There Is A New Blog In Town

So Fuckfish and Nightmare, the incest couple have started blogging. Like all innovations they eventually make it to the hillbillies (they will soon have inside toilets).

So what do Fuckfish, and Nightmare, have to say for themselves? Too much about nothing is the answer. And then when they try to defend their lies they get confused and contradict themselves.

As Sir Walter Scott wrote: Oh what a tangled web we weave, When first we practice to deceive

I went to their blog, and had a look around, thought as they come to my blog I should do the honorable thing and show courtesy by viewing theirs. As I said the first two posts are Fuckfish and Nightmare trying to cover their asses. And watching them trip over their own lies, and inconsistencies, was just too funny to read when you know the REAL truth.

In his post entitled "@gymbunny" Fuckfish rants: "
You have even gone so far as to say that DayDream wasn’t hacked. How the hell do you know that? You don’t. 3 admins have been hacked into. DayDream was one of them, and if you want to know the others, maybe they will reply to this blog. She WAS hacked into, and if you don’t want to believe it fine."

Whoa, calm down Fuckfish you'll burst something. Who cares if Nightmare was hacked into? What is a hacker going to get anyway? Your incest, hillbilly, porn - that's it (which has been touched up (like you as a kid) in Paint Shop Pro). Who the fuck cares? Nobody. Nightmare's computer doesn't hold the working databases the server does.

Then in Nightmare's post entitled "The Databases And More.." the stupid woman has the insane idea that I am some how responsible for not wanting to be involved with MJHD. She rants: "I did know that conspiracy would find a way to target me and say things (though I didn’t know they be so disgusting towards my son and I). I thought I could handle that, and I thought that it wouldn’t bother me."

If you can't stand the heat don't host a website, or a blog for that matter. Read my comments. People think I'm retarded, Amy, Five, sick, twisted, fat, lonely, and a few other words. Water off a duck's back. I don't care what names I get called. Seriously if it bothers you that much you should never have hosted MJHD after seeing what Auntie Amy went through.

Back to the databases. Now although in her post Nightmare mentions they couldn't do anything with the databases because 40GB of files were missing he did then go on to say: "I have no use for your personal information, and had I been an ass and wanted to share it with others, I had plenty of opportunity to do so."

Share what information? Thought it was corrupt beyond repair? The web just tangles further and further.

There is a ton of shit on their blog if you want to read it. But from what I read, and this is just a personal opinion, it is simply more lies covering the original lies. Now they admit to knowing about this John character being a fake. Makes you wonder how many more lies these supposed Christians are going to tell on their slippery slope to hell.



tis_ruthy said...

ahh the pen is mightier than the sword.

Anonymous said...

MJHD Conspiracy!They want to copy your inquiring and sound mind! I am your fan! I stay here to read your blog! Those people are just copying machines.

gymbunny said...

I would like to reply here as Im not going to give silverwolf the satisfaction on thinking I returned to read his blog.
I never once said anyone lied about being hacked into you tool!
Conidering you make it clear I dont speak to any of you when did I say this?
Allo I said was that it was a lie when Amy made out it crashed over the J smith thing
You clearly have me messed up with another or you enemies!
I read about your being hacked into excuses on the blog here since I found I was more informed and m,ore likely to read the truth about thingsfrom people posting on here than from any of THE ADMINS A I was supposedly associated with.
Find someone else to victimise Im done with the lot of it.

gymbunny said...

Liar Liar pants on fire silverwolf!
I mean you even bullshitted to the ex MJHD members and pretended you are NOT THE SAME silverwolf on Andromedas forum moderating and you damm well are!!
And I will post it on my facebook today for those members who have suffered enough distress to see so they know the truth,
You are the most judgemental hypocritcal excuse for a christian I have ever seen.
people like you are the reason I am an atheist!
Ive had more than my share of wars with you at MJHD silver and seriously i believed you and accpeted your apologies..now I see I should have followed my instinct as you still try and bring others down to cover your arse!~
Oh and top the blogger about Amys book idea,great idea but I think you are giving her a bit too much credit.
Thats it now Im done Im a read only member.

Anonymous said...

Hey Blogger,

As you know I visit your site, though I'm not quite sure why?! Anyway, you already know about my blog, so let's keep this simple. I reposted what you said about me (and adressed some things) on our blog. I didn't think you would care about copyright, given that you repost quite a bit yourself.

Still, I am letting you know it's there. I'm also letting you know that while I used to care what you said about me, I don't anymore. Not at all. I do care about what you say about the other's (including members with disabilities) but nothing I can do, except blog myself.

I think you are under the assumption that you know things, when you in fact do not. I have seen what you write, and you make many factless points. Perhaps you believe these things yourself--I don't know.

