History Just Keeps Repeating Itself - Why?

It seems that nobody ever learns from the lessons of the past where Michael Jackson Hoax Death seems to be concerned. Everywhere else people learn from the mistakes of the past.

People across the world learned from the mistakes of ignorance. That is why a rise from people like the Nazis will never happen again. From history we have constantly learned that prevention is better than cure which is why we will never see a disease outbreak like the black death which killed millions. Thanks to history we have constantly learned not to make the same mistakes.

So why when the four letters MJHD are around do people never learn?

What am I rambling on about? Fuckfish's joining of MJHD.NET. In walks Fuckfish and says:

"Hello people. Yes, I am the same SilverWolf from over at MJHD.com.

First let me say I am not here to cause trouble. I liked MJHD as much as all of you, and I want a place to go. This was the logical choice, given that I don't think Mo and Souza would want me at their forum, LOL. I'm not a mod here, nor will I ever want to be, so I hope you can let me post without bashing or hating me.

Now, I do want to say something. I was told that as a moderator, I could be kind of harsh. That sometimes I came off as a jerk. That was never my intent, and if I ever made any of you feel like a jerk, I am sorry for that. My goal here is not to be a troll, is not to cause trouble. I just want to post like anyone else.

If I am not welcome here, or if I am banned because of some baseless rumors, then so be it. I don't want that to happen, but if it does, then it does...nothing I can do about that.

Take care, and (maybe) see you forumside.


And what do the people over at MJHD.NET do? They welcome the lying fuck with open arms.

Come on, wake up, the hillbilly redneck admitted on his, and his lovers, blog that they lied to all the members about the whole Auntie Amy/John Smith saga. He might as well have signed up to the forum and said: "It's me Fuckfish, you know, the hillbilly that lied to all of you. I'm here now because I miss the drama. Thought I'd come here and start some."

MJHD.NET already has the crippled, drunk, hotdog selling, Five (It's not just a name it's her IQ) with her shitty ass pictures and retarded comments. Now they have Fuckfish there hoping that he was right, and that the people will be so stupid to welcome him back and forget that he lied to them. He considered them friends, yet he lied to them. Is that how you treat friends?

With all the liars and shit stirrers coming in from MJHD.COM soon MJHD.NET will be in the same sorry state that MJHD.COM was in just before it shut down.

And as a note to Wozniak - What the fuck are you thinking? Fuckfish talks shit about you and you just say: "The Amy/John thing got to me, and I had let it go-- until you blogged about me, haha... But it's in the past, and that's where I choose to keep it."

Why don't you just pull your pants down and let Fuckfish take you up the ass when he pleases. Hell you might as well open your mouth now just in case he needs to take a shit. You only saw a part of what he said about you. What about the times he spoke about you behind your back?

Lara, I like the look of the forum, and it seems to be doing pretty well at the moment. But allowing Fuckfish on to the forum is asking for trouble. You already have to type with your fingers crossed that the German cripple Five isn't going to get drunk and say something that will upset everyone. Do yourself a favor, keep a real close eye on who is joining; and dump those two or you'll regret it in the end.

If you really want to see Fuckfish's lame entry on to MJHD.NET and the subsequent ass kissing from people that don't even seem to be able to recall what happened only a few weeks ago - read the MJHD.NET Topic here.



Anon gurl said...

You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink. Some people will never learn.

Nightmare also joined and was welcomed with open arms. *sadly shakes head*


Anonymous said...

by DayDream » Thu Dec 10, 2009 6:33 am
Hello everybody,

I know some will not be happy to see me here, and others will care less. Unless I'm not allowed to be here, I'd like to be a part of MJHD again. It will be nice to be able to post without the responsibilities of helping to run the place. I've always believed that MJ hoaxed his death, and it's nice to be able to talk to people who believe the same.

