June 23, 2009 - Revisted

So this post proves I actually read the comments. And sometimes I even answer them with a post rather than another comment.

Bec asked why the creation date of June 23 had not been covered by this blog. And to be honest the only reason it had not been covered is because I knew there was never going to be a straight answer from Auntie Amy (who I am not and nor am I a sympathiser).

So with the information that I have at hand, which some of it is really old, and taken from old websites which no longer exist, I'll do my best to actually address this issue.

Although the image is kind of small (due to Blogger restrictions) you can click on it to see the full size version.

The part highlighted in red, shows that Google cached a version of MichaelJacksonHoaxDeath.com on June 23, 2009. This was still when the top read "Is Jacko Dead?"

I did some research, and contacted Google, who said that the whole caching of websites is automated and that if website was cached on June 23, 2009 it had to exist at that time. The technician did state that although it may have existed with some HTML coding it may not have been visible if you type the URL in to the address bar. But he was adamant that for Google to cache it the website would have to exist.

When I asked him about getting a copy of the cache from that day for a particular website he said if you can get a federal subpoena then you can get a copy. So basically no luck there.

This raises a couple of questions though. Who is Auntie Amy? What connection, if any, does she have to the whole hoax? And why was the website on the Internet 2 days before the death was reported?

I cannot answer those questions. I have Googled Auntie Amy, and shared the information that has been verified, and proven. As for what connection there is I don't know. If it pisses you off that I don't know everything that is tough. I cannot know everything. As for why the website was up 2 days before the reported death; once again I cannot answer for definite merely speculate that MJHD has some connection.

So in answer to my critic who felt that I never addressed this before. I did, but never was able to find factual answers to the questions that it raised. And without facts, or proof, it would merely be an opinion - of which many people have.

Is the date of June 23 important? Hell yes. Does it tie MJHD into the whole hoax? Definitely. Is Auntie Amy involved in some way? Possibly, but other than she had a website up before the reported death, and was tweeting about the website before the reported death (her account is now deleted that she tweeted from) there is nothing to prove any involvement. Also there is nothing to prove that Amy Sampson is really Amy Sampson - that name could have been pulled off the Internet for all we know.

Ina previous post, I discussed Auntie Amy's reply about June 23, in which she states that it was June 26 the site was registered. The email that she showed on MJHD said 10.40AM which if Amy Sampson is truly Amy Sampson of Queensland would put the registration ahead of the reported death due to the fact that the site had to be registered before they contact to say congratulations it is now registered.

So yes something is very suspicious about MJHD. But proving it becomes difficult. I never gave up on this topic of June 23, just that without more supporting details, and information, it merely is speculation.



Anonymous said...

I should learn to be patient with your blog posts!

Thanks for revisiting the june 23rd cache and for actually getting in touch with Google to confirm the validity of it being cached on the 23rd.

if the site is in fact involved in the hoax, then it's a damn shame they had to pull a diaper-fetish-wearin person as the Admin.

or we're dealing with a witch or someone who was just really really lucky in guessin the death date...but really...I wish there was a way to find out :/

Anonymous said...

Well, here is one of the many opinions you said people have . I think Ms. Amy was a front all the time. I remember when we first starting questioning who she was, many of us had thought she was a man, so we were very surprised when she told us she was a woman, only 28 and lived in Australia. So, I think using a harmless girl front like that (or so we thought), Amy continued as the "nice " girl admin. One time she even left us a sweet voicemail!

So, I think this person is not a person but someone close to either the MJ camp or Sony and this was set up to generate the hoax investigation. I don't know why money was solicited, maybe the owner had free range to make some money if they could. idk . All I know is we were completly and utterly bamboozled. But hey! MJHDConspiracy, aka 4thetruth,great detective work. Like always, you are on the money, investigatively brillant and funny as all hell to boot! Maybe the fans got too close, were too smart and scared the unknown folks to worrying about the media might see the facts we found. Wish I knew. ^_^

Anonymous said...