Either way, I'm not here to defend myself or bash you (at least not on your site). I will defend those you lie about on my own blog though. I will ensure that members know what happened--even though they will obviously be pissed. At least we're telling the truth now, and we don't have to resort to disgusting remarks to do it.

I sure hope, and I really mean this, that you never have problems that some of the members you make fun of have. I wouldn't wish that on even you.

Thanks for helping me!! Because of you I no longer care what kind of BS is posted about me. People can hate me, call me names, lie about me, trash me, etc. Like you said "water off a duck's back..."


Diana Jean said...

DayDream, just get the fuck out of here. I dont see any point at all in your above post.

"I'm also letting you know that while I used to care what you said about me, I don't anymore. Not at all."

Well yes you do. If you really didnt care what he said then you wouldnt be defending yourself. You wouldnt even be here at all.

"I'm not here to defend myself or bash you "

So why are you here? It looks like your defending yourself too me.

When will the lies end?

Dont be thanking conspiracy, conspiracy should be thanking you for making his job easier everytime you make a complete idiot out of youreself.

bec said...

Once a liar, always a liar. Jesus is crying, Daydream. Hypocritical behavior from self proclaimed Christians gives organized religion a bad name... and leaves an awful bitter taste.

Proud to be an aitheist here.

Anonymous said...

Hi Conspiracy-I hope this comment finds you well.

I did not like your blog at first but you bring up some really important points. What if all of us involved-we the members, the mods, and the co-admins were being played. The former Admins can only tell us what they know b/c they might be out of the loop as well. I am starting to feel like we were all screwed.

Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

suck my dick silverfish and tis ruthy yall are both faggots.

Anonymous said...

stfu daybitch and go fuckoff to ur piece of shit website stupid whore.

Anonymous said...

Diana Jean Amen !! u tell em!

Lorrie said...

Anonymous/DayDream @ December 7, 2009 5:51 PM said: "At least we're telling the truth now..."

Are you serious? Is that confession supposed to make the situation better? So, you were lying before, but now everyone is supposed to believe you're telling the truth?

Yeah, right! Keep DayDreaming...

Anonymous said...

Who's to say that Silverdick, Nightmare, and the rest of the fucking crew including Gymbunny, Woz, Henda, Quez, Purpledick Goldicocks aka biscuit, Starfux, Speeddick and the biggest bitch of them all, klhayes, aka lovetheglove, aren't all in this together?
Give me a fucking break with all this horse shit. I'm sorry but these people are totally lying about everything.
They are all over at MichaelJacksonHoax.net. WTF!!!!!!!! You have to be deaf, dumb and blind not to see what's going on over at that place. Same group of people, some with the same user names and some with different user names. Read the writing, after 5 months of sharing the same roof, you should be able to spot the rats just from reading their fucking posts. There are only a handful of outsiders. The rest of the crew are all from the same fucking camp and their tent is about to collapse cause a mudslide is headed their way.

LovetheGLove- should be called ShovetheGLove and right up Goldicocks ass hehe, do not trust anyone with an avatar with a flower in it or a BUG.
Then you got Rhiannon, that chick is a smiling two faced bitch, she's a photoshop pro, she needs to do some work on her own face. And while I'm at it, I'll tell you about Five, fucking he -she tranny whore, Berlin is loaded with them, Would you believe he-she is Amy, fuck no you say, think twice! Only member on the board that ever in the history of MJHD was able to change their user name on the original MJHD more than once mind you!!!!! WTF, no option to change your user name and this bitch is the only one out of over 7,000 people who has an option button to change their name? WTF!!!!!!

Anyone remember Supermom 75? Put two and two together, it's a no brainer.

The only person here telling the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth is the Conspiracy blogger. Keep it coming!!!!!

And your idea about a book- you are right on the money. MJHD was a Social experiment to test people's perceptions and reactions to images, videos, ideas and theories presented to them. Let's throw this idea out there and see how many people will fall for this shit and how many don't. Perception is reality and how one perceives things around them determines the basis of what they believe to be true, it then becomes their reality, their truth. How does one weed out the truth from fiction. Well I will tell you, only sheeple, the "herd mentality" as Nietzsche called it, those are the people who are easily manipulated and swayed. Those are the people who get fucked over. ONE GIANT MIND FUCK indeed and it ain't over yet. The puppet masters are still out there pulling strings. I tried to tell people a long time ago about MJHD as an experiment in mind control, collecting data and everyone who contributed would end up a statistic. People laughed at me, they wouldn't even hear of it, let alone think about it. But hey, out of 7,000 users, 6,900 were dozing off on propofol so no one was listening anyway. Never heard a peep from them. OMG, does that mean anything to you?
Hello, did you hear what the doctor said, wake up sheeple !!!!!

Anna.K said...

