Finally An Admin Acting The Right Way

Before I start this post I don't want anybody thinking I have gone soft, lost the plot, or am mentally insane. Actually the last one might be deemed true actually.

The reason for this post is to highlight how an Admin of a forum should act. It has nothing to do with kissing ass or anything, just merely that a lot of people think I only concentrate on the negative issues surrounding the forums involved in Michael Jackson's hoaxed death. And it is also a nice reminder to the Admins of the S&M Concentration Camp of how they should be treating their members.

Over at MJHD.NET Lara, the Admin, posted a thread entitled "From My Heart" which is addressed to the members of the forum. It reads:

"Hey there,

How are you guys? I've been feeling some negativity lately, and I just wanna let you know that if I could hug everyone of you, I would do it right now, it's been 8 months since all this started, and we've shared so much, I feel you as a part of me, when you are sad, I'm sad, when you feel upset,
I feel the anguish.

We all are here for the same reason, and it's a painful reason, it hurts so much, everyday, but we've got to be strong, and stay united, when you feel like you can't go on, just shout and we will be here to give you strength.

Don't let the frustration get you and make you feel alone, you are not alone, we are a community,let's work together, let's love each other, let's respect each other, please, it hurts me SO much when I see you fighting over things. Hate will lead only lead us to hate, love and respect will lead us everywhere.

Please we are a family, I love each and every one of you, and we have to stick together. I know that this is internet, and that we don't know each other, and most people will think that this is ridiculous, but that's because they haven't been in our situation, we've been here, most of the day/night, while working/studying, thinking all day about Michael, trying to find the ''definitive clue'', the clue that will bring us back part of our happiness and part of our life, since we lost it the day when all this started.

We definitely know that something is going on, and we have so many inconsistencies, so let's all relax and give him time, maybe he doesn't want to come back, and we have to respect that.
Maybe we will never know the truth, that's Michael's decision or Michael's family decision, but this journey has taught us, many things, things that we will never forget, we are all a part of this, wether we find the truth or not, it has already changed our lifes, this is a journey that maybe it will never end, so let's hold hands with each other and try to make this journey as pleasant as possible.

love you all,


OK I don't agree with all of it. Wouldn't be me if I did. I'm not down with this whole "family" idea. Makes it sound like the Manson family in my mind; and every time I read on a forum the word "family' I start thinking of a bunch of crazed Michael Jackson fans killing Conrad Murray in a Sharon Tate style killing - luckily Conrad Murray cannot be pregnant or it would really get weird.

But a lot of Lara said makes sense. We are all here for the same reasons - to find out what happened, why it happened, and is Michael safe. Personally I couldn't give two fucks if he makes a comeback or not. Not because I don't care; just if he doesn't there must be a reason.

8 Months? Is that all? Sometimes it feels like 8 years. But yeah we have all been through so much. From the day MJHD.COM opened its doors to the present (notice I didn't start the June 23rd argument again). We have all been through so much with regards to this from clues, the highs, the lows, the fake twitter accounts, the fake ass people who pretend they know Michael, it has been one hell of a roller coaster ride.

So I'm making Lara the official MJ Hoax Death Forum Admin of the month - showing that it is possible to be in charge and still care about members.

MJ Hoax Death Forum Admin Of The Month (March 2010)

On a completely different topic, sort of, Mo and Souza over at the S&M Concentration Camp did a great video on Michael's message. Part 1 & Part 2 can be found on their forum. Now although I don't agree with their message - all this Illuminati shit in my opinion is just getting too much I do applaud the effort they put into the creation of the videos. If that is the path they want to follow then they are doing a great job at following that path.

I know I have bitched about Souza and Mo - quite a lot to be honest; but way back in the day these two actually were good investigators. They still are it is just in my opinion they have lost sight and moved over more to a conspiracy theorist forum. Oh and the "Mike" shit still bothers the hell out of me as if they are best buddies and all that fucking crap. Michael is Michael. It is bad enough we have the confusion over "Joe" and "Joseph" without adding to it.

