, I totally agree with you. I am sick to death of people stating how Michael wouldn't like this and Michael wouldn't like that, how do they know? They don't know him personally therefore they don't know what he likes & dislikes, so ffs give it a fucking rest. I believe in freedom of speech and if that includes a few swear words then so what. Like you said nobody's holding a gun to anyone's head and forcing them to come here. So for those of you out there who are horrified about what you read here...FUCK OFF! And just remember this...this blog is about mjhd etc, not Michael himself so get off your fucking high horse.

Sorry if I offended anyone with my use of swear words (yeah right, lmfao!).

MJHD Conspiracy said...

Anonymous said: "Didnt i read here somewhere you invited people to follow you on twitter?...It must exclude Aussies?...We arent all tainted with Auntie Amys diapers"

LOL. Nothing against Aussies, I'm a big Kylie fan LOL. There is only a couple I denied on Twitter because they looked like spam.

Anonymous said...

Ok i shall try again...K but not Kylie

Anonymous said...

Of course MJ would blast his enemies and those who did wrong. Gee whiz MJ was a man with real feelings and emotions. All you whinebabies grow up.

Hey Conspriacy did you hear MJHD is sold? Rumour is so was the database. Truth or lie? Stay tuned to "All My Children".

Anonymous said...

Conspiracy, excellent! The spineless bitches come here and attack Conspiracy, others and myself. Some claim that I am Smooth for the last time I am NOT smooth. The bitches who cannot understand truth and cannot take the heat they should keep their asses out of the kitchen.

3D said...

So, on Silverwolf and Daydream's blog today, Daydream says she and Silver are done apologizing. Day says she only answer legitimate questions. So asked if they such good friends of Amy and were sorry they had lied, then Amy must be a nice person too, right? So I asked that Amy give back all the donated money and apologize to the ex-MJHD members. Well I wrote that hours ago and nothing has been posted. When I post on yours and other blogs, the comments come up reasonably quick. So what's up with that? I guess I asked an ilegitimate question. So it is ok to talk the talk but hell to
the NO for real actions. Words, just empty ass words.

MJHD Conspiracy said...

3D said: "When I post on yours and other blogs, the comments come up reasonably quick. So what's up with that? I guess I asked an ilegitimate question. So it is ok to talk the talk but hell to the NO for real actions. Words, just empty ass words."

I'm not sure. I posted a comment over there, and it was a few hours before it actually came up on their blog. Maybe their trailer has dial-up.

Anonymous said...

dial up lamoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!! oh shit i just choked on my cheeto oh man lmfao!!

Anonymous said...

MJHD Conspiracy said...
"Maybe their trailer has dial-up."

You are a sarcastic little thing, aren't you? While still maintaining the cute and cuddly. lol. I see you're still stirring the soup. And you do it with such style too. Serious.

Anonymous said...

MJHD Conspiracy said.."I'm not sure. I posted a comment over there, and it was a few hours before it actually came up on their blog. Maybe their trailer has dial-up."
you are the best!
And as a Michael Jackson fan..may I say you are spot on with this post.
Spot on I wish I could write like you do.

Now back to Helen Daniels:P

Anonymous said...

That speech of Michael's is actually from 2002 and NOT from last year! A real fan would know something like that, especially since it's quite a famous speech by now. So I have to assume that you are not a fan. Well I kind of guessed that already judging by everything going on around here.

I really don't think Michael would appreciate all the cursing and other stupid, immature language here...he was always very much against that kind of stuff. And I don't know what the truth about the situation really is in all this mess, but I also really don't see the point for spreading so much hate and hysteria either. I'm sure the truth will come out eventually sooner or later. Peace and love to you all. Just chill out, relax and watch everything unfold.

That's what I'm doing at least!

3D said...

MJHD Conspiracy said...

"I'm not sure. I posted a comment over there, and it was a few hours before it actually came up on their blog. Maybe their trailer has dial-up."

Lmfaorofl. Yeah probably. But I think they are just plain liars. Only answer questions that say absolutely nothing.

anonymous 3 said...

I got no problem whatsoever, I'm really happy with this blog..
If the MJHD owner and mods (not all of them of course, mainly Wolfie and Dream) would have been honest and more respectfull from the beginning and left out the egotripping, none of this would have happened and this blog wouldn't probably even exist, so, in a strange kind of way I'm gratefull to them for doing what they did.:)
Besides it restored my belief in justice....lol

DirtyDiana72 said...

I, for one, think Michael had a wicked sense of humor and therefore would love the way you slice and dice all the MJHD whackjobs while entertaining the lot of us. Fuck the haters and keep on doing what you're doing!

