Joe Jackson Book Published

At a star-studded press conference Joe Jackson released his new book entitled "1001 Legal Tips" which is being published by Random House.

The press conference got off to a shaky start when Joe Jackson arrived 45 minutes late. When he finally arrived, although he was there to promote his book, he had in tow the usual arm jewelery - namely Taina.

Among the faces seen swanking around the press conference was Brian Oxman, Ed Chernoff, and Jerry Brown. One person said "You wouldn't fucking believe it if you didn't see it with your own eyes. These people are all working supposedly on opposite sides of a legal case and yet here they are sipping champagne like they were all buddies. It is sickening."

The book of legal tips from Joe Jackson is clearly not a legal manual and is merely advice from Joe himself.

Tip #777 reads "Always ensure that if you have no real claim make sure that you employ someone who will screw the system on your behalf."

Tip #779 reads "Never accept legal advice from family members. Although they mean well you will always have a nagging feeling they are looking out for themselves."

Joe Jackson said at the press conference "Since last year I have learned more and more about the legal system. And I wanted to pass what I have learned on to others while making a buck or two for myself. My friend, and legal counsel, Brian Oxman helped with some of the legal terms in the book."

When questioned why he was supporting such a venture Brian Oxman said "As you know, with my selfless promoting of t-shirts, caps, mugs, bumper stickers, and other Justice4MJ merchandise I like to help the struggling businesses. Initially when Joe came to me with this idea I thought he was mad. But then I realized he would have more money to pay his legal bills so for me it was a win-win situation."

The book is expected to be released in May; and retail for $24.95. It will have a launch on Amazon.com for the first two weeks then an international launch after that.

Ed Chernoff, the attorney for Conrad Murray commented "It is a good book, I was lucky enough to get Joe to sign my copy. Some of the tips included in the book we might use as part of the defense. I particularly like tip 666 which states 'that every judge is open to bribes.' A very well written book."

To pre-order your copy of 1001 Legal Tips by Joe Jackson got to Brian Oxman's store website.


Legal Notice: At the time of writing this post Joe Jackson had not written a book based on legal advice. There is still doubts about his reading and writing ability. Ed Chernoff, Jerry Brown, and Brian Oxman made no comments about any book. All in all it was satire apart from the reference to Brian Oxman promoting merchandise. Random House although being publishers of books have no business dealings with Joe Jackson.


Anonymous said...

oh! my! god! LOL!!! Go Joe!!! Autograph copy to Chernoff? ha ha!!!

skeptikos said...

I almost bought it... LOL... yet was not surprised because Male prostitution in Russia is flourishing, and the prices for the services in this sector continue to rise... so, I wondered if it was not a similar case... in USA... LOL!!

Anonymous said...

More hypocrites: http://www.michaelisback.com/

Anonymous said...

I posted this info on LKL Blog and did give credit to you via link but the moderator deleted that post which appeared down further on said blog. Just to set the record straight as I dont like ppl plagiarizing other peeps stuff!!

butterfly :)

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