Another Day Another Book

Doesn't matter which country you have been living in it cannot have gone unnoticed that since Michael Jackson's alleged passing that everyone and his brother has released a book concerning Michael Jackson.

Not missing an opportunity to cash in on his brief moment of fame Dr. Conrad Murray, in association with publishers IDG, released his new book at the New York branch of Noble & Barnes.

In a statement read out by his attorney, Ed Chernoff, Conrad Murray had this to say: "I have been portrayed by the media, including TMZ, as an evil man, like I am a voodoo witchdoctor or something. This is not true. I have did my best for Michael Jackson, giving him care, help, and love. I am a man that has been caught in the middle of something which goes a lot deeper than some will ever realize. I know deep in my heart that the truth will prevail."

IDG spokesperson, Mike Sponseller, had this to say: "We at IDG could not have hoped for a better Dummies book to come out right now. Conrad Murray doing a book on Propofol is a publishers dream come true. With all the media attention surrounding Conrad Murray right now this book is going to move off the shelves faster than we can print it. It covers Propofol and other sedative drugs and Conrad Murray, drawing on his extensive knowledge, gives an insight in to the medical world that up until recently we never truly knew about; or even that existed."

When reporters tried to question Conrad Murray on whether the book mentioned Michael Jackson, and the circumstances surrounding Murray's arrest all he would say is "You will have to buy the book to find out."

The book is expected for a national release in the United States on March 15, 2010.

New Conrad Murray Book


Legal Notice: Conrad Murray, Ed Chernoff, Mike Sponseller, were never at Barnes & Noble in New York. Nor has it been confirmed that this book will ever be released. This post is merely satire.


Anonymous said...

lolzzzzzz u crack me up

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omg love coming to your blogs your stories just makes my friggen day lmaoooooooo great work

Anonymous said...

Well then Fatima dont be greedy, pass that crack around

WhatTheDeuce said...

LMAO! Our dear Murray is a marketing genius! Hey, I have an idea for his next book: it should be called "How To Kill Celebrities For Dummies" - very helpful in case you want to kill useless and dumb celebrities like Heidi and Spencer... *barfs* LOL

Anonymous said...

i love your genius! once again, you made my day man!

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