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 2.33am

I'm not sure you getting this so I'll say it louder...


Yet again, if you don't like the colourful language head over to Silverfish & Nightmare's blog, unless of course your being held hostage here. Sheesh!

Anonymous said...

2:33 Did you ever meet Michael to know what he would think about anything? You know what they say about the word ASSUME. You make an Ass out of you and Me. Not literally Me because I am an intellect and a logical person. Ditto for Conspiracy and everyone who post on this blog who speaks the truth about the scam. We do our homework and investigate. Here you come one of Aunty Amy's, Silverwrenck and Daysleep fan dictating what we should and should not do. You have more damn nerve than Carter makes little pils. Idi Amin is dead, Castro is on his last leg so take your damn dictatorship ass somewhere else.

Keep on guessing with your little grey matter you do not know what the hell you are talking about. Acting as if you are a fucking candidate for the Noble Peace Prize. Conspiracy Blog is here to inform people the truth of what is going on. The intelligent ones can comprehend and know that they are not being fed BS. Because everything that Conspiracy stated about those crooks is coming into fruition. No one asked you to visit here. Keep your damm love and peace you are throwing vinegar one minute the next you are throwing love and peace. You are nothing but a fucking hypocrite. You cannot do ignorant shit and expect us not to address your ignorant ass. We are true Michael Jackson fans. Those crooks are tarnishing his name by playing merrygoround with that website. You are NOT a MJ fan if you were you would see all the games that are being played by Amy & company using Michael's name for the almighty dollar.

No one is spreading hysteria around here. Take your ignorant ass somewhere else where your dumb comments will be appreciated. Intelligent people do their research to expose the devious underhanded games that are being played. I can see that you are one with blind folds on. What the hell are we going to sit back chill out and let the sky fall for? You are as stupid as they come. You can leave your one cent change I will not read it. Do what the hell you want to do no one cares. Keep your lazy behind away from here if you cannot tolerate the truth. You can make the choice to be proactive and start researching. You will find out the truth about those crooks. The truth will then hit you upside your head. Then and only then you will see that Conspiracy is telling facts and truth. Keep on guessing with your dumb lazy ass. You come here to be nosy you are like Alice in Bewitched. Go scream for Edgar he will straighten your dumb ass out.

9:19 is Daysleep lol. Go back to your cave and warm up the tin cans and try to catch up on your lying blog.

Lady with no name

Anonymous said...

Lady with no name -- Do you have a Post-It list of "cool ctach phrases" that you have stickied on the side of your computer? You seem to randomly plug these little phrases into all of your posts. Time to Google a new list of phrases, darling ;)

Anonymous said...

@1:22 A symphony to you which simply means FUCK YOU. Okay you fucked with me you dished it out first. You better be able to take what I am about to tell you BITCH. You struck the first blow so here I come. I have a brain and I use it. I do not need to research or a list of phrases plastered on my desk or computer to write anything. I do not randomly stick phrases anywhere I am not a fucking puppet I can think. You have things confused BITCH! It must have being all the times when you used a rubber duck up your ass that you conveniently forgot about. Google is not my friend I see Google is your damn best friend because you are a lazy uneducated bitch. I am very well educated the college that I graduated from you cannot step foot in there. I refuse to use punctuations here with the exception of period. Simply to end a sentence. I know that stupid bitches like you who visit here to be nosy too fuck with us and leave your nasty footprints. None of you know how to or when to use punctuations. Therefore I simplyfy things for you stupid bitches.

You cannot use the brain that you have in your triple sized head and think independently. Do not fuck with me whore you are fucking with the wrong person. Do not call me darling with your ignorant ass I am not your darling. You are the fucking wrong gender I am a woman I do not do bitches. Plain and simple do not read what I post no one is begging you to read my posts. Just cruise on by my posts and go read something else. It is evident that your reading ability is limited and your comprehension is nil. You are a dumb BITCH!. You stuuupid ignorant BITCH. I will tell you something since you fucked with me with your ignorant self. Here is a new phrase for your ignorant ass. Go report your Daddy to the police for all the times he molested you. Kiss my ass BITCH and FUCK YOU!

Lady with no name

Anonymous said...

2:47pm Anger management therapy, much? Hehe. Someone pass the popcorn.

Anonymous said...

@3:15 I was smiling as I typed. I do not need Anger management therapy bitch. How about a dose of Cyanide for you ? I treat bitches the same way how they treat me. I could tell you more about your stinky self. But why bother with garbage. Popcorn is high in fiber you certainly need some popcorn. It appears that your brain is constipated. Fuck you !! Go and speak to yourself now. I have wasted enough time with you whore.