IDK what is true - on the WHOIS domaine search it says that the website has been created Jun 25

Registrant Search:"Domains by Proxy, Inc." was found in about 8,227,826 other domains Registrar History:1 registrar NS History:4 changes on 4 unique name servers over 0 year. IP History:3 changes on 3 unique name servers over 0 years. Whois History:133 records have been archived since 2009-06-27 . Reverse IP:5,714 other sites hosted on this server. DomainTools for Windows®

Now you can access domain ownership records anytime, anywhere... right from your own desktop! Find out more >
Domains by Proxy, Inc.
15111 N. Hayden Rd., Ste 160, PMB 353
Scottsdale, Arizona 85260
United States

Created on: 25-Jun-09
Expires on: 25-Jun-11
Last Updated on: 02-Dec-09

Administrative Contact:
Private, Registration
Domains by Proxy, Inc.
15111 N. Hayden Rd., Ste 160, PMB 353
Scottsdale, Arizona 85260
United States
(480) 624-2599 Fax -- (480) 624-2598

Technical Contact:
Private, Registration
Domains by Proxy, Inc.
15111 N. Hayden Rd., Ste 160, PMB 353
Scottsdale, Arizona 85260
United States
(480) 624-2599 Fax -- (480) 624-2598

Domain servers in listed order:

Anonymous said...

well,just following u on twitter now...i always post my bla bla here as well:))

but thanks for the google thing...i had so many fights with others about that cause i saw it as well on google.........

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 11:46 AM

Are you implying that 4thetruth and Conspiracy are one and the same person?

Anonymous said...

great...if it was created on june 23, Amy was in the hoax.. so you destroyed our connection to MJ, you asshole.. with your hate and your jealousy.. it was all about control.. "blabla because the members.." pff...the "stupid" members.. you think you`re something better, but you are the dumbest of all..lol

Anonymous said...


Game over....

Anonymous said...

Conspiracy is 4thetruth. Can we move on now? Thanks.

Anonymous said...

@Annoymous 1:55 pm: Bingo!

Anonymous said...

u should do a blog on tis rathy and five lol i can see now its gonna be funny PLZ PLZ! lol!

Anonymous said...

Ok five is ragging on you and posting again like a fool on the new MJHD.com so she canhave the most posts like she did on MJHD. Still saying absolutely shit. Everyone is convinced you are 4thetruth and I said it first here i think. But whether I am wrong or right, you are still brillant in your investigation and conclusions (don't forget funny, blew bec out of the atmosphere with her high and mighty shit). And unlike Souza and Mo, who make up stupid shit theories to sound brillant but ain't. Anyway, who cares if you are 4thetruth? That wasn't your orginal name on MJHD when it first opened, only after Silverdumbass and Mommy took over. And who knows you anyway? Get a new username,
go on the forum, write in a different style, post great findings so five can post
a lot agreeing with you and saying absolutely nothing. Why do the fans love
her? I can't figure that for shit. Oh wait a minute. Maybe five is Amy? There
is some real smelly fucking do do going up in here!

Anonymous said...

Ahahaha, LOL @ 3:53pm! That's funny shizzle. Do I know you? MJHDC - kindly return the "recent comments section". I used it! P.S. --> MJHDC is not 4thetruth or Amy. Silly rabbits -- Step it up!

Anonymous said...

LMAO 4thetruth you idiot ~ lol!
Seen all the shit you wrote over at the old and the new forum ~ get a life bud ~ you're done.

Anonymous said...

hey conpiracy you know wat i just noticed go down to the bottom of the new mjhd page and there's a sketch pic of MJ putting his hand on his hat just like the shirt's diaper bitch amy was trying to sell.... that stupid bitch isn't got she still running that whole fucking site and the idiots over there still cant find out.

Anonymous said...

Just read the comments at MJKit about who you are...You are a ray of intelligence wit and crudeness....A perfect blend. Obviouisly a few losers have a grudge against those qualitys and share not a one of those valuses with normal people.

Now about Five and her douchbags cohortsd....keep typing...The words you create expose who you really are...so keep typing so all the intelligent people can see what sheeple think.

Anonymous said...

