Is Michael Behind MJHD.COM?

The basis of this post was inspired by a topic over at MJHD.NET.

It's been discussed before, and no doubt it will be discussed again, whether Michael Jackson himself is behind MJHD.COM.

If that were true, that would mean that this blog has been attacking something Michael wanted or even possibly created. But is it possible?

If Michael did indeed have anything to do with MJHD.COM you know that right now his comeback is cancelled. The site was built by someone who admitted she was not a fan. Why would Michael want a site that would bring hundreds of fans together run by someone who is not a fan?

What would Michael do with all the information that has supposedly been lost over the last 5 months? Will it be used for a movie? Was it all to judge the fans reactions? Neither. There can be no movie from the information. It would be a documentary; and then for a movie they would have to put real people to the names used. If MJHD.COM was used to judge fan reaction wouldn't it still be up? The comeback hasn't happened yet.

So what reason could Michael have for being connected to MJHD.COM? None. The whole MJHD.COM site stinks of all the things that Michael was against.

The following is my reasons why Michael had no connection with MJHD.COM. I do NOT know what Michael would think; these are merely my observations and how things at MJHD.COM don't fit in with what I see Michael standing for.

The obvious thing is hate. Michael is all about L.O.V.E. So why would he use a site which went so far into hatred and dividing people? Michael wanted to see everyone unite not argue and destroy friendships.

The whole hoaxed death is based on us finding the truth. Why would Michael be involved, in any way, with a site that has been blatantly full of lies - not clues but lies. Would he want thousands of fictitious members that fool his true fans? Would he want people lied to over and over again? Would he want to be witnessing the lies that were going to his real fans? The whole of MJHD.COM is based on a lie - that Auntie Amy cared. She didn't, and still doesn't, as she continues to play with some people's emotions and feelings with bogus coded tweets, with ThisIsAlsoIt, with the creation of fake 'friends' of Michael.

Throughout the whole hoax there have been clues from Michael. Not fake clues that come out of someones ass but real clues. These can easily be distinguished from all the fake crap that has come out. Ask yourself this question: Would Michael want me to be lied to?

In conclusion, the only answer that can be reached is - no; Michael is/was not connected to MJHD.COM.



Anonymous said...

Conspiracy, I totally agree with you. MJ would never be behind something that generated the hatred and high school drama that MJHD.com did.

I think this should serve as a lesson to everyone. You don't know who is behind that computer screen and forum. No one is obligated to tell you who they really are. You could be dealing with Jack the Ripper or Mother Theresa and you have no way of knowing. There are people who love to mess with your mind just because and you have to be aware of it. I was a member of MJHD.com and I have to say the level of mental and emotional instability (if real and not the product of trolls) was alarming. That left people vulnerable to being messed with. Lesson learned. Don't give anyone the chance to play with your mind like that.

AnnieisnotokEy said...

Question: Is Michael behind MJHD.com?
Answer: NO.

Anonymous said...

Once again like conspiracy said MJ would never be behind a money grubbing site..

Anonymous said...

well,conspiracy ....would you be so kind,to explain to the topic lost ones about five,what happend from the beginning about this peson,cause all the peoples attacking her....?

is it just because she did comment every blog with wired pictures,or why are the ex sheeples all do pissed off comments? about her?
i am just asking, because i came to amys page really late...

thank you for any explanations...
da troot will prevel

3D said...

I used to laugh everytime someone on MJHD would say MJ was behind the site. Or that the site was monitored by him and the members would sometimes say "Hi Mike" or stuff like that. That was so ludicious. But what I might believe is that someone from MJ's camp, either paid or a relative was reading MJHD to see if the clues we found might either blow the hoax or get the attention of some hot shot reporter who might have said hmmm. But MJ creating it. Hell to the No. It was Amy and maybe who knows if she had others ( not MJ ) behind the scenes.

ilrockwitu said...

Absolutely no way was MJ involved. That site was created out of greed and nothing more than that. Amy just jumped on the 'Creating money from MJ's name' bandwagon and got lucky.

callmealice said...

I honestly doubt (just like the original poster) that Michael has anything to do with that website, dead or alive. I know, it's a generic comment, but if I had to type a long winded note giving exact examples of how ludicrous (sp?)that is, I'd have to make my own blog.

Me said...

The (lack of) quality of MJHD in any form, past or present, is proof enough that MJ had nothing to do with it. But I also agree with all of Conspiracy's points. I used to laugh out loud at all the stupid shout outs and how-do's to MJ. Gimme a break already.

Anonymous said...

Conspiracy I agree with all that you stated very eloquently. I lol when I see "hi Michael", or " Michael read this forum". Michael was not involved with MJHD. I agree with everyone's opinions on the subject.

Lady with no name

Jenny said...

I have been reading and replying to your blog like everyday (sorry. ) Im sooo soo glad someone with sense is here speaking the truth! There have been so many lies on those sites, blatant redicuous lies, Mj would not have liked that at all. And I dont think hed quietly sit back and let his fans get mislead and made fools of. Mj hated tabloids, that whole thing is like a filthy tabloid, now we KNOw for cetrain they are ALL interconnected. They are SO stupid they fkd themselves. They linked everything to the forum, greedy for attention, but now we know theres only one group behind everything, and sadly that it's bogus.

Anonymous said...

I was never able to discover why JCC and the others were really banned from MJHD (I'm not saying that I believed any of them). Apparently for playing with the members for providing nonsensical clues. Maybe. But in that case many others would have had to be banned, too. I never felt that I got the truth about that... :(

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