Luckily the Internet was not as popular in 1977 (actually 1989 was the real kick off for the Internet) otherwise they would of been referring to Elvis as "El" - he had the same middle name problem - Aron or Aaron.



Iloveyoumore said...

Awww wow, what a great post, TB. I always knew you had a soft heart inside of that armor of steel ;) You often make me laugh. Thank you for making me just smile.

Anonymous said...

What a load of crock..Obviously these members who visit these forums & take things to heart have either too much time on their hands or are complete nutters...To have a internet community as your family is fucking hilarious...Oh well if you are so fucked up to think they are your family then thank fucking goodness i dont visit those brainwashing communities...Good luck to you & your virtual friends im sure they will be visiting you soon in the nuthouse

Anonymous said...

Its ok to show loving kindness even if it sticks in your gut sometimes. Nice comment.

WhatTheDeuce said...

Very nice, Conspiracy, very nice... :)

It's true, this has been a long journey and it's perfectly normal to feel a connection to the other members and investigators. The problem is when people get way too emotionally attached, not just to the other members, but also to Michael... They are bound to get hurt so I'd advise them to keep a safe distance. Anyway, Lara seems like a nice girl. :)

WhatTheDeuce said...

By the way, I LOL'd at the "El"... xD

Anonymous said...

"...been referring to Elvis as "El" "

LMAO!!! Thank you for this! You just made my day!

Anonymous said...

I wholeheartedly agree with Anonymous 10:07 PM

Anonymous said...

no, no, no... and again no.
fine, Lara is the admin of the month, i do like her attitude and i shared kinda similar feeling at the beginning of mjhd.com, so fair enough.
but then? do you actually believe souza and mo are good investigators? as far as im concerned the whole set of theories come from amy, so from the original mjhd.com. they just started to bitch about michael -oh yeah 'mike'- with the twins story, the fluoride intoxication [or whatever bullshit it was] and then the illuminati saga..com'on, give me a break!!
also, thanks God there was no internet in 1977, if today s&m call Elvis the son of the devil [or something close to that] let's imagine if there was another concentration camp for him too! El as a nickname would be the least of our problems...

Angie The F 777 said...

Cool, i like it, and i agree;)
Lara is a very nice person, i like her very much. SMouza - just the opposite, but we know that already;)

anonymous 3 said...

Gosh I keep hearing this song in my head "they call me mellow yellow, they call me mellow yellow". Can't remember who's song it is, driving me crazy.....rofl
Seriously, it's a nice touch, just a nice touch no more. Being an admin involves a whole lot more than just giving virtual hugs every once in a while..... I prefer straight to my (virtual) face answers and no beating about the bush; but that's just me.

MJHD Conspiracy said...

Mellow Yellow was by someone called Donovan. Personally I thought it was just a butter.

anonymous 3 said...

Thank you very much Conspiracy, you saved me from the nut house....
Donovan has great songs; I'm biassed I just love Scotsmen...

Finnlady77 said...

I agree with Anonymous 10:07 PM. MJHD.net is not a nice internet family, if you scratch the surface a bit deeper. Just a little push for the certain members and you see. They all attack against you and they are nasty people. I don't believe that the purpose of that forum is to investigate the death of MJ, but it is something totally different.

anonymous 3 said...

@Finnlady : think you're right in saying their purpose is not to investigate Michael's death. It's more about convincing people he's alive and kicking and preparing his come back...
The members indeed don't stay that friendly when you drop a hint he might actually be dead, or not planning a come back.
But, they're still a bit more friendly than those Dutchies where you get booted immediately..lol

Finnlady77 said...

Anonymous 3: yes, you are right. And I don't like those illuminati and NWO threads over there, because I don't believe in those things myself. They are a bit more friendly than the Dutches. But, when I had my thread against the Dutches (the IP thing..), the most of the members were ready to defend the Dutches. That was interesting.

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