SilverWolf and DayDream went on a TOTAL WITCHHUNT against people who were suspicious and thought that John was Amy.

This confession doesn't make things better for you. Just goes to show you're self-admitted liars and everyone sees through you BS.

Not only did you admit what everyone was already suspicious of (despite calling everyone calling your bluff petty liars) but you already admit to deliberately crashing the database, assmunches.

Since supposedly it was "John" who did it deliberately and fled the scene, right ?

Worst than a liar ? A BAD one.

Iloveyoumore said...

@Anonymous@9:46pm -- outstanding post. I especially agree with the idea that whacked out theories were thrown out there intentionally as part of the experiment. By MJHD ~employees~. Just one correction though - Anyone COULD change their username at MJHD in their profile. I did it. I changed my lowercase i to an uppercase I. It showed one version on my posts, another in parenthesis on my profile. Also several other posters changed theirs as well.

SilverWolf said...

Anna shut up. We never admitted to crashing the database, because we didn't. If you actually read the blog, instead of mindlessly posting, you would no that--but then, your the queen of the two faced liars aren't you?

Gym, I am NOT the SW at Andromeda's forum. Post what the HELL you want on your Facebook. Your an idiot if you think, after what she said to me, she would let me join let alone MOD her forum. She hates me, so why would she? I don't know what that jerk over there is doing using my SN, trying to pose as me, but it isn't me.

Since nobody can seem to tell the truth around here, I guess we have to do it. BLogger tells only lies. Anna, you and Bec are just twisted, telling what you THINK is the truth, when it's really demented BS. And most of the commenters to this blog only post useless insults. This blog isn't about truth, it's about hate and stupidity. WAKE THE HELL UP! The only sheeple around here are those stupid enough to believe you and blogger! Maybe my bluntness will actually get the job done and open your eyes. And if it doesn't, at least I tried.

Blogger, you are a jerk. No way around it. I'm sick of being nice to you, I can't do it anymore. You are a jerk who only tries to hurt people. Maybe our blog will be the light that shines through your dark, pathetic postings. It will at least counter YOUR lies.


DayDream said...

blah blah blah...everybody here is Mr. and Mrs. Perfect; never made a mistake, never told a lie that you later regreted...whatever.

And nope, don't care what conspiracy thinks anymore--otherwise I wouldn't be here. If you can't beat them join them. Why not? Conspiracy came to my blog; and they seem to like comments. So again, why not? It's here, I have the time. There's nothing good to watch on TV, I don't own another forum or blog, so may as well post here.

Whoever told me to leave, NO!! I'll leave when conspiracy decides that I can no longer post, and if that happens, oh well-no big loss. Until then I'll post when I feel like it.

The truth was told so members would know what happened and why. For some reason people insist on seeing MJ being part of MJHD, which shouldn't be the case. That's it, no other motives.

Where did you say all of this Gymbunny? Try reading your tweets (which is where you said that it was a lie that my PC was hacked); you know, BEFORE you protected them.

And anna the thing about John was made up...all of it, including him crashing the forums. The forums really went down, but that was an accident on Amy's part.

You all will believe what you choose, and that's okay too. Going by the logic of some people posting here, nobody should trust anyobdy because we are all humans and have lied at some point in out lives--even you Anna!

And about being atheist because of another person, newsflash: That's your decision, nobody elses. See, here in America, you have FREEDOM to choose your religion. That is YOUR choice, not mine.

Hey, to those who call us hypocrites because we lied...ever read the bible? All humans make mistakes. We admitted ours. I don't need your 'almighty' forgiveness. Believe what we wrote or don't. That's your choice. Believe what Conspiracy has written or don't. Another choice.

About this whole book theory. Who would buy a book like that? I mean first she was going to write a book and use all your clues..as if most of the world cares. Now she's going to write a book about Internet Psychology. Do you really think that?! And even if you believed she was going to do that, WHY use a forum with a MICHAEL JACKSON theme? Yeah, that will be a real best seller there. Because so much of the world loved him right? Helllooo, most still believe he is a child molester people!

See you next post!


Anonymous said...


Control of


evoguez said...

Touche Anna K and Diana Jean couldnt agree with you anymore.
To the person with the long post accusing us of a being in this together I can prove thats a crock of horseshit by producing every damm email sent to those that were not invloved informing us of what they did
where is your proof Im involved?
I dont know who else is on the new forum but I can tell you that as soon as I saw silvers name on another one I was gone and it will be the case with this one too.
Why people cant accept that we are not all dishonest and some of us were as in the dark as you guys is BS.
My information about half this crap was obtained from this blog and the people on it who smelt the shit hitting the fan before I did!
As I said I can prove it I doubt very much you can prove your claims..Your anger is justified but not towards me its not.
Im glad this blog is here and is exposing Amy for what she is and what she has done,shes just frigging lucky I havent handed anything over to anyone else
Thats goes for the rest of the ORANGE PEOPLE too

Anonymous said...