How many of those comments above are actually by "real" people, I wonder. Most of them are simply Conspiracy talking to themselves. LMAOROFL!!!!!

bec said...

Thanks, blogger for addressing the 6-23 issue. Thanks also for contacting Google re: the cache date. It's frustrating that more people don't seem to... get it enough to care. Some do but why so few? I think I'm just surrounded by morons sometimes.

This is the first I've heard of "AMY"s tweet prior to 6-25. Any way to substantiate that? Anyone get a screen shot?

Now. Let's bring up the 6-25 issue. MJ didn't "die" until 6-26 in Australia so "AMY"s flimsey alibi of location does not jive with the Whois info anyway. No matter which way you look at it, this topic IS the conspiracy.

Let's look deeper. Let's finally start researching the REAL clues here. Forget diapers and donations and illuminati, people, lets stick to reality, common sense, and logic, and we MAY actually start getting somewhere.

This is the key. Thank you MJHDConspiracy for playing.

Anonymous said...

Ok, so 4thetruth says she/he is not you. She/he also blasted five in a very nicely intelligent way. five shut up after that. lol. 4thetruth told a lie though. She said you hated MJHD members. No you didn't. What you hated was the sham Amy was doing and the mind fuck of the members. You hated what the members became, sheeple. It like "hate the sin not the sinner" Christian theology. So, maybe you aren't 4thetruth and maybe you are. Whatever, this blog so damn good. But if you were, you should be proud, she/he is smart like you ^_^. I do know that five is a dumb bunny ( she even attacked tisRuthy)
and she is a joke. By the way she talking on MHHD .net like she is in the know. She is not a mod or co- admin, so why the self-importance? Things that make you go hmm or wtf?

MJHD Conspiracy said...

Anonymous said: "How many of those comments above are actually by "real" people, I wonder. Most of them are simply Conspiracy talking to themselves. LMAOROFL!!!!!"

LMAOROFL??? Why? None of the ones that are posted as Anonymous are me.

Just so you can tell it is me. Mine are the ones with the little dog next to them. And the other clue is that it says "MJHD Conspiracy says:". Kind of gives it away which ones are me.

Anonymous said...

I joined MJDH a few days after it was formed. My name was Original Newbie. I started a thread titled "Moderators Out Of Control". I was referring to the brutal tactics of the MJFan Moderator, who was eventually banned. I was immediately banned when I first questioned the moderators. I even got an email from Amy....saying i deserved it.

To those who question the loyality and honesty and desire for the truth of the person who created this blog....Shame on you....the TRUTH comes from ALL directions, weather we like it or not.

We who post here are real. Derrr.....in the same vain...Are you a Diaper Wearer?

Anonymous said...

Oh dear, oh me, oh my
How the rumors fly
Faster than flies on shit
4thetruth ain't all it
But she sure does know her shit
I'll give her credit for that
And for admitting, she aint the
One wearing the bloggers hat!
She gave credit where credit was due
Wishing she had the BAWLS to do what you do.
As for FIVE, that ass is jive
FIVE ain't no investigator,
FIVE's just one big agitator
Stirring up the pot

Oh dear oh me oh my
Dear conspiracy blogger I swear
You are the smartest one of all
But one thing you have missed
MJHD.COM is not on any for sale list
and how much do you want to bet
MJHD went from .com to .net?
Same server, with one link
Something sure does stink!
Oh, and on another note, let me quote
Nostradomus predicted that fateful day in November
after the crash, Auntie AMY shipped her diapers from
ARIZONA to PROVO, UTAH, don't you remember?
Now this new MichaelJacksonHoaxDeath.net is in that exact location
Not to mention December 1st as it's date of creation.
Set up one night, after MJHD.com went down
And didn't pay a penny, sixpence or a pound!
Oh, I love the color blue, and the number 2
Does that mean anything to you?
Something sure smells fishy, oh snap,
I have a feeling the sheeple just stepped
Into more dog crap.
Wouldn't that suck,
Another giant mind fuck!
I said it before and I'll say it again, poor MJHDers
Too many asses are going to be red, raw and bleeding
After all the bullshit they've been fed and eating.

