Dissecting The Hoax - Part One

Before anyone gets too excited that this is going to be a mini-series style thing that has loads of parts - it is only called "Part One" in case I remember to add some more at a later date.

A lot has gone on since June 25, 2009 and every forum, and all the members of those forums, have put a tremendous amount of work into investigating various clues, slip-ups, and theories trying to work out what happened.

The following is merely my 'take' on things. How I saw things; and a few observations. In no way is it a definitive theory or explanation.

Dr Conrad Murray

Without even getting in to the fact that may not even be his real name Conrad Murray did some weird shit on the morning of June 25, 2009. A cardiologist doing CPR on a soft bed? Give me a break - I did a first aid course which is about as low on the medical ladder as possible and even in that they said CPR was to be administered on a hard surface. Makes sense too - why push down on a chest which is just going to sink in to a soft mattress? So a licensed, if he is indeed licensed, cardiologist should have known that without even thinking about it - so why does this alleged doctor try to administer CPR on a bed and only move to the floor when 911 dispatch tell him? Seriously you wouldn't trust this guy to look at your dog never mind a human being. Something stinks - whether it was Conrad Murray really is that incompetent or whether the 911 caller forgot what he was meant to say.

The 911 Call

Once again without getting into the fact that the 911 caller, identified as Alberto Alvarez, sounded way too calm during the whole conversation nothing about the 911 call really adds up. Firstly the whole dialogue of the call just seems so wrong. If you call 911 for a musical icon you mention the name at the very beginning to make sure that they know it is not just some Joe Public. The call should have gone something like this:

911 Operator: What is your emergency?
Alvarez: I need an ambulance as soon as possible sir.
911 Operator: What is your address?
Alvarez: It is Michael Jackson.
911 Operator: OK, we will have someone there ASAP.
Alvarez: He has a doctor with him who is doing CPR on a bed.
911 Operator: You have to be fucking kidding me. On a bed?
Alvarez: Yes sir.
911 Operator: You might want to keep that quack away from Michael.
Alvarez: The ambulance is here.
911 Operator: OK, they will handle things, goodbye.
Alvarez: Bye.

The whole call would have lasted about 30 seconds not almost 2 minutes. The emergency services can say they respond to each case in exactly the same way; but real life proves this just is not true. If Joe Public is having a cardiac arrest he'll get an ambulance sure, but if Michael Jackson is having a cardiac arrest the ambulance gets there a hell of a lot faster.

As a trained bodyguard shouldn't have Alvarez known some first aid at least? You are protecting a musical legend and if by some chance he was choking, or had been shot by some crazed stalker, shouldn't the bodyguard who is closest to him know a little bit about first aid? Why didn't Alvarez know that CPR should be done on a hard surface?

Alvarez says in the 911 call "We have a gentleman here who needs help and he is not breathing yet, he's not breathing, we are trying to pump him." How does the quality 911 operator handle this statement? By asking how old the gentleman is. Does it fucking matter if he is not breathing? I don't think it matters one iota if he is 50 or 15 the guy is not breathing - seconds count when someone is not breathing. What the fuck next want to check his shoe size before you worry if anyone is doing CPR?

The 911 operator asks "Did anyone witness what happened?" but nobody answers. Why didn't the 911 operator ask the question again? There is a big difference between just stopping breathing and the possibility of swallowing something that blocks the airway. The 911 operator should have already guessed the doctor was incompetent by doing CPR on a bed.

Then the 911 operator says that the ambulance is less than a mile away call us back if you need any help. Call us back if you need any help? Fuck off that shit is not even funny. There is a gentleman not breathing and an incompetent doctor of course the caller needed help. He didn't just call to check on the order status of a new television. When did 911 start asking you call back? I'm no expert but everything that I found about this says that 911 operators stay on the line with you until the ambulance arrives. Was it his fucking break time? Was he worried that he may break some union rule by working a couple of minutes longer? Why hasn't this 911 operator been questioned by the police to see what was so important that he had to get off the phone?

The Ambulance Leaving

When is an emergency not an emergency? When it takes the ambulance 1 minute and 30 seconds to reverse out of the gates. What the fuck was happening here? Was there a 5 mile per hour speed limit sign posted on the drive?

Adding up all the time there is about 45 minutes where Michael Jackson has allegedly not been breathing (12:21PM the 911 call is made, 12:26PM the paramedics arrive, 1:08PM the paramedics leave). And the ambulance driver is on some fucking Sunday drive; fuck the paparazzi - if they are too stupid to stand in the way of an ambulance run them over. The reversing siren is going, and the dumb fucks run towards it - no judge would complain that they ran over a photographer that was impeding the emergency medical staff from doing their job. Judge would be fine with it:

Judge: Were your lights and reverse sirens working?
EMS Driver: Yes your honor.
Judge: Did the photographer run at the ambulance even after hearing the siren?
EMS Driver: Yes your honor.
Judge: Well, it's his own fault then. Actually by California law we should arrest the photographer.

