We All Need To Pull Together

I just had a conversation with someone - and I'll admit I didn't know how to answer one of the questions put to me. It is a question I myself have tried to work out but as yet have been unsuccessful. The question was this: "What happened on June 25, 2009 if Michael Jackson didn't die?"

The person I was talking with is not a believer as such, but does see some problems with how the whole thing has been handled. As we were talking about it I mentioned the fact that the ambulance picture was a fake and he was never in the ambulance. So that was basically answered with "If he wasn't in the ambulance who was in the ambulance if anyone? And how did he get to the hospital - obviously everyone knows Michael Jackson so he would of had to have been there unless you think the hospital is involved in this alleged hoax?"

That is kind of where I myself get stuck. And ask myself the same similar question. If Michael wasn't in the ambulance did he go to the hospital if not is the UCLA hospital in on the hoax?

It got me thinking about the 9/11 conspiracy and how that has a particular time line to follow of what happened. No I have never followed the 9/11 Truth that well but have seen a few different videos on it. The best in my opinion, because it gives enough facts without going too deep, was Loose Change.

Anyway the 9/11 conspiracy has a time line which is pretty much agreed to by all the conspiracy theorists, and in most cases for the time line evidence has been shown. Without getting too deep into the 9/11 needless to say there is a time line that extends before 9/11 up until after building 7 is 'mysteriously' pulled; and then the wreckage of the buildings being shipped off to Europe before investigators had looked at the building wreckage.

This leads me back to June 25, 2009, 100 N. Carolwood Drive, California at the time of approximately 1.08PM (PST). There is at present nothing known about what happened on that day with regards to Michael and his whereabouts when the ambulance pulled out without him in it.

Doesn't matter what forum you are part of, doesn't matter if you think Kenny Ortega is an asshole or an answer, doesn't even matter what language you speak. This hoaxed death has brought so many people from all over the globe together in trying to figure out the hoax.

So with very little going on at the moment, Brian Oxman selling some knock off t-shirts and caps to allegedly help a struggling businessman doesn't really count, shouldn't all members of all the forums, regardless of history and petty grudges be pulling together, working on this as a whole team, looking at all the possibilities to try and figure out what really happened on that day?

In my mind until we all work out the question we can never be expected to work out the answer.

Forum admins, don't block access to topics, don't try and keep possibilities hidden. Share with the rest of the people investigating this hoax.

Forum members, give credit where credit is due. If you find an article on the S&M forum and want to share it on the MJHD.NET forum just give credit to where you sourced it from.

It doesn't matter who finds the answers. All that matters is that all those who seek the answers can find them.

More and more people are thinking that something is suspicious with Michael Jackson's death. They might not be willing to admit it is a hoax yet; but they are looking for answers.

I was talking to a colleague when Murray was charged and he said it was odd that a doctor charged with Murder 3: Involuntary Manslaughter should still be allowed to practice medicine of any kind. These sort of things open people to the idea that something is just not right and they start to look for themselves.

By the way, in case you wondered, I gave him the link to a few forums and this blog. Only comment the following day was about there being a lot of information to look at and he'd been on Youtube most of the evening before.



Anonymous said...

Well done!!!! Totally agreed!

kitty said...

this is a great article!! just wanted to say thanks!

Anonymous said...

Oui pourquoi pas...

skeptikos said...

Yeah, so right and we all need to FOLLOW THE MONEY!

anonymous 3 said...

I hear and read you Skeptikos... you do have a point.
Thing is, I've bought most of his dvd's, cd's, books about him (a couple are really crap) and the prices are really high. Thing is, everyone cashes in, from wholesale to retail. I know, you're talking about the big guys, but they enable the little ones to do business like fi. the retailer where I bought the books and cd's (btw really nice guy...lol)
But there is definitely something fishy going on.... but still 'one man's death is another man's bread', at least that's what we say and it's oh so true

Anonymous said...

Blah blah blah... what a lame post! lmao..

Anonymous said...

Et donc l'argent de poche de MJ qu'il cachait dans des sacs poubelles sous des tapis, à hauteur d'un million de dollars a disparu de Carolwood.

D'autre part, une très importante somme d'argent a été virée quelques jours avan sa disparition aux ILes Cayman.