Auntie Amy and her stinking crew, THE DIAPER CARTEL
are up to no good.
Hell I bet they invaded MJHD.net
Good lord have mercy me,
On the count of three


Anonymous said...

oh no comment about 4thetruth, mjhdc??

Anonymous said...

I find it kinda strange that GrannyFive the wienerselling douchebag is back.
I guess she left the lunatic asylum um rehab clinic on her own responsibility...

To the haters: leave MJHDC alone! MJHDC is doing great! He/ she reveals awesome point of views! The great MJHD "investigators" should be ashamed and ask: why didn't I think/ noticed of that?

Anonymous said...

This is weird, take a look at

hhttp://www.lookin.biz/feed half hearted knew mao too latest blog and it mentions 23 June.

Co-incidence? Another clue?

Anonymous said...

why are you all picking on five????? how do you know she has it wrong? how the hell do you all know who is telling the truth considering the amount of bullshit everyone had been subjected to!

Ive called shitbusters to investigate
the truth will come out!

Out of someones ass.......but out nevertheless!

Anonymous said...

This has to be the dumbest blog on the entire planet. Apart from April's blog, that is. LMAO!

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 12:11 Bravo! lmaforofl and almost shit my pants (Amy can you lend a sister a thick one, too much load for a thinny). Your poem was da bomb.

Don't you dare Conspiracy, stop this blog. Between your investigative work and your laugh out louds barbs, I don't know if I could stand not having MJ around and no answers.

And to Anonymous 7:56 pm, I am a real reader and frequent poster ^_^

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 2:49 AM:

are you drunk??? lmao...stop talking BS!

Anonymous said...

The web-site has now been appriased for $7500.00. Really? Maybe someone should open up a more realistic web-site calling it Michael Jackson Hoax death 2. There for the last couple of months of that site,, my friends and I would wonder on over there for our laugh of the day. No need for the morning cartoon section of the paper. If that site reopens once again under new ownership it will be the laughing stock of the internet. I'm glad you didn't buy it, your better then that. Open up your own.

Just me.

MJHD Conspiracy said...

Anonymous said: "The web-site has now been appriased for $7500.00."

So that is $1 for the website, and $7,499 for the diapers that come with it? With the amount of shit that comes with MJHD you are still going to need more diapers than that can buy.

Anna.K said...

The appraisal stuff is BS. MJAlive is also worth 7000+ bucks according to that estimate website. It's just a way to play hardball.

Anonymous said...


The following domain name appraisal is an estimate on the worth of mjhdconspiracy.blogspot.com.

This is only an estimate, and actual sale prices on the open domain or website marketplace may vary significantly. For a more comprehensive appraisal of this domain, consider using our Multi-Stage URL Evaluation Service.

Your Site is Worth


MJHD Conspiracy said...

Thanks for checking on this blog's value.

Sweet. This blog is worth $19,411.44. OK I'm selling let the offers (in excess of $10,000) start rolling in. LMAO.

Anonymous said...

Amy is crapping in her diapers as I type.

Anonymous said...

Oh me oh my Amy did not go anywhere. That new site Amy is in control. Thanks to Anonymous 11:46. I went checking and something is not righ I am smelling rotten fish. The loyal morons with blindfolds on are still under Amy's control :(. Amy is a crook there is no doubt about that. She do not like MJ she had that sick name on the first site. Amy is nothing but a money hungry bitch. I guess IT will be able to purchase more diapers. It is a sad day for mankind today. I told the morons earlier that Amy is their Master. Heck I was right the evidence is there.

Anonymous said...

I have been laughing so hard at all the comments especially that poem..LOL..Look I dont care who you are, but you have done some amazing investigative work and have exposed 'Amy' for what she truely is..
Thank you..xx

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 6:58 PM

lmao, you talking BS! It´s Lara`s forum... Paranoia?? I think so...

Anonymous said...

6:58 pm you are one stupid moron. Did you see Silverwolf and his dear mom confessing about all the LIES ? Do you really know who owns that forum ? You are as stuuuuuuuupid as stuuuuuuuuuuupid gets. There is no paranoia going on here. I have an igloo in Barbados for sale. Do you want to buy it ? Talking about someone speaking out of the wrong end I meant typing trash and have marbles for brain.

