Injustice 2 MJ

Ever been wandering down the sidewalk and had to cringe as some jackass walks towards you wearing their "Justice 4 MJ" t-shirt?

Well, now thanks to GoTees.com you can show you are a true hoaxie with their brand new t-shirt.

At a small press release today Bob Knockoff, CEO of Go Tees, unveiled the "Injustice 2 MJ" t-shirt.

Bob Knockoff said "We have all seen those 'Justice 4 MJ' t-shirts being sold by attorneys and others wanting to just make a quick buck from Michael Jackson's name. Well now people can say "Fuck your lies" and push their chest forward with our 'Injustice 2 MJ' t-shirts. I know some are going to think we are just out to make a quick buck too, but we are selling at cost. Our t-shirts retail at just $7.95 plus shipping and handling."

In keeping with the hoax the t-shirt sizes are labeled completely different to the other t-shirts available from Go Tees. Souza, Mo, Lara, Extra Lara (Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large) are the four sizes available.

Bob Knockoff continued "We thought it fitting to change the size labels, to say that Go Tees is truly backing the message given by the t-shirt. We named names and said to the world that Go Tees believes Michael is alive. We don't know where and we don't know what he is doing but we know he is alive."

The only celebrity that was present at the press conference was Jessica Simpson. When she was questioned by the press why she was supporting this t-shirt she replied "I thought it was a charity type thing. I got a call from my agent and he said something about a favor which didn't involve showing skin so I was like yeah I'll do it for sure. I think Michael is either alive or dead but I dunno really."

Bob Knockoff said "We got Jessica dirt cheap. Her agent owed me one, so basically he put her on a greyhound bus and we put her in a t-shirt. Simple as that really. We are a small company so getting any celebrity to turn up was pretty much a miracle."


Legal Notice: Go Tees is a fictional company and bears no resemblance to any company that may exist. Bob Knockoff and Jessica Simpson have never really met. Jessica Simpson does not endorse this fictional t-shirt. No dumb actresses were hurt in the making of this blog post.


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