Does MJHD Need Auntie Amy To Survive?

Before anyone mentions the release of personal information on this blog caused her to leave in the first place. Remember I did it because she started screwing with MJHD. Not to get rid of her. If the diaper-wearing Admin returned tomorrow, and told Fuckfish and Nightmare to hit the road I would be happier than one of Fuckfish's pigs in shit.

Before you all think I have finally lost the plot, and need locking up in a secure wing of some obscure mental hospital, there are reasons for these thoughts.

Auntie Amy started off well. OK, so she put "Jacko" by mistake, and basically admitted she wasn't really a fan by doing so, but the website and forum was up before the death had been announced (and for the non-believers just read that as 'up right after the death was announced').

Auntie Amy, the diaper-wearing Admin, had the sense to ensure that members stuck around. She'd create fictitious members, drama, and a whole host of situations to ensure members came back. She even created thousands of members so that everyone would feel part of something big.

Auntie Amy, was mysterious as Admins go, in the fact that she spent her time hiding, never showed up for days, and didn't actually answer any questions which would really need answering. She created an air of mystery around herself.

The diaper wearing Admin could at least type. Fuckfish has the typing capabilities of a kindergartner. Auntie Amy composed her well chosen posts with all the skills of an aspiring writer.

So yes Auntie Amy lost it and sent MJHD down the tubes but if she leaves these two moronic inbreds in charge she will have to watch HER creation, which evolved thanks to the members and their hard work, fall into obscurity.

So without further Ado, I plead for Auntie Amy to step out of the shadows (we all know you are still there), bring your database (we all know you have a good copy somewhere), and rescue MJHD from these inbreds and obscurity.



Anonymous said...

I seem to recall, back in the day I pmed Amy a few times. She answered back everytime, untill I asked her a question (which I guess she didnt like) because then she NEVER answered ANY of my PM's again.
I belive she's one of the admins now, because when she closed the forums down and then reopened it with new mods, one of the mods only had like 10 posts. (an account she created maybe?) And now thoughs mods are the new Admins.

MJHD Conspiracy said...

Sounds like Auntie Amy, upset her once, with a simple question, and she'll hold a grudge for the rest of her life. Least she didn't get a frenzy going to get you banned. LOL.

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