Look MJ...you have great fans..it`s all for love...lmao...good joke..

@anonymous9:46 pm... Just because you were too stupid to change your name on old MJHD doesn`t mean that you couldn`t change your name... I changed my name too...lmao..idiot

Anonymous said...

Daydream you ought to be ashamed of yourself. What the hell did you come here for ? No one gives a rat ass what you have to say. Once a LIAR always a LIAR. Your credibility is shot and ditto for your son. I wonder if he knows that the sky is blue and there is rain sun and snow. He is so far up your skirt he cannot see the forest from the trees. The both of you claim to be christians. I know that one of the commandment is Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour. You and your son are LIARS. I wonder what God do you two worship. The both of you are so busy lying and tripping over each other words. You say one thing and your son say something else pertaining to the same subject. Get real Bitch you claim to not care what anyone have to say about you. Actions speaks louder than words you brought your funky ass over here and posted on this blog. Go and teach your son silverprick manners. He thought that he was the king of MJHD forum. He stated on MJHD that someone was using his name on another forum. He did not have enough balls to tell the truth. I guess confession is good for the soul he confessed that he is silverwolf on the other forum.

Git and do not come back here again. You and your son are two spiders spinning cobwebs. Immitation is the highest form of flattery. The only reason why you and your knuckle head son opened a blog is because MJHD Conspiracy started a blog to expose all of you no good morons. Thumping the bible daily and the both of you lie and try to manipulate people. You two hillbillies do not have enough grey matter to manipulate intelligent people. You and your son mock christianity the both of you are not christians. The bible say to turn the other cheek. That is what you and your rude son would have done if the both of you are christians as the both of you proclaim to be. You and your son need to STFU and stay in the cave the both of you call home. The both of you are poor excuses for human beings. Nothing is rolling off your damn back if that was happening you should have not brought your funky ass here. Acting if you are preaching the gospel. Everyone know now that you and your son are two no good liars. Keep your funky ass away from here. Someone please hand me a can of Glade. Here are two rolls of Charmin Daydream make sure you give one to silverprick. It would take a crane to lift up all that bullshit you and your son are spewing all over the place. As always I do not check for typos grammatical errors. I chose not to use punctuations such as commas etc. The intelligent people will understand. I know that you Daydream your son and your friends have marbles for brains. Keep on Daydreaming you selected a good name for yourself lol.

d.o. said...

oh, i just remembered silverfish's comments when the john thing happened. "Amy has put her trust in the wrong person again, this member was a long time poster, and he stabbed her in the back."
what in idiot..i think i got banned that night when i said that john doesnt exist. And Goldie was telling me somethin in the lines of:"You're diging yourself a huge hole with those comments, be careful or you might fall in it."
how discusting, ugh. They should've kept their mouth shut. Fucking hypocrites.

Anonymous said...

d.o. said...

oh, i just remembered silverfish's comments when the john thing happened. "Amy has put her trust in the wrong person again, this member was a long time poster, and he stabbed her in the back."

Yeeeep! I remember this being written by Silvertwat and trying to gain SYMPATHY for AMY with that bullshit guilt trip of "John" backstabbing Amy. Yep....she...back...stabbed...herself...?
It's funny because Silvertwat was also the ONLY moronic mod to blurt out in chat "Amy and John are working to fix the problem! ...oops I said his name. DAMN! sorry guys..but that's all the info you're getting from me!" -- REAL SMOOTH THERE SILVERTWAT!


The more Silvertwat and his Mommy Dearest comment and blog about the "TRUTH" the more fucking stupid they look.

Not to mention, I cannot understand how a fucking MOTHER can be such a fuckin moron and go on the INTERNET to "defend" herself to a group of strangers.

I keep laughing every time she says "I DON'T CARE, NOPE. DON'T CARE. THANKS MJHDC FOR OPENING MY EYES TO NOT CARING" --- do you realizing how pathetic that sounds? ..You realize if you do not care you wouldn't be commenting on this blog, let alone making a fucking "truth" blog to counter MJHDC.

You will learn in time Mommy Dearest, that the internet is full of assholes and if you ever try to win a fight on the internet....well it'd be like winning the Special Olympics, ya might have won, but you're still a retard.(yes, had to dig up that jem)

So continue your losing battle, because you are gonna end up wasting countless hours and teaching your son to be MORE of a fuckin mindless moron like yourself.

MJHD Conspiracy said...

Nightmare said: "I didn't think you would care about copyright."

For once you got something right. I don't care about copyright. I'm more of a copyleft sort of person. Just look it up if you need to.

tis_ruthy said...