Just as SW said, I too am here for no other reason than to post and interact with others that believe as I do, and to read the latest on what's going on with MJ and the hoax. I also hope to put the past and the rumors to rest and just move on. I will respect the rules here the same as anyone else.

by wozniack » Thu Dec 10, 2009 6:36 am
Cool. Welcome, DayDream! Take a look around, and make yourself comfortable. If you need anything, let me know. :)

Anonymous said...

it`s getting boring 4thetruth...

Anonymous said...

Can you please just open a forum of your own.
I would be the first one signing up.

While I agree with everything you have written here ,after reading it I decided to head over to Laras forum and go over the thread.

I was bothered by one thing more than any other..members getting upset that members were questioning silverwolfs motives, and 4thetruths posts,which led to moderators announcing they would lock or remove the threads.

Excuse me but isnt that the same thing you people were complaining about on MJHD?
Threads being deleted or locked because 2 or 3 members thought they were disruptive so mods locked or removed them?

Is that not the very same "play nice and play our way or we are taking your toys away" censorship from before?

You can have an opinion but you cant voice it unless it agrees with everybody elses?

Oh wait the excuse is its all about "love" so opinions like 4thetruths are not accpetable because a few people didnt like the "loveless" factor.

Please its not about love its a forum,opinions and discussions..and if I see one more person saying "Michael" wouldn't like this its all about L.O.V.E" I will scream.

None of you know/knew Michael.You don't know what he would think,say or do.
He would probably be more impressed if you actually thought for yourselves and didn't use his all for love phrase as a cop out excuse for your inability to handle a normal discussion.
Love you MIGUEL
Now conspiracy..get going pleaseeeeeeeeeee open a hoax forum or at least show me one where I can be free!

Anonymous said...

Does five part own the new forum? Laras forum? what does that mean when we were deciding to to call it net or??

and saw it was available in dec'In silverwolfs joining thread.

I am idiot of the year and will accept the award graciously!

No nominations asked for or votes taken.
I just deserve it,how funny some of you must have found me and the situation.

I'm being cryptic but those that were my supposed allies/friends,know who and what this is about.

Carry on,you are on your own.

That goes for the current MJHD moderator on that forum too.

Anna.K said...

Oh, boy... Why does he even wanna come back ?
It's not like he's poster of the year, so if it's just to read posts, he didn't have to register or introduce himself which is riling up some serious drama again and throwing salt in open wounds.

Bad move. Bad, bad move.

Anonymous said...

4thetruth, all desperate in advertising your shite all over the place now, are ya? Linking to your posts on the forum from your "blog" and shit, pathetic.. LMAO!
You're so fucked up and bitter, it's hilarious!

Anonymous said...

Ok MJHDC, we know that Silverass is lying big time. And everyone welcoming him and Daycreaming back are totally dumber than dumbest people you can find. I was nauseous to see that too. I can't believe it. At least Souza (according to what Silverfuck said) won't let him on her forum. And I am sure neither would MJAlive. Wow what a bunch of losers. Don't they know these two are still "friends" with Miss lying heifer Amy? Amy who stole 5 months of our hard work. Unbelieveable!

Silverasshole is the SAME Silverwolf on Andometer's forum, don't fall for the
okey dokey lie he says.

And as for those pics of him and Day. Lies again. The first set of pics posted
by an annoymous poster has the same IP address as the ones Silverlies
posted of him and moms. And do you really think they are trailor trash?
Daycreaming writes too well to be trailor trash. And she is far too young
looking to be Silverfraud's mother. Trailor trash and rednecks age badly. She
only looks 14 years older than him. Go read MJAlive 's thread to get the

And Silverwolf ( to get your attention here) you might have to hit the
submit button 3 times for your comments to be posted on MJHDC, but at
least they get quickly posted. On yours, soon to be defunct, blog, it took hours
to show up if at all. Come on now, are we supposed to believe that your last
blog and Amy's lying non-aplogetic blog only got 4 and 7 comments
respectively? You lied then, you're lying now, and you will keep on lying. Amy will troll on MJHD.net and you and your moma ( who may be Amy herself or
you), will get away with fucking all the MJHD posters who gave their heart and soul to find out the truth about MJ 's death hoax. Ex-MJHD posters, you better go to Souza and Mo's, MJAlive or other forums to post the finds. On those sites you won't get gang raped again (and say Thank you , ma'am) thrice. Fight for the truth!