Anonymous said...

Why is it when someone makes a mistake about something concerning Michael or posts something that others don't agree with, it makes them non-fans? I'm so sick of seeing that on the blogs, forums, twitter, blablabla.

It's not a contest, no one gets a prize for being the biggest best fan in the whole wide world. There's no test or grades or meter to see who is the biggest fan, or to see who is the worst fan.

It also irks me that people have to bring what they think Michael would or would not like into their arguments. Michael is a human being, with human faults. Michael also had an excellent PR team. We only saw the side of Michael that Michael wanted us to see. Not one of us knows what Michael did, said, or is like behind closed doors. Michael presented us with an image and very rarely broke from that.

As far as how he might feel about swearing and the use of such things, I've seen a few pictures of him using his middle finger. He also sang "stop FUCKING with me" in Scream along with other swear words in his songs, so by using them in song he must not be totally against it.

Shamone people, Michael doesn't walk on water, he's human! Yeah, Yeah I know now I'm NOT fan. Get over yourselves. LMAO

Anonymous said...

Whoa there Lady with no name, I'm all for freedom of speech but you take the cake. Chill-ax, take a deep breath and breath out. Your sounding more & more like a whack job every post, your pills must be wearing off. Lmfao

Anonymous said...

3:15 p.m. I forgot to write your prescription. Here they are you have to take them to a pharmacy. These are prescribed medications they cannot be obtained OTC.

Rx Zoloft 50 mg PO tid
Lactulax 30 ml daily
Amitryptyline 100 mg qhs

Diagnoses: Constipation of the brain
Marked Depression with Anxiety

Patient requested Rx for Vicodin or Oxycontin and I refused. Patient was referred to Martin Drug Rehabilitaion Clinic. Patient requested Levitra Rx for boyfriend for impotency that was denied. Her boyfriend is advised to see his Physician. Will evaluate patient in three weeks.

Anonymous said...

@3:15 here's some popcorn and a soda. ;)

@Lady with no name- do you speak to people this way in real life? If you are so educated why the need to lower yourself with insults and swearing? With a fancy education one would think you might have a better command of the English language. Just sayin'.

Anonymous said...

4:12 it is bitches like you who make me have to be insultive. I do not have to chill out. I am breathing very well. I can write you a prescription you know. I do not need any medication I am perfectly sane. I treat people like yourself on a daily basis. I will no longer dignify you you are not important. You are laughing your fat off ass. Go to a gym daily and stick to a 1,000 daily calorie diet. I guarantee that you will soon be typing LMSAO.

Paxil 80 mg 1 PO daily

Anonymous said...

4:19 I try to speak your kind of language. I am learning Hillbionics. I address bitches like you who will not leave me the hell alone as I see fit. If all of you bitches who do not like Conspiracy and we who speak the truth leave us alone, Then I will not have to stoop to some of you who are here to criticize and to be nosy level. I would not have graduated from Yale if I was not qualified. Now mind your own business.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

4:19 I try to speak your kind of language. I am learning Hillbionics. I address bitches like you who will not leave me the hell alone as I see fit. If all of you bitches who do not like Conspiracy and we who speak the truth leave us alone, Then I will not have to stoop to some of you who are here to criticize and to be nosy level. I would not have graduated from Yale if I was not qualified. Now mind your own business.

LMAO I don't speak hillbonics. Is that suppose to be hill billy talk? I'm not familiar with hillbonics, please enlighten me. I typed full and complete sentences. All I did was ask you a question. You are not stooping to my level, Sweetie, I did not swear or insult you. I used civilized words to communicate my thoughts and opinions.

I never said in my post that I did not like Conspiracy. Nor did I claim not to believe the truth he or she is speaking. Maybe you should re-read some of your own words, as you stated previously do not ASSUME why I am here or what I think.

Sweetie, look in the mirror.It is you that criticizes everyone who does not agree with you. I can say I went to an Ivy League College too and do it without cursing. :)

Anonymous said...

Lady with no name is definitely appearing to be ten shades of crazy. Like, shanaland crazy. Supermom crszy. The epic, legend whackjobs of the MJHD oldschool don't hold a candle to "lady" with no name (who has changed her name from girl to woman and now to lady -- MPD, much?)

Anonymous said...

Comical I am on to bigger and better things. I am lol at the comments about me. I am one shade and will always be one shade. Adios!

Your Shadow said...

I am always fascinated by the following words..."Michael would not have..." They come from people who have never met Michael and quite frankly do not even know who the REAL Michael Jackson is. They watched a few videos, went to a concert, read some interviews and suddenly they are experts on Michael i.e. his likes, dislikes, and overall preferences. In truth these people know Michael about as well as they know...ME. Not at all. I sometimes think that these are the same people who believe that during world tours sexy Michael Jackson sat all alone in a hotel suite watching Disney cartoons and reading Peter Pan stories in his spare time.