Fuck this, fuck that, fuckfish, fuckfaggots, fuckup, fuck yourselves, fuck the wholeee world if you have to...fuck, fuck, fuckity, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fucking, FUCK.

Well this is it Michael...human nature at it's finest and we even involve your name in all of this crap, MJHD lol....I hope to god you arn't dead.. because what a final fucking, ugly and horrible insult this would be!

Anonymous said...

Woa, woa! Hold up here one dern fuckin minute. Y'all done said some real figntin' words right here now. I'ma talkin' in yere native language, so you listen closely, Miss Daycream and boy Silverdumbass.

Miss Daycream said:
"About this whole book theory. Who would buy a book like that? I mean first she was going to write a book and use all your clues..as if most of the world cares. Now she's going to write a book about Internet Psychology. Do you really think that?! And even if you believed she was going to do that, WHY use a forum with a MICHAEL JACKSON theme? Yeah, that will be a real best seller there. Because so much of the world loved him right? Helllooo, most still believe he is a child molester people!"

Well, ya know, it sounds to me like y're hatin' MJ and that yere never believed in his innocence. Why don't ya know MJ sells? Ya dumbfuckers??!!

You call him a child molester but we, the members of MJHD knew and believed in his innocence. How dare you be a mod on a MJHD forum saying shit like that. You saying those words comes across like you did believe those shitty allegations. You don't care what I think but I am telling you anyho. You and your son are liars and have been from the begining. You both came on MJHD and in a very short time were suddenly mods. Just like that. You never posted anything worthwhile at all. And when you became mods, you mod the site like Hitler and Himmler. You shited on us once, you won't do it again. And you are mad the Conspiracy exposed you and lying Amy early on. Oh yeah, keeing writing your blogs and screaming from the mountain tops. No one with half a brain and certainly from MJHD will believe you. You lied one too many times and now you want us to forgive. Go take a bath.

Anonymous said...


Well well well if it isn't tis-ruthy, lover of humanity, glittersocks, and Al Sharpton. Let's overthrow MJHD why don't we. You failed at your silly games so who are you to talk. I can see you are fucking mad and rightfully so, but I have good news for you.
You left your "new home" just because Five drove you away. You left too soon dear.
Don't get me wrong, I'm defending your stance.
Amy is still lurking around over at the new home, in fact, she may have had a hand in building it. You should make a visit sometime and check it out. How do I know, well, one of the Orange people needs to put a sock in her twitter, aka shitter, because she's spilling the beans. It's all about socks ruthy- remember the glitter socks, how you love them so :)
This "new home" called MichaelJacksonHoaxDeath.net, was supposedly built on December 1, 2009. All the sheeple are praising little Lara for setting it up in no time flat, in fact, she said her and her boyfriend were up ALL NIGHT LONG WORKING ON IT, hehe, I bet she got right on the stick ;)
But the plans for the "new home" were in the making way before then. The builder (admin) moved in on November 18, 2009 at 1:21 in the morning. To think the house was empty, ready and waiting all that time.
You might like him Tis_ruthy, he's got glitter socks on ;)

anonymous 3 said...

haha, OMG I love this saga....
@Daydream & Silverwolf aka AccepTheTruth (don't you love the irony??...lol): stop pounding your chests in guilt, the more you do that, the more you are guilty (of course, you both already knew that being the good and righteous christians that you (think) you are...)
I posted on your blog several hours ago, I'm curious to see if the comment gets through...hmm. BTW, posted with the same nick as the one here, just for the record.
I noticed one thing though Wolfie, you're much more eloquent and polite on your blog than here or on MJHD (you bashed me in a not so polite but oh so eloquent way...lmao). Numerous people have already told you that what comes around goes around, now it's your time and I'm thoroughly enjoying seeing you on your virtual knees seeking mercy and forgiveness.....dream on....

Anonymous said...

The mountains of information that just keep flying in amaze me. Just look at the big hole Amy has dug herself into now, and there's no way out. The ones left at her beck and call are the one's that believed her lies from the beginning and are so brainwashed they can't see their own asses from a hole in the ground. I'd like to know more about this November 18th deal. Totally proves what a snake in the grass she really is and always has been. Though she'll never admit to anything as she's proven in the past, trying to keep herself "anonymous" in her new forum now, really makes me laugh. WTF is she up to? WTF is really going on? Why the hell did she take the old forum down, just to create another one, almost exactly the same with the same fricken drama? Beats the piss out of me really. Do tell though, about this November deal - you've peaked my interest on that one.

Anonymous said...

December 8, 2009 12:31 AM


Anonymous said...

tis ruthy you and al sharpton can fuck off i hope you get hit by a train.

Anonymous said...

silverpussy just calls MJ a molester cause' he's a molester hiself i mean did we see the pictures of him thats all he probally can get is little boys.and thats not even with his looks but with candy. LMAO!