Anonymous said...

I'll let ya in on a little secret - come closer, right there so I can whisper in your ear, "CONSPIRACY IS NOT 4thetruth YOU IDIOTS!" Fucking christ, won't you ever give up?

Anonymous said...

4thetruth is a skank and a liar. Just like Conspiracy. Oh, sorry! I forgot: they're one and the same! LMAO! Go open your own forum and see where it gets ya. LMAOROFL!! What a tard! xoxo

Anonymous said...

Anna.K said...

Oh, boy... Why does he even wanna come back ?
It's not like he's poster of the year, so if it's just to read posts, he didn't have to register or introduce himself which is riling up some serious drama again and throwing salt in open wounds.

Bad move. Bad, bad move.
December 12, 2009 2:55 AM

Right. Fuckfish claims not to want the drama, yet he causes it. He knew that there would be those who openly opposed his joining the forum. Hell, they could have registered under new different user names.

I'm still scratching my head over all those who excepted them with open arms. We all make mistakes and I can understand starting over to give someone a chance, BUT just because these two 'came clean' does mean it's the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth? Even putting the lies aside, they treated people horribly. You all have be warned yet AGAIN!

MJHD Conspiracy said...

Just an update on this post: Seems Fuckfish is closing his blog now that he has a whole forum to lie to.

And for all the people who still think I am 4thetruth. It proves one thing. You never listen. So for the final time: "I am not 4thetruth." You can choose to believe that or not; makes no difference to me.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

4thetruth is a skank and a liar. Just like Conspiracy. Oh, sorry! I forgot: they're one and the same! LMAO! Go open your own forum and see where it gets ya. LMAOROFL!! What a tard! xoxo
December 12, 2009 8:44 AM
Does it really matter who Conspiracy? A Lair, really? Didn't Fuckfish and Nightmare join Lara's forum? Didn't they start threads? Aren't the sheeple over there welcoming them in?

If Conspiracy is such a 'tard' then why are you here reading and posting on his/her blog? Go back to kissing Fuckfish and Nightmares's asses.

Anonymous said...

You sick coward liar. You ARE 4thetruth. Yuck!

Anonymous said...

of course you`re 4TheTruth..you`re writing the same BS...again and again...
"you never listen" lmao..like you, you little idiot

Anonymous said...

Anna K., you little french 15 /18 /19 (??what is it??)year old, perfect english speaking (without any french accent)girl, shut up!

Anna.K said...

@Anonymous :

What does anything have to do with me being 18 or French ?

Try to find good insults next time.

anonymous 3 said...

@Anna.K : agree 100%. Gosh I wish somebody would pay me such a compliment....lol

@Anonymous 10:20 AM : Get a life or, at least, a good insult and Anna.K's english, being a native speaker or not, is much better than yours. So, why don't you read and learn or maybe you want to stay stupid for ever.....lmao

Anonymous said...

@Anna K. it shouldn`t be an insult..

Anonymous said...

She can't find any good insults because she's dumb, fat, german and her name is LeeAnn.

Iloveyoumore said...

TB is not 4thetruth, fot the 10 millionth time. He would never be that obvious, silly rabbits -- he's significantly more clever than that.

Anonymous said...

Apologies to Iloveyoumore at MJAlive. I thought I had given credit by naming the forum. I inadvertently left out your name as the author. Did not mean to take credit for your discovery about Silverass and Day's age, photos, IP addresses and such. Never cared to be credited with someone else's shit. Don't care for the hollow applause.

And oh by the way, Iloveyoumore, I don't if you know me, so I hope you aren't blaming the wrong person. And if you think it's me, I owe up. I made a simple error, So! Snap girl! I still bees cool. ^=^

Anonymous said...