Anonymous said...

6:47am poster is Smooth. He lives in Barbados. Actually, all the posts on this blog that have the word stupid written as "stuuuuuuupid" are his. What a bore.

Anonymous said...

no, I`m not Smooth..and I didn`t write "stuuuupid", maybe you should learn to read you fucking idiot..

Anonymous said...

No you have it all wrong 19:39 a.m. you dumb bitch. Barbados has more that one person living there. Heck I could be sitting in an office in Iraq typing away for all it is worth. Are you a psychic? If so your clients should demand refunds. I threw the name of an island out there and a dumb moron like you caught it. Before you start gloating you did Not make a touchdown. You fumbled the ball and our team got it an scored. I do not know who smooth is so until you call the right name and get it right Shut the fuck up. I am right under your nose and it is so stuffed up you are unable to sniff me out. Quit your bitching STUUUUUPID. There are more than one person who can type and say almost the same words. Do not go around calling out innocent people's names. No disrespect I have no idea who smooth is. You are so far off the mark like the earth from the moon. I tell you morons missed it when brains were handed out for free. The only intelligent people on this blog are the ones who understand what MJHD Conspiracy is talking about. You could live to be one hundred years old you will never get it.

The saints who preached as if they were the two most religous people on earth are confessing to all their and Auntie Amy's lies. Oh what a tangled web they weaved. you will not find anyone of us here who speak the truth confessing about telling lies. We are above that we speak the truth. Your masters silverprick,his mama, Amyduffy are calling you. Bitch you got way in over your head. Your pea brain cannot grasp intelligence. Now git!!

Anonymous said...

I made a typo and I must correct it my comments were to the moron who posted at 10:39 a.m. One other thing you would not know excitement if it bit you on the ass. Now git and do not return. With your unintelligent self righetous self. The ones who you should be taking to the slaughter you are so far up their asses. You could have found something constructive to do for the two minutes that they gave you. Here is a roll of Charmin use it. In the event you always used your hands the instructions are on the wrapper. Oh I forgot you are a stuuuuuuupid moron. Ask Five or anyone of the other dummies in your camp to read the instructions to you. Amy has her doctorate in shitology she might oblige and help you. Which I seriously doubt with all of their collective marble brains on slow mode you will ever get the correct instructions. Do the best that you can keep trying you might get it right. If not I can give you detailed instructions. Not one of you stupid morons know who the hell I am now git.

Anonymous said...

Yep, that's Smooth alright! 10:39am (not 6:47, 3:04pm, 3:15pm. All him.

Anonymous said...

Re 23/6 Google snapshot - here's another possible explanation. Amy - 21yo ningnong from Tassie or 28yo shark from Qld? - read or heard about Ian Halperin's prediction in Dec that MJ would 'die in 6 months'. So she bought the domain and set up some sort of MJHD page to be hosted before 25/6, just in case. And of course this was cached, but we don't know what was on it by the looks.

If she also hosts that diaper fetish site, then she clearly hosts sites to earn revenue from adsense, so would be on the lookout for potential revenue churners. She then hit PAYDIRT when MJ actually did 'die'! It was pure luck re the timing of setting up the site.

Anonymous said...

3:15 you are so full of shit try Dulcolax and an enema that will help you out. Here is a roll of Charmin you will need it. When you get through I will send a crane to your house to pick up all the shit. I do not know who Smooth is. I am NOT smooth. Go crawl back under the rock where you came from. You fucking maggot put on your big girl panty if you are going to LIE on an innocent person. Once again I AM NOT SMOOTH.

Anonymous said...

Yep, 12:51am Smooth you are. Ya little douchebag, you! Now go to the corner, Smooth, and colour. Here are some crayons.

Anonymous said...

What if sony did kill mj and the people who planned to kill him started a hoax site to propigate rumors he was still alive to take the heat off an actuall investigation????
That makes amy mo souza far less innocent than they pretend. If amy mo and souza are real in any case.

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