Enfin quid de sa maison dans la solitude avec le studio d'enregistrement qui n'a été ni déménagée ni vendue. Pourrait expliquer certains enregistrements.

Anonymous said...

The same people who think it is wrong to make money off of MJ are the same people that have bought his CDs, posters, t-shirts, etc. Right or wrong, people have always been making money off of MJ. Yes he is a human being, but in the business world, he was a brand and an image. In any industry you are selling a product. Hell, his father was the first one to make money off of him. And remember MJ did better than most artists because he wrote his own material and owned the rights to it because of that. If there had not been money on the line, we wouldn't even know who MJ was.

I wish we would get this angry and fight against all the injustices that occur in the world on a daily basis like we do about people making money off of MJ. We could actually change the world.

MJHD Conspiracy said...

@Anonymous (March 22, 2010 8:10PM) I agree, people should get pissed off more with all the injustices in the world. It is because people haven't that so many injustices have been done in the first place.

I get what you mean about 'brand and an image' but I was more pointing the finger at supposed 'friends' that had sold him out. Sorry if I didn't make that bit too clear.

Anonymous said...

touche my friend, touche! & thanx =D

Anonymous said...

Sorry to get on my soapbox conspiracy. I know what you mean about supposed friends.

skeptikos said...

@Anonymous said... «but still 'one man's death is another man's bread', at least that's what we say and it's oh so true»

It's true. "the king is dead. Long live the king!"
I know what you mean, but I don't subscribe relativism. I mean I don't have a problem with relativism per se. I do have an issue with the way it's commonly used and abused.

skeptikos said...

Anonymous MARCH 22, 2010 8:10 PM «I wish we would get this angry and fight against all the injustices that occur in the world on a daily basis like we do about people making money off of MJ. We could actually change the world.»

I applaud you loudly! Yes, I do subscribe, I feel exactly the same! Are we still human? Shame on us!

Anonymous said...

L'hôpital n'est pas nécessairement dans cette mise en scène si c'est un des sosies de MJ qui est décédé.

Après tout, le corps du décédé n'a été identifié que par une étiquette d'orteil et pas par des empreintes digitales. Donc la question reste, est-ce bien MJ?

Soit MJ a dû rester à Carolwood car l'homme dans la fente du portail lui ressemble étrangement, peut-être était-il là pour voir partir son sosie (mort). et si c'est le cas, le problème du passeport est résolu.

Ce qui fait penser que l'histoire décrite dans "half hearted knew MAO too" a quelques relents de vérité. Le décés d'un sosie le 23 juin 2009. Sous couvert d'une pseudo-histoire, peut-être des bribes de ce qui est arrivé...

Soit il a pris l'avion à LAX pour Guadalajara et peut-être récupéré l'argent à Gran Cayman avant de poursuivre sa route.

N'a jamais été examiné le cas de Burbank airport, (ni même celui de Santa Monica, l'aéroport de Howard Hughes....).

Enfin, il a pu partir pour Las Vegas tranquillement en voiture quand tous sont partis le samedi 27. Rien de plus facile sous une couverture dans une voiture aux vitrages noirs. Et de Las Vegas, ailleurs, le désert est grand.....

Anonymous said...

We are lead to beLIEve that building 7 was "mysteriously" pulled. In a "parallel universe" maybe but in reality it was "ordered" to come down. By whom, "I can't say too much, it's a conspiracy", much like the life of Michael Jackson.

These are the facts:

1. Silverstein: "and I said...'maybe the smartest thing to do is, is pull it'...and they made that decision to pull and then we watched the building collapse."

2. "Silverstein signed a 99-year lease for the twin towers just six weeks before the attack."

3. "Insurers is set to pay around $861 million to Silverstein for the lost building...debt on the property is around $383 million..."

4. "Silverstein is reported in some quarters to have spent as much as $200 million on lawyers, as he pursues demands for as much as $7 billion from his insurers."

5. "Controlled Demolition Inc has developed a plan to clean up the WTC."

6. "Controlled Demolition Inc: 'Pull it" means "Pull it down"- "Let it burn to the ground"!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous March 23, 2010 2:47 PM

Yeah, I read about it too: http://www.wtc7.net/pullit.html

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