Anonymous said...

I have popcorn kernels stuck in my teeth!
Can you pour me another pop?
Man this movie is great!! Get over yourselves!
Bigger news: Next clue!
Given by 2558mjluv
-----> Nothing has been true so far about death
Prank pulled off the night before...
South Carolina, first stop.
Dancers know. Kenny knows. Family knows.
Funeral filmed twice. He now owns Sony.
mjluv close to family...Guess who is filming
the reality show?? Who is behind the camera?

Anonymous said...

This is my final response addressing this topic. I will now explain and speak from my heart. English is not my main language anyone is free to laugh at my English and grammar. It really does not matter to me and I am being honest. I am not crazy by a long shot I receive a Psychological evaluation yearly because of my profession. I am not on Psychothropic medication or ever will be. I am a perfectly sane person although at times with a weird sense of humor. None of you will ever know the hard work that I do daily to help my fellowmen. None of you will ever know how hard I have worked for equal justice for all people in America. None of you knew that I have adopted eighteen children in underprivileged countries and support them monthly. I am not as bad as you people think that I am. I look in the mirror daily and it is well within my soul. I have given freely of my time and money to help a lot of causes. I will give anyone whether friend or foe my last dime or the blouse off my back. At no time did I ever ask for or thought that everyone would agree with my posts. I answered accordingly when I was attacked personally. It is one thing to disagree with statements, it is another thing to personally attack anyone who was addressing someone else who made the choice to personally attack me.

None of you know who I am if I reveal myself now then some might be very shocked. I will eventually reveal who I am when the time is right. I am not ten shades of crazy neither will I ever will be. I am not sweetie or darling to strangers. I am a black woman who is a very passionate person. I abhor anyone taking people for a ride. I do not like dishonesty in any form. I have not changed from girl to woman to lady. From now on I will ignore, stop swearing as it is not me and out of my character. None of us are perfect, I am quite sure all of you have done something. Reflect at a later time and think to yourselves, I should not have said or done that. I have never professed to be an angel.

I got caught up in the moment when I was accussed of being smooth. Somethings are just human nature. All of us have different personalites. Therefore we do not handle things in the same manner. I am angry that people are being taken for fools by Auntie Amy, Silverwolf, Daydream and others. Yet still some people are defending them. They cannot see what these three people and others did to people. By closing the forum for no good reason among other things. To my defense I did not check for grammatical errors and as I explained English is not my first language. I will be woman enough and apologize to the people who meant no harm and i offended them. The ones who meant harm my apology is not extended to anyone of you. I will start off on a fresh slate as of today. I will post and state my opinions in an intelligent way to show the person who I really am. I like this blog the blogger Conspiracy has done his/her homework.

Lady without a name

Anonymous said...

@ Lady with no name 4.28

You really are a nut job aren't you. Shove your prescription up your crazy ass, it's not me who needs it. Let me break it down for you...

L = Laughing
M = My
A = Ass
O = Off

Now do you get it?

I've had enough of your irrational behaviour and it looks like I'm not the only one. Your tainting this blog with your weirdo prescription crap. I'm all for Conspiracy but that doesn't mean I have to like you. What makes you think your above everyone else?

Go take a run...and jump!

Anonymous said...

Lady with No name...I think I Love You..Gee i may even turn for you..Youre my kind of woman taking no shit...However i do prefer meat & 2 veg but You Go Girl make them carpet munchers who attack you pay for their lamearse comments

Anonymous said...

@5:42 thanks and I think I love you too. I am being myself now. I will no longer respond to anyone who attack me. I see that you are unbiased. I was attacked first, and I responded accordingly. Then others decided, to attack me without provocation. I was not speaking to them, I was speaking to the person who attacked me. But, that is okay. I know who I am, none of them know me. But, I know who all of them are. I am not a member of any forum, I am always on the outside looking in. They can say all that they want about me, it is not important. I will let them speak to themselves from now on lol. In the grand scheme of things, I should have ignored them. I see the pattern, and the picture is clear. I wonder what some would say, if they really know who I am. I understand what you stated, about meat and veg :). There is nothing wrong with that :).

Anonymous said...

OMG! Tard without a name! You are pathetic.

Anonymous said...

Who cares who you fucking are anyway? LOL!!

Anonymous said...

LOL @ 10:11 -- "Tard without a name". I think "Psychoravingwhackjob without a name works as well.

Anonymous said...