Whoever wants to believe a paranoid freak like you, iloveyoumore, might as well do so. It's their own fault and stupidity. They obviously don't know nor do they deserve any better. Just having a look at your sorry ass forum and pictures about tells it all: ewww.....

Anonymous said...

No body has to be honest about who they are the internet. Privacy and anonymity are actually suggested.

Moral of the story: do not assume anything people say on the internet is true. Don't be mindless "sheeple" and allow someone to mess you up in the head. Some people live for that stuff.

Anonymous said...

How did this go from being about Fuckfish and Nightmare to Anna K. and ILoveYouMore?

No wonder there are those of you who continue to get screwed over by Amy and company, all it takes is a little diversion and you forget what they have done and what they continue to do.

I'm guessing bright shiny objects distract you for hours. Erm, maybe that is how Amy begins the brainwashing sessions. lol

Lorrie said...

After watching the sorry MJHD saga unfold from the very beginning, I'm not at all surprised about this development at MJHD.net and the continued gullibility of so many members. I bet a significant number of people will go sprinting back to Amy (because she DOES still own the site) when/if MJHD goes live again.

What MJHD zombies apparently don't understand, and likely never will, is that MJHD was ***NEVER*** about Michael and his possibly hoaxed death. It was ***ALWAYS*** about screwing with forum members for the entertainment and enrichment of Amy and her minions. This crap is just too much predictable fun for them to walk away and give it up. The drama is like their drug, and it keeps on giving and giving (and giving) a reliable high.

Anonymous @ December 12, 2009 2:11 AM said: "He would probably be more impressed if you actually thought for yourselves and didn't use his all for love phrase as a cop out excuse for your inability to handle a normal discussion."

Amen. Repeating Michael phrases ad nauseam got brain-dead old about five minutes after everybody and their entire family started doing it. Please stop. 'Nuff said.

Anonymous said...

great now silverpussy's over mjhd.net i bet he cant wait til he's a mod. so he can start banning ppl and finally have some fun in his life.

Anonymous said...

December 12, 2009 4:38 PM

I Heard That. it was and still is all about M.O.N.E.Y, L.O.V.E my ass..

Anonymous said...

smh MJ if your reading this DONT COME BACK run for your life get away from these idiots.

Anonymous said...

Reading the above posts is very entertaining. If you read the negative comments you can actually observe the literacy level of the poster. I must say...Those that are negative are written like High School Girls....Those that are more tolerant of Conspiracy seem more mature and educated.

(I wrote that without insulting anyone...didn't I?)

bec said...

Leave Iloveyoumore alone.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe that dumbass tis_ruthy had the nerve to actually INVITE Fuckfish and Nightmare over to mjhd.net WTF??? That bitch is either as dumb as a fuckin piece of dogshit or as 2faced as that fuckin Amy and the trailertrash couple alltogether. Go figure..

Diana Jean said...

People need too take a trip down memory lane. But first they need too put there joint down, and maybe get some lazer eye surgery.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I remember iloveyoumore from MJHD. Can't say I have one good thing to say about her actually. Shit stirring, Amy backing, self righteous, better than anyone, smart ass bitch. But what do I know right? She was never nice to me and karma is a bitch, so right backatcha then. shelovesherselfmore should have been her name.

bec said...

And don't diss pot smokers either.

Anonymous said...

Silverwolf & DayDream are playing games. They totaled the same number of posts to date 12/12/09.

MJHD.net Forum Stats

Name Join Date Number Of Posts
Silverwolf 12/10/2009 3
DayDream 12/10/2009 3

tis_ruthy invited them to join MJHD.net. I wonder who else is in their Clique.

