Finally The Sheeple Are Waking Up

The topic is entitled "Just wondering..." An important topic gets started, and as with all important questions the redneck inbred Admins do not bother to answer it.

And the question was: "I don't know if this has been discussed before... but does anyone know why the members page says the MJHD founder joined on June 1, 2009??" - asked by ellbell290.

Shamone is the first to answer with: "This new forum wasn't created until around November 12th. Trust me, I know."

The other notable response was from Joperri1; who said: "MJ died on June 25th, so how can this be. Maybe we need to hear the answer from the person involved. Hummm. Seems a little bit odd. This site was already in the making before MJ's fake death. Maybe it's all part of the plan and another clue....(or an error) JUST WONDERING TOO"

This is one of those times you have to read the entire post to get the full picture.

How can the founder be registered on June 1, 2009? And to think the sheeple thought I was crazy when I suggested June 23, 2009. This is even worse.

But the good news is that the sheeple are waking up, and asking questions. Now we just have to wait to see what Fuckfish says about this. MJHD can deal with their own conspiracy this time; I don't even need to say anything for this situation to look fucked up in one way or another.



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Are they waking up or just turning over for another Thorazine shot of BS in the ass? They ask questions, but Silver/hitlerdumbass ( Mr. Emotional to his mod peers) or the other mods will either not answer or say I dunno or delete the inquires. But I know the answer. Come on now! Remember Amy lives in Australia. It's the time zone differences. Australia is about 25 days ahead of us on the calendar. Gee whiz! Don't you know that? Today is Christmas in Australia. Now let's keep back to really important matters like the dumming and duping of the masses, please!

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It's closing down now.
At least that's what they say. Oh, the drama!



Postby MJHD Founder » Tue Dec 01, 2009 6:27 pm
MJHD is closing down. We wish you the best of luck wherever you go. For the members who always supported this website, we thank you. It has been a journey, and we were glad to take it with you. Michael Jackson is alive, and we can at least rest knowing that.

For the haters, find L.O.V.E. You need to.

MJHD Founder
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by MJHD Founder » Tue Dec 01, 2009 7:45 pm

I am afraid that I cannot give too much of an explanation right now. There will be one up on the front page within a few days. I am sorry for those who truly care, but this is the way it has to be. I do find it interesting that those who did nothing but bash this site are so angry to see that it is closing.

But the bashing really has nothing to do with why we are closing. There are some things going on, behind the scenes, that you do not see; but it will be explained in a few days. And no, this isn't some conspiracy or anything like that. It is just another website on the internet that has reached the end of its life. So please do not read too much into things.

For those of you still looking for answers, there are many hoax-death forums out there. MJKIT is one of them. Google can give you the others. Unfortunatly for this site, the journey is over. This is not a cruel joke. So you need to get your friends emails, msn addresses, or any other contact information.

L.O.V.E to all, I will not be replying again.


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Another comment:


Postby MJHD Founder » Tue Dec 01, 2009 7:05 pm
Despite my claiming my last post was the last one, I thought I would just explain. I wanted to wait a couple of days for you all to see for yourselves...but I will tell you here.

The owner of MJHD (not the one hosting, which is DayDream, but the owner of the domain) is going to be selling the domain to someone else. So, you asked why we will not let someone else take over? We are. It is just a matter of time, and a matter of what the new owner will do with MJHD. In a few days this will be posted on the home page, after MJHD is moved to the owner's host. Anyone will be able to buy the domain, as it will be for sale.

I cannot explain why my account shows that I joined june 1. My account was created when this forum was, I can assure you. And do not think me being cold or heartless. I just wanted you to see for yourselves, but since you really want a full explanation, I have given it to you. The admins tried to run this site, but look at the posts. It didn't work out. Maybe the next person who buys the domain will be able to make things work better than we could.

We are sorry for this, we really are. Peace, love, and take care.

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LMAO!!! badkolo wants to buy it! Chris! It's the chance of a lifetime, jerk! You can now officially buy it and sit there with your pants down all night and day, typing away and jacking off, all at the same time. LMAOROFL!!!

anonymous 3 said...

Somebody woke up....hahaha : IMPORTANT NOTICE : MJHD IS CLOSING DOWN (couldn't copy and paste).
Loooool, all the members have been had big time..and now everyone is frantically searching for new ways to keep in touch, blabla...and the explanation by MJHD Founder (Amy, Amy is that you??....rofl)is that it isn't a hoax but because of reasons behind the scene (of course the members are too stupid to understand a reasonable explanation...pfff what a scam, I'm bashing myself for having fallen to it, first time before the site went down, afterwards I lurked..lol). Everyone is so upset right now and some are even - can you imagine - asking if they can help. This hoax was never about Michael but about MJHD. LMAO Michael would be really proud of your stupidity... Indeed, what comes around goes around (or was it vice versa??)
AND WHERE THE H..LL IS WOLFIE AND NIGHTMARE for that matter... nowhere in sight (must be too complcated for them..)I can see them spending all night copying and pasting to get a good explanation to feed to the members...
This is so funny, everyone has been had, although having been warned. They all should have visited your blog more often Conspiracy..lmao

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You thought fishfuck was bad? Put on your seatbelts for badkolo, and pray to the baby Jesus. The guy is THE biggest juvenile kerk-off that has ever walked the planet.

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fishfuck! lmaorofl.. can you imagine? LOL!!!

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