@Lady with no name

I personally was not attacking you. All I wanted to know is if you spoke to people in real life the way you do here. I used no insults. I was honestly curious. You replied with insults, again I replied civilly.

English might not be your first language, but if you went to Yale, you would need to be able to understand and write it. You would need to express yourself without all the expletives. That was my point when I said one would expect you to have a better command of the English language. It was not my intention to insult those speak other languages or to insult your use of ENGLISH. It had nothing to do with the use of grammar or punctuation. I was referring to the obsessive use of bitch and whore in your posts. I was not making fun of your English, so don't ASSUME.

By your last few posts on this blog, I can see that you can communicate without insults or cursing. You also can type intelligently. You actually have a very good command of the English language. (This is referring to your content and word usage.) I for one felt it was easier to read your posts without the continuous bashing and cursing. A little is okay, but you were a wee bit over the top. It honestly made your posts hard to read. I did find some very humorous, but then it got to be to much. Less is better, just like with perfume. lol

One last thing, I really have no interest in who you are. I doubt I would be shocked. You sound very much like a person who would post regularly on MJHD in the very beginning and then on MJKIT. The person who comes to mind no longer posts, or at least not under her old screen name. The styles and responses are strikingly similar.

Anonymous said...

Silverwolf, is that you who prefers the "meat" and two "vegetables"?

Anonymous said...

No...Its Dr Murray who likes meat & two veg

Anonymous said...

Lmao @5:05 pm

@ Lady with no name...There's no point in trying to defend yourself now, you've already shown your true colours with your insane comments.

Nobody gives a toss who you are, your just another faceless name on the world wide web.

I'd like to know this though...if you know who all the posters are on this blog why don't you enlighten us. I'd love to know who you THINK I am.

(The BS just keeps spewing from you, lmao!)

Anonymous said...

@ 2:02 p.m. I am very sorry for offending you, I am really very sorry. I read your posts, and to be frank I respect you and your opinions. To answer your question, no I do not speak to people in real life in the manner that I was expressing myself here in some of my posts. I was defending Conspiracy and myself ; in the majority of my posts here. Which actually did not begin on this subject Hatred Or Vindication. The manner in which I expressed myself was honestly not my true persona.

I accept and respect your constructive criticism, I honestly do and I thank you. You are perfectly correct, less is more in everything that we do. I have never registered to be a member of any of the forums. I was always on the outside looking in. Again, I will apologize to you. I am very sincere in my response to you. Merry Christmas and may 2010 be a wonderful, and prosperous year to you and your family.

I will now address those who stated that they hate me. 4:47 it is wonderful, that you have never made a mistake in your life. What you saw was not my true color. Respectfully, I am not begging you or the others who expressed that they hate me, to change your or their opinions of me. I was attacked first, and I responded in kind. True, I do not owe you or anyone an explanation. It takes a big person to apologize, and an even bigger person to accept an apology. I am far from being an insane person. I am very sane I am analyzed yearly. To you and others I am a faceless person, sitting in front of a computer. No disrespect here, but if one person accept my apology. Then in the grand scheme of things that is all that matters. Frankly I do not care that you or some people here detest me. The only reason why I am responding to you. Is to inform you that you can speak only for yourself, and voice your opinions based on your perception. One man's treasure might be another man's garbage. Respectfully, your opinion is that the BSS kept on spewing from me. Hey, I respect your opinon. I will leave you with these last words. One must first forgive in order to be forgiven. This world is not a perfect world, neither no human being on this earth is perfect.

I will keep my opinion to myself, as to who I believe post on this blog. For all the monikers that I was labeled to be. Meaning "tard without a name", "Psychoravingwhackjob without a name", thanks but no thanks I am not a psycho. To the person 2:33 a.m. I am not tainting this blog. I am NOT the only person here, who have ever used profanity on this blog. That is your opinion, which is perfectly fine with me. I can only respect your opinion. Although, I honestly do not care, or will not lose any sleep about what you stated about me. The most important thing, is that once I look in the mirror each day, and is well within my soul. In the grand scheme of things that is more important to me.

I do NOT hate anyone in real life, or anyone who I encounter on the internet. I speak my opinions and keep on moving. I do not hate the man, who robbed and killed my only sibling a Brother this year. After my Brother did ALL that was asked of him. The coward shot him in his head and killed him. I am please not asking, or begging for anyone's synpathy. I used my Brother senseless death as an example, to explain that I do not hate anyone. It takes a lot of energy to hate, it takes less energy to forgive.

This too shall pass, and it is with the hope that this subject pertaining to me will die. There is a thing such as beating a dead horse to death. I do not think that I am more important than anyone:).

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