So why does it take 1 minute and 30 seconds to leave? Because the ambulance has to reverse out of the drive. Why does it reverse? Because a second ambulance is blocking the drive near the house so that the ambulance allegedly carrying Michael cannot flip a u-turn. Were these paramedics all fucking training? Who the fuck was in charge of blocking access? Come on, it looks by all evidence that it was their first day on the job. Why didn't someone say after the paramedics were actually in the house "Get these vehicles sorted so we can get out when we need to."?

As the ambulance had to reverse out, that would suggest that allegedly when Michael was taken out of the house on a stretcher they had to walk round the ambulance to get him in the back.


Nothing adds up and everyone seems so amateur at their job. Dr Murray makes a huge mistake, the 911 operator makes big mistakes, and the ambulance personnel make some major mistakes. With all these inconsistencies in how things should go for just the general public when it is a musical legend, such as Michael Jackson, these people should be on their 'A game' not fucking up like it was their first day at training.


Legal Notice: For once there is no legal notice required. But as I'm always putting them here it seemed empty without one so I filled this space with a nonsensical explanation.


Anonymous said...

Bottom line Dog, Michael is dead. There can be a conspiracy about anything. It fact, anyone wanna make a bet that he's dead? I could get rich lol

Anonymous said...

Btw... the paramedics didn't have a defibrillator.


3D said...

@Anoymous 2:14 pm: Prove it!

Anonymous said...

@Anoymous 2:14 p.m. You will be poor if that is what; you are waiting for to get rich. Make a bet with me for $1.5 mil. Top line Michael is alive.

The Queen

Anonymous said...

prove that there was mj in:

Anonymous said...

Peut-être a-t-il suivi la trace de Lohengrin ou de certains chevaliers du Graal après tout. Tout quitter et laisser derrière: ses biens, sa famille, son nom, sa carrière.

En somme il a effectué sa mue. N'avait-il pas comme animal favori, un boa constrictor du nom de Mr. Muscle? Donc, il a dû apprendre des tas de choses en l'observant. Et puis, à la place du serpent, il pris le double dragon (au fond un serpent-oiseau, version chinoise du Quetzaltcoatl) comme symbole sur ses chemises. En somme, il est passé du terrestre au volatil. Très intéressant du point de vue alchimique.Cela dit tout.

WhatTheDeuce said...

Conspiracy said: "As a trained bodyguard shouldn't have Alvarez known some first aid at least? You are protecting a musical legend and if by some chance he was choking, or had been shot by some crazed stalker, shouldn't the bodyguard who is closest to him know a little bit about first aid? Why didn't Alvarez know that CPR should be done on a hard surface?"

Good point! I haven't thought about this one yet. So now we have two people - a DOCTOR and a BODYGUARD - who should know how to perform CPR but acted like total amateurs... Weird much? I have no medical training and even I know that CPR must be performed in flat and hard surfaces! How come a cardiologist and a bodyguard don't know such basic stuff?

Conspiracy also said: "Nothing adds up and everyone seems so amateur at their job. Dr Murray makes a huge mistake, the 911 operator makes big mistakes, and the ambulance personnel make some major mistakes."

I completely agree. This is just too fucking weird. For me, there are only two possible explanations: either Michael was murdered or this is a hoax.

Anonymous said...

hey, I;ve been following ur blog 4 a while but this is my 1st comment ever. I love ur blog, it's different from all the other hoax stuff that's floating out there. I'm a biotech student & have been analyzing the "autopsy report" it was after going over this report that I finally gave in to the idea of hoax. Here's to give u a little taste:

1- from all the scars mentioned on his body they never mention any scars around the area of his chin or below it. we all know that he had done some plastic surgery done to his chin

2-Michael was suffering from Lupus, that's the main reason for numerous corrective surgeries that he did on his nose. Lupus sufferers don't recover from scar tissue easily & it wasn't till he did his 1st nose job that they figured out he has Lupus & the tissue scar wasn't healing properly so they had to do numerous corrective surgeries to deal with it & that's why his nose kept getting smaller. now around the same time he did his 2st nose job, he suffered the burn on his scalp, they also did a surgery on his scalp, but again because of his lupus the scars are hard to get rid of (those of you who know Seal, the singer, must have noticed the scars on his cheeks, he's also a lupus sufferer & those scars are a result of his condition) those scars on Michael's head were the main reason for him to start using hair extensions & wigs, but in the autopsy there' absolutely no mention of any scars on the scalp. now these were 2nd degree burn they ought to leave some mark even if you don't have lupus.

3-In all humans (unless they have their hear position on the right side instead of the the left, which is a VERY RARE condition)the right Lung weighs more than the left, in the autopsy it says that his left lung weighs more than right & yet there's no mention of whether he had his heart on the right side or left side.

There's more. if you're interested let me know & I'll email them to you

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