MJHD.NET Needs A Backbone

Over at MJHD.NET, moderator Wozniack posted an announcement under the title of "An Important Announcement Regarding MJHD.NET, Please Read..." Now I know it was posted on January 18, 2010 but it was brought to the forefront because there was a topic on MJHD.NET about Souza and Mo being interviewed by Gary James of ClassicBands.COM - well it wasn't really an interview as the questions were pretty lame and there was no digging deeper into the answers that were given.

But, I digress, the announcement reads:

"Hello everyone,

Many of you aren't aware of the "legal matter"; a lawsuit was about to be filed if sensitive material, and malign statements were not removed. We have since removed all topics and posts regarding Souza, Mo and badkolo, and www.michaeljacksonhoaxforum.com. However, all sensitive material was edited out prior to this event, unless we missed it. This consisted of physical addresses and phone numbers, first and last names, IP addresses, etc. Although this was public in other parts of the web, this information was to be kept private. Only the rightful owner should be able to publish it. We ask all members of this board to refrain from discussing and/or bashing Souza, Mo and badkolo, and www.michaeljacksonhoaxforum.com, or investigating them or their forum. We are here to investigate the 'death' of Michael Jackson and nothing more.

This forum is founded on freedom of speech, as such, we sanctioned all comments about Souza, Mo and badkolo, and www.michaeljacksonhoaxforum.com. We didn't see a problem with members venting their frustrations, so the comments remained. But the subject matter of Souza, Mo and badkolo, and www.michaeljacksonhoaxforum.com was not appreciated by the parties at www.michaeljacksonhoaxforum.com, and it put this forum in peril. Regarding posts of private information, we also experienced this with other members. We tried our best to edit and/or delete posts supplied with these details, but weren't always successful as the number of them increased while we not present. Any private information posted about a member without their consent will result in an immediate ban. Please make note of that. We must remember, even though this is the internet, your actions can have serious consequences. To avoid litigation, we had no choice but to go this route. We hope you understand.

Please see our Forum Rules: http://www.michaeljacksonhoaxdeath.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=26&t=2382

Thank you"

Freedom of speech unless it concerns Souza, Mo, or Badkolo? That really isn't free speech. And why can't members talk about the three stooges (Souza, Mo, and Badkolo)? Because of a threatened lawsuit. No actual lawsuit just a threat. An opinion about someone on a forum is not allowed because there may be a lawsuit if the three stooges get mentioned.

Judge: Lara, why did you allow the names Souza, Mo, and Badkolo to be used on your forum?
Lara: Well they are just first names your honor I didn't think it would be an issue. Also Souza, Mo, and Badkolo are not even their real first names.
Judge: Very true.
Lara: It is not like Badkolo's bankruptcy details were posted, or Mo's dog breeding site was mentioned, and nobody even mentioned the 2 bicycles leaning on the tree outside Souza's apartment.
Judge: This is also true. And it is noted by the court that Souza, Mo, and Badkolo are not names which can be identified to any living person; merely names which are used on a Michael Jackson hoax death forum. Case dismissed.

"But the subject matter of Souza, Mo and Badkolo, and www.michaeljacksonhoaxforum.com was not appreciated by the parties at www.michaeljacksonhoaxforum.com"

No fucking shit. They don't appreciate people commenting on them. Well if they can't stand the heat get the fuck out the kitchen. You can't come up with theories like an autopsied dog and not expect people to comment on it. The S&M concentration camp forum is "public" meaning that anyone can read it, and by virtue means that people can comment on anything they read on the forum. Are Souza and Mo going to remove all threads regarding Conrad Murray if he gets in touch and says it is not appreciated? Are they fuck.

If you don't want to be commented on don't throw yourself into the forefront of Michael Jackson's hoaxed death. It is that simple.

Lara has been sick as of late, but come on common sense says a threatened lawsuit is just Souza and Mo blowing smoke out of their fat Dutch lesbian asses. If they want to get up in front of a judge and say that they have investigated a theory that the Michael Jackson autopsy was really performed on a dog, and that every musician in the world is controlled by the Illuminati - just say "Bring it on." And as for Badkolo, the fucker is bankrupt, he has no money to launch a lawsuit - he can't even afford to move out of his mother's home.