Anonymous said...

now silverpussy knows got damn well hillbillie conway twitty jammin' redneck hicks incesting bitches do not get in heaven. smfh

SilverWolf said...

You call him a child molester but we, the members of MJHD knew and believed in his innocence.

Wow, can't read huh? DayDream said that MOST OF THE WORLD thinks he is. She never said SHE does, and I never said that I do. I know he's not a child molester, and I'm certain he's alive.

Since some people choose to believe that I am the same SilverWolf on Andromeda's forum (Gymbunny--or is that SnakeBunny), I guess it's time I proved that wrong, by confronting the jerk. Maybe then that will show people i'm not over there--nor would I want to be. Andromeda was a jerk, and she thinks the same of me. Open your eyes, why would I WANT to mod that place, and why would she let me?

The rest of the comments are too stupid to warrant replying to.


tis_ruthy said...

Was there any need to bring my beloved Al Sharpton into this and wish him run over by a train...and Al's crime? Fashion crime maybe back in the eighties..but he's toned it down a lot since then!

anonymous 3 said...

@Wolfie : I think you are in desperate need of a really really good shrink or, even better, a good ophtalmologist because you can't see what is right in front of you.
You obviously think you are sitting on a higher seat as the rest of us...who gives you the right to say 'The rest of the comments are too stupid to warrant replying to.' (You sure you wrote that yourself?..haha)
You talk about trolls..you are the biggest ot them all. You trolled (and still are) everywhere. Get a life, go hug a husky.

Anonymous said...

The Daysleep and Silverwreck saga continues. I cannot believe those two fisted bible thumping morons came here and lied some more. Silverwreck claimed that IT was confessing and telling the truth on their hillbilly blog site. Silverwreck stated that yes he is the Silverwreck on Andromenia's (sp) site. Now IT is here stating that he is not the Silverwolf there. I thought they were confessing and attempting to tell the truth to purge their souls. It is too late you two fucking morons once one lie is told your credibility is shot. No one can fix a lie by telling another lie. Those two ass holes would not know truth if truth slapped them in the faces.

I do not believe one word Silverwreck and Daysleep said. They keep tripping over their words. Those two fucking looser morons should back away from their computer and shut it off for good. Daysleep computer was not hacked they only have one computer in their cave. They were online acting like Saddam Hussein at the now closed MJHD forum. Acting is if they were the king and queen and the members were their subjects. Please! It was not that serious for those two fucking hillbillies to run the forum like a communist country. Two spiders cannot spin the same web. NO it will not work you two dumb ass. I think those two fucking morons still believe that Santa lives at the north pole and Santa come down the chimney at Christmas.

A couple morons are stating that I am Smooth those two dumb bitches are not correct. I threw a ball and one got lucky and caught it. The dumb bitch fumbled the ball two yards from the goal line. Our camp recovered the ball and scored a touch down. The two bitches can kiss my ass from now to eternity. I have never joined any of the forums and I probably will soon. To teach the ones with no brain a lesson. I am always on the outside looking in. Why? I always see the games that are being played right away. I know who all the dumb bitches are none of you dumb bitches do not know me. Sometimes it is good to use Psychological tactics. One can learn alot by standing on the side line. I am not Smooth or any name that is thrown at me. I am the woman without a name lol. I read the BS at all of the forums. I see a couple forums are under lock and key that is so stuuuuupid. Lara forum I wonder why some of the sections are locked for non-members. Be my guest grade my posts I am not writing a thesis. I have a doctorate I am not dumb. I do things MY way according to the situation. The only punctation that I use here is a period. No I am not that crazy woman Mommy something or whatever. No one need to waste their time guessing who I am. I do NOT have a moniker at ANY of the forums. I will join the forums as some of you bitches without brains have pushed the wrong button. Be forewarned that I tell it like it is and I take no prisoners. All of you who do not agree with MJHD Conspiracy revealing all always tell the truth and do not like him or her. Santa is coming soon but there will be no gifts for any of you lmao. Stop pouting remove the blindfolds and start reading the truth posted here. Then decide if you are with us or not. I am here to stay I like the owner of this blog. I love seeing the truth MJHD Conspiracy is cool. I do not know if it is a he or a she. Cheers my friend whoever you are here is a glass of champagne. A toast to you you are awesome. Some of you who visit here are great. Kudos to all the righteous posters here. I am serving supper this evening. To all the intelligent people who are in agreement that this is the only blog to find out the truth I have a plate for all of you. To all the bitches who come to this blog to mess with us who tell the truth. All of you are Jim Jones rejects kiss my ass. All of you should have drank the fucking Kool-Aid. Over and out

A woman with no name

Anonymous said...

lol "too stupid"

Anonymous said...