Lady with no name

Anonymous said...

the first point:
things like nazis still do exist,look in the structure of scienetology,it is more worse than nazis...and people still get caught by them,with taxfree living....

next point is:
welcoming back the fuckfish and else is,cause they still belive,kissing their asses brings them closer to MJ.even its just about to read their greasey comments or in the faith,that MJ is involved with that forum...isnt that like following hitler or whoever?

they think they ae smart not to belive the daily press tabloids when it comes to MJ,but they belive every certain bullshit when it comes to the mjhftabloids....

that is totally sick in every way...
and they stuffing twitter with love bla bla...change the world bla bla....
lol....in front of the PC ?????
great deal.........its just the regular bla bla of every person on this planet.

Anonymous said...

Whats wront with Iloveyoumore now?
I really have had my head up my own ass for the last 5 months because I just havent seen the bad in all these people until MJHD was finished with.

Which brings me back to this point..could you all enlighten me as to why some ex mods from MJHD have been attacked over Amys's lies and silverwolf and daydream are the subjects of this thread because they have registered on the love shack(Laras forum)

yet....yet am I not wrong but isnt Lovetheglove a new moderator there?
and wasnt she apart of the lies and admin team on the now defunct newer version of MJHD?
yes she was
so why is she allowed to be a mod but silverfish and daydream cant be members?

Is it because he name is Lovetheglove and laras love forum is all for "l.o.v.e."

Silent but deadly have you people ever heard that phrase?

Love had slipped quietly under the radar
fetish site anyone?

Anonymous said...

Plug ins baby, I'm talking danger.
What is your favorite plug in-Php, Phpp, PhppBB?
I'm talking about fucking plug ins.
Get your peanut butter and jelly jams
Take the p to the j and put your fucking TRUNKS on.
Follow the simple directions okay, it's easy.
You want answers I'll give them to you.
It's all quite simple if you can read HTML,
if you can't you are S-O-L, oh well.
Listen up Geektown, Wordpress aka WP 2.8.6 take that and drive south to Phpbb. Yes that's right folks. Fucking WP plugs into PHPbb and when the Puppetmaster flips the switch, WP goes into maintenance mode and that means the fucking wooden dummy aka AUNTIE AMY can show you anything she wants to including from MJHD.com to MJHD.net, FOR FUCKING SALE, FUCKING SOLD and FUCKING RICK ROLLED!!!!

Nuts and bolts people, the whole lot of you are numbnuts.
Silverdick, Nightmare and the big boss who can't even work a remote control, AUNTIE AMY has been pluggi-in up your ass for the past 6 months. The SHIFTY BITCH has been sending all you Jim Jones rejects in a different direction till you have your head up your ass you can't even see where you are anymore, you are in deep shit. Get your head out now and smell the roses for once.You might like it. There are alot of flowers on the dirtyboard over at MJHD.net, ever wonder who the florist is? LMAO !!

Spare me the soap opera story, get off the SHITTER aka TWITTER. If you want the facts, go straight to the fucking source- HTML!
If you believe that MJHD.net was created overnight by Lara with five titty sucking puppies, then I suggest the following:
Check yourself into somewherehotel and give yourself an enema because you have been fed a load of crap!
Let me tell you something, see where it takes you. It's called a redirect.

Wordfuckingpress! And you thought you were at your new home, well meet the fucking family- you never left home morons. The Puppetmaster has you in redirect mode, well isn't that the royal fuck!

While you're on the fucking dirtyboard don't get any shit on your hands. And beware of the Fucking Bloody Voodoo doll who's lurking in the background, it's a safe place my ass LMAO!!!!!!!
You're going to wish you drank the fucking Kool-Aid after this major mind fuck.
Back to business , view the source- read the HTML SHEEPLE, see the little wp, do you see it, OMG, do you.believe or is it SONY? Good old Wordfuckingpress shows up again. No wonder they call it a dirtyboard- a sure sign Auntie Amy is there with her low down dirty diaper cartel, fucking widget!


Anonymous said...

December 12, 2009 7:25 PM


Anonymous said...