Seriously, it is pretty sad that someone shouts "lawsuit" and people lose all common sense and panic. Nobody is on about posting all their personal details over the Internet - it is people merely commenting that the three stooges are so fucked in the head and are running a concentration camp. Freedom of speech is exactly that - FREE SPEECH no matter what the subject. If a student can wear a t-shirt that read "FUCK BUSH" at a high school when the president was visiting and not worry about a lawsuit I'm sure that MJHD.NET members can critique the S&M concentration camp and their fucked up theories without a lawsuit happening.


Legal Notice: There is no evidence to suggest that Souza and Mo are indeed fat or lesbians. It is merely a comedic statement used for satire. Also it should be noted that Lara of MJHD.NET has not been before a judge with regards to the MJHD.NET forum.


Anonymous said...

I'll talk about souza and mo as much as I want, all over the internet if i want.I love it when they post what I say on their site. Makes me all giddy. Lawsuit...bullshit.

Lorrie said...

I cut Lara a lot of slack on her stance about this issue. Unless I'm mistaken, she's from Spain, not the United States, so freedom of speech may mean something different legally and/or conceptually in her country.

Lara also seems to have a mild-mannered nature. While you and I may perceive people who are obviously mentally unbalanced and full of crap as jokes rather than threats, she might find them intimidating or not worth tangling with.

So, it is what it is. I don't fault her for the policy, even though I would handle the situation *much* differently if I were in her shoes.

WhatTheDeuce said...

Aww... Little Souza and little Mo don't want people to say bad things about them! Are we making boo-boos on your feelings, my dears? LOL

Well, too bad! You should have thought about it before writing all that crazy shit about Michael and running your forum like the Theird Reich... You reap what you sow, my little lesbian dutchies!

Ugh, the nerve of those people to even mention the word "lawsuit"... I would laugh my fucking ass off if Michael sued their fat lesbian asses!

Anonymous said...

Conspiracy is bored right outta her ass & is desperately tryin to come up with somehin worthwhile to stir up shit, one way or the other, in order to make herself look good.
It's lame though. The whole blog post is. Yeah.

Anonymous said...

Grow a backbone yourself, sicko. lmao!

Anonymous said...

Ooops.... sorry.. I forgot.......
You can't..... you like woz & sky too much to ever openly question a thing they do. LOL!!!!
Now that's retarded....... LMAOROFL!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

People who ain't got a backbone themselves support people who are just like them.
Think about it. Makes a hell of a lot of sense. So true..... LOL!!

MJHD Conspiracy said...

Anonymous said: "Conspiracy is bored right outta her ass & is desperately tryin to come up with somehin worthwhile to stir up shit, one way or the other, in order to make herself look good. It's lame though. The whole blog post is. Yeah."

Come up with shit? No need the forums do it on their own. It'd be like me threatening a lawsuit because you used the name "Conspiracy" - it is not my name, and doesn't identify me in the real world. Just making the point that the threats of lawsuits are pointless; and the S&M Concentration Camp should look at their forum before passing judgment on other forums; and that MJHD.NET should allow all topics to be classing "Freedom Of Speech".

MJHD Conspiracy said...

@Lorrie - if indeed Lara is from Spain, she has the freedom of speech also. It is in the Spanish Constitution of 1978 Section 20.1(1):

"The right to freely express and spread thoughts, ideas and opinions through words, in writing or by any other means of reproduction."

Finnlady77 said...

"@Lorrie - if indeed Lara is from Spain, she has the freedom of speech also."

I don't believe she is from Spain. I think the Dutches are connected to that forum, too. Maybe a crazy thought, but I can't help it after watching how they lock all the threads, in which the Dutches are critizised.

anonymous 3 said...

The doggie is right; it's getting kinda lame over there at Lara's Forum, everyone is sooo afraid of stepping on someone's toes... pff in a family you gotta be firm sometimes AND listen to every member(this is looking like a remake of the Partridge Family lol). Basically, the members commenting on the "interview" are being gagged, that's not a nice thing in a family, everyone has a right to speak.
Next thing you know, the members are gonna silence each other if they get a bad comment and tell Lara they will not tolerate anyone not agreeing with them.....ROFLMAO.
Freedom of speech? Don't think so...what a joke, haha
At least the Royal Dutchies have a backbone, however crooked it may be....