Silverprick STFU you are a fucking liar. Start acting like a man and quit acting like a little bitch. A real man would not be arguing with ladies. Try to man up we who know and tell the truth know that you are a punk with no intelligence. The little grey matter in your brain is frozen. For once do something constructive and honest. Go sledding, keep your nasty ass on you and your dragon mother LYING BLOG. Quit coming here posting more lies. You act like a bitch I have a skirt panty, bra and a pad for you punk. I've had my fill of you and your nasty ass mother. Pssssssssst I am sprayin cockroach spray. Everytime you and your nasty mama come here I have to fumigate. Get away from here you bitch ass punk. Quit trolling MJHD Conspiracy blog. You and your mother Daysleep are Jim Jones rejects. The both of you should have drank the fucking Kool-Aid. Daysleep and you claim to be christians. The both of you need to run along. Do what the bible say and turn the other cheek. Hell I know the truth hurts. We are telling the truth and you and your bitch ass whoring mama know it. That is the reason why the both of you keep coming here. You are Saddam Hussein and your mother is Hitler. Run along boy keep your funky ass where it belongs. Yuck! It will take a fucking crane to remove all the bullshit that you and your mom are spreading online. Fuck off you lying funky bastard

Anonymous said...

poor Michael, wanted to love people each other and now there is only hate and LIARS. You should all be ashamed!And no comment: I do not come back.

Anonymous said...

Dont worry Silverwolf. Stupid people are around. I loved the MJHD and dont like the other forums. It was our home. Liar or not, its the Internet. Dont forget that. There are always liars, everywhere.
MJHD was my home and thank you Amy, Silverwolf and his Mom.

callmealice said...

Wow. Just, wow.

After reading all of these posts, all on various different sides, I have only one thing to say.

What the hell does all of this have to do with Michael Jackson?!

Anonymous said...

Well, callyoualice (LOL) the blog isn't about Michael Jackson at all actually. Its entitled "The Continuing Saga of Auntie Amy and Beyond". So basically if you read the posts the blogger wrote, and all the comments, it's simply about how one lovely woman totally SCREWED all the hoax believers in one BIG ASS mind fuck. And to this day the mind screwing continues through sites such as MJHD.net, where she continues to reign Queen Bee.

Anonymous said...

lmao! @ funky bastard hahah!!!

Anonymous said...

anonymous 3 said...

@Wolfie : I think you are in desperate need of a really really good shrink or, even better, a good ophtalmologist because you can't see what is right in front of you.
You obviously think you are sitting on a higher seat as the rest of us...who gives you the right to say 'The rest of the comments are too stupid to warrant replying to.' (You sure you wrote that yourself?..haha)
You talk about trolls..you are the biggest ot them all. You trolled (and still are) everywhere. Get a life, go hug a husky.
December 8, 2009 12:15 PM
Why punish a Husky? =D

Anonymous said...

LMAO @Anonymous 3 I doubt he wrote that sentence on his own either. Maybe hanging out and defending Auntie Amy the writer helped him with the post.

Anonymous said...

So silverfuck how do you know what Andromeda thinks of you? You didnt do shit with her you liar I was around at the start of MJHD you were not and Im on that forum too you bullshitting hick.
She was banned from the forum well before your slimey ass started to run riot you bitch.

everyone head to Andromedas forum and check out silverfuck and his mommy yes his mommy too..

Anna.K said...

@SilverWolf :

Twisted demented version of the truth ?

You need a cold dose of sanity because I actually have MSN conversations and chat transcripts to back up everything I'm saying.

Don't waste your breath (or typing energy, more like) anymore.

I don't lie when there are 500-1000 people's emotions at stake. You guys did for the biggest BS cover-up (and might I add, TRANSPARENT) and you expect US to apologize and feel sorry for you and Amy ?

I still have the message you posted on MJHD.com calling me a big fat liar because I made a blog post about Amy = John.

Just leave. it's over. The trust is broken, MJHD is gone, the database is gone, no one wants anymore of your BS.

Lara actually did a wonderful job at creating MJHD.net which really feels coziers than MJHD.com V.2. There are also other great forums available on the net, where, surprise surprise, your BS drama doesn't follow.

Maybe it's time your start questioning your own actions on everything that's happened so far. If you expect people to apologize to you when you owe them the biggest mea culpa, then keep daydreaming.

Anonymous said...

@callmealice are you blind? Amy WAS MJHD and it WAS about Michael. Try to use your brain, stupid ASS!
Im not angry!

Huh? What about Michael came back? Was he not a liar in this case? NO? Think about it.
YOU and the haters are those which then stone him to death.....

Best wishes for Silverwolf, his mom and all the good members - and not the haters.
Bye MJHD Fam and bye MJ.

