Stupidity Knows No Bounds

Someone posted a link in the comments. The link was to a post on MJHD, the post was concerning the embedding of Youtube videos.

I, myself, thought that with all of Hitlerfish's errors this post could get no worse. But was I wrong. The MJHD member StrangernMoscow had to reply. The reply reads:

"I'm excited about this, but what will the videos contain? Real videos of MJ after his hoax?


I was shocked, that this person had managed to even turn their computer on. I mean how the hell did they manage to turn a computer on and register for a forum in the first place? What will the videos contain? Anything that you link to in Youtube - it really isn't rocket science.

Just as I thought nothing in the world could top the stupidity of the post I saw who it was signed by, ~StrangernMoscow~. Now I know I have been accused of being cynical in the past but is it just me that sees the "~" on each side? Exactly like Hitlerfish. And lo, and behold, the person only has two posts.

Auntie Amy tried this trick, of creating members. She was at least smart enough to make it less obvious.

Hitlerfish, if you need to create members to prove that MJHD is not dying, or as most think dead, you know you should pack your shit up and move your trailer somewhere else.



Anonymous said...

I looked at some of Silverwolf's posts, and Silverwolf and this "StrangernMoscow" seem to type the same. look:

Somethings written by silverwolf:
"Any MJ song really haha ~SilverWolf"

"sharing MJ pics is okay. Take this topic for example. I was quite worried.... "

"FACT: TMZ, a tabloid media source was the FIRST to report MJ had died"

Now, the two this "StrangernMoscow" posted:
"Does your feeling have to do with MJ winning?"

"I'm excited about this, but what will the videos contain? Real videos of MJ after his hoax?"

Now, notice how both of them always use "MJ" on all of there posts. Never "Michael Jackson"

also, if you look at the language and writing style they use

"I was quit worried" and
"But what will the videos contain?"
Not many people talk like that.

If you just pay attenchen to the writing style of them both, it is very much the same.

Anonymous said...


I remember seeing that post a few days ago and wondered when you'd say something.

I thought the exact same thing.

It's great seeing these new members/trolls pop up to keep fueling the "WOE IS US (admins/mods)" crap and the "GAWD I R DUM TANKS B2 GAWD FER YEW SILVERFISH A-HYUK!"

Just. Genius.

Anonymous said...

Keep your eye on this situation, Conspiracy. MJHD pondering copying info from the back up forum since they can't get their own. Ballsey blokes:

Anonymous said...

hahaha i was just posting over there its sad how fucking stupid they are over there and to think they got kids (Except silverfish)those poor kids gonna grow up stupid lmao

Anonymous said...

silverfish is such a fuckin fag with two dicks up his ass LOOOOOOOOOOLLO

Anonymous said...

because silverfish is strangerinmoscow and i wouldnt be suprised after he see's this he changes the way he types.

Anonymous said...

I only posted the link because of everything "said" in that thread. It reflects the brainless intellect that has taken over MJHD completely. Members and Admins make a good match either way. I was lost for words, which I hardly ever am. LOL! Have a good day!

Anonymous said...

I still say Auntie Scamy is still very much part of the site. She is a thief and a liar and so are the so called Christians Silveryuck and Nightmare.

Anonymous said...

Notice the signature

He is such a retard

Anonymous said...

LOL I think there may be some "issues" if they want to go steal information from another site and add it to their own. God, what are they thinking? LOL

MJHD Conspiracy said...

Glad it wasn't just me that saw the similarities in the postings of Hitlerfish and StrangernMoscow. Thought I was becoming paranoid.

And I do agree I think Auntie Amy will make a comeback somewhere along the lines. Keep watching MJHD because I don't think it is too far away.

Anonymous said...

Sorry all of you. I know a lot of peeople won't agree with me. I think there is something shady with mjkit too and wouldn't trust them either. I believe Amy is very much in on that site as well. what a coinkydink that they have READ ONLY and changed their site too. Souza, Mo and Amy are "I'll fuck everyone over" pals

Anonymous said...

They both have several accounts on there. Another one of nightmare's accounts goes by the name of rubber_ducky. she just started this account and immediately started a thread called: He is Alive, But..................
go figure...
Also Fuckfish edited her original thread title and post about the database... yeh. Edit your lies. Already getting caught up in them, after such a short amount of time. lmao
Whoever stays on there and believes all their shit doesn't deserve any better. If you feel like an idiot wanting to be fucked over by a bunch of retarded hillbillies, go ahead and make yourselves comfortable. LOL!!
Thanks for this blog Conspiracy. I still think you're BCorn. LOL!

MJHD Conspiracy said...

So Fuckfish is also StrangernMoscow, and Nightmare is also rubber_ducky? This is why MJHD needs Auntie Amy back, there was always suspicion but she never actually got caught as easy as these two inbred muppets.

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