Who the fuck you think you are to say those things about people?? You think you know more that us and treat us like stupid but we AREN'T... the only stupid ones here is ALL OF YOU! I hate doing this, but i'm realy tired of people like you, that the only thing that they know doing is insult people... you know what? FIND YOURSELF A LIFE and leave the rest in peace!
This is just sick... i don't like some people you mention here, but i don't come here to insult them, even if i don't like them they deserve my respect. There are some other names that you mention here, and that have NEVER posted here, and you are talking shit about them without knowing them... for me that's just sad and really insane.
It is good to make a blog with your thoughts... but the comments from here are over the limit, and very harmfull!!
So please just stop it... i won't play your game... i don't mind if you talk shit about me, i know who u are and i don't mind all the shit that comes out your mouth.
i just wanted to say that.
Try to guess who i am... that would be fun, lets see if you are as clever as you say... you all are pathetic!

Anonymous said...

LOL @ 9:55!! Why do you come here on the defense then, if you're not umm, playing the game? I take the bashing comments as humor myself - but everyone takes it as they take it I guess. Lighten up sweet pea, life's to short to get all excited over a blog that people can come to and speak freely on. Imagine they'd let any of this on any of the forums? No, I don't think so. Chill out, relax. The only one that's pathetic here is you for not seeing things for what they really are. And harmful? I'm not hurt by the truth, so why should you be? Stings a little if you're the one thats busted, but hey, that's the name of the game, right? LOL

MJHD Conspiracy said...

Anonymous said: "Who the fuck you think you are to say those things about people?? You think you know more that us and treat us like stupid but we AREN'T."

I'm nobody, just a blogger, saying what I think. I don't know more than you; just putting my point out there. If you consider yourself as a "Sheeple" thats your problem not mine.

Anonymous also said: "i don't like some people you mention here, but i don't come here to insult them, even if i don't like them they deserve my respect."

They deserve your respect why? If it's Auntie Amy, Fuckfish, and Nightmare all 3 admitted they lied. You want to respect that then go ahead.

Anonymous also said: "i know who u are"

Join the group of others that "know" who I am. Well done, there is no gold star for it though.

Anonymous also said: "It is good to make a blog with your thoughts... but the comments from here are over the limit, and very harmfull!!"

I don't write the comments other people do. It is their opinion. I publish them, like I have published your comment. Freedom of speech rules!

Anonymous also said: "Try to guess who i am... that would be fun, lets see if you are as clever as you say."

Guess who you are? How about I don't. I don't care who you are. You have already made your mind up who I am, which by the way you are wrong, so why waste time guessing the identity who has everything so worked out that they don't need me telling them who they are?

anonymous 3 said...

@ Anonymous 9:55

I got no problem whatsoever with this blog, with the language used, with the comments. I'm a grown up person.... This can't be said of everyone..lol

Why does everyone needs to know the real identity of someone while hiding behind some stupid screen name themselves?
Wake up people, this is the internet, welcome to the virtual world.
If you enter a virtual world.. it's a totally different ball game. People say what they want to say; you either agree or you don't, what's the big deal.

Different playground rules though when you register to a forum and you become a member... You then enter a world you are supposed to be 'heard, 'listened to' and 'respected'in the company of pairs... haha, yeah right said Fred...lol
If you answer to a blogger or to comments on comments to the blogger....hey, it's a free virtual world. You chose to come here and read; you should have left this blog when stumbling upon the first comment you didn't like, nobody forces you to stay.

You didn't put a gun to someone's head, now did you Conspiracy?? Now is the time to come clean..haha.

Anonymous said...

@ 10:07 & 10:32 I agree with everything the both of you stated.

Conspiracy, excellent with your response!

Lady with no name

callmealice said...

Simple. Because they're desperate. They're desperate enough to believe anything and anyone, just as long it gives some hope that Mr. Jackson is still on this earth. Now, I have nothing against this because I too believe that something supicious happened on June 25th, but these people are desperate and delusional and, unfortunately, extremely gulliable. Although, I believe some of these people are feigning guillabilty, having gone through this for so many times, they have given up on fighting back.

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