Anonymous said...


In response to your first comment...Just because people have disabilities does not mean they can say or do what they want. If they are treating others with disrespect then we have every right to disrespect them, if we so feel. They are human after all, and besides I thought people with disabilities want to be treated the same as everyone else. By stating that YOU are being disrespectful, putting people into a box, singling them out. Get a grip on yourself, you're a grown woman acting like a child. I really can't believe you and your son have nothing better to do than post stupid comments and start a retaliation blog against Conspiracy. Is Canada really that boring???

Anonymous said...

@3:57 a.m. You are a fucking liar anger jumped right out at me when I read your post here. Callmealice is doing okay she has brain and is not a follower of evil people. You are the stuuuuuuuupid one and has marbles for brain. Do not venture to call me Smooth no disrespect to Smooth I do not know who the hell Smooth is. MJHD was not about Michael it was a money making scheme gone bad. Did you not see Amy used that awful word Jacko referring to Michael? It is the pot trying to call the clean white kettle black by asking callmealice if she is blind. It is apparent that you are a cult follower and is so much up Amy and all the evil doers asses it is pathetic. Take those rose colored glasses off and look at the mounting evidence. Silverprick and his Mama own their own blog. Do not come here you are a wolf in sheep's clothing. Go tell them bye and all that good mess on their own blog. You are in the evil doers camp you are as guilty as they are.

You spoke about Michael and I will address that. There is something called "logic." I am a hoax beliver and each day I know Michael is alive. That is why Karen took that fake picture of Mr_______ tomb and played it off as if it is Michael's tomb. Micheal is a good person he gave his money and his all. Each time he was crucified he turned the other cheek. See that is what someone who is a devout christian do. Unlike your cult leaders who claim to be christians. I do not claim to be a christian I fight for truth and justice. Do not compare apples to oranges. If Michael should appear to the world which I seriously doubt. I am quite sure there is a legal reason why he had to fake his death. He did not put his hands in anybody's pocket and stole from them. Instead he gave his all to mankind. Honestly he should be given a special award and I mean that from my heart. Aunty Amy has not refunded one red cent to the members. Plain and simple she is a thief.

I know all that I stated will go over your head. As you have marbles for brain only people with intelligence can see all the evil shit done by Amy & company. Ponder about your heroes Diaper duff Amy, Silverprick, And Daysleep. It is evident that you are a Jim Jones reject. We who speak the truth are not haters. I know that the truth hurts. Keep your ass away from here and quit spying. Do not leave me your 1 cent change. It is not worth my time to read. You should have drank the fucking Kool-Aid over and out. Now Git!

The lady with no name

Anonymous said...

Smooth, your posts are getting boring. You keep saying the same things over and over. Yawn.

Anonymous said...


callmealice said...


Whoa, whoa, whoa. There was no need for you to insult me. Maybe you need to relax, take a chill pill. You probably had me confused with the poster who replied after me. I'm not mad either, but I didn't call you a dumb ass and I'm not going to.

Anonymous said...

2:16 I am not Smooth get that through your knuckle head skull. I keep saying the same things? Bitch do not read what I type then. My posts must be grabbing your attention for you to keep commenting. I will show you excitement if you keep fucking with me. This blog will light up like fireworks. I will tell you who the fuck I am and watch your jowls drop. Do not fuck with me because I will have you crying your eyes out. You would not know boring or excitement if they approached you. Fuck off bitch and go buy yourself some batteries seems as if you are in desperation. Is Smooth a man or a woman? Heck I have no idea who smooth is. But I know who the hell you are. Yawn! Yawn! You are fucking boring. You Uneducated pea brain bitch kiss my ass. You evidently cannot read and cannot comprehend shit. Get a life you cannot buy a life. You are an ignorant illbred bitch. This blog must be exciting as you keep coming back here for more. Keep your damn change I do not need it I am rich. Fuck off! Run along bitch this is not kindergarten.

Anonymous said...

LMAF at all the anonymous. Its so funny to read the haters here. Hey, Amy, I like you really and Daydream too. BWahhahahahahahahahaha

Anonymous said...

LOLOLOLOLOL its FUNNY to read this CRAP of BS.

Anonymous said...

Where is your brain,Lady with no name? LMFAO :)
Youre rich? Buy a brain! Its Christmas LOL

Anonymous said...

Hey Five a.k.a Lady with no brain, bet your getting your kicks from the drama your creating. I think you need a chill pill!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Smooth, your posts are getting boring. You keep saying the same things over and over. Yawn.
December 9, 2009 2:16 PM
Anonymous said...

December 9, 2009 4:29 PM

I must agree that much isn't being said out side of Bitch, I'm educated, keep your change, and we don't want to mess cause she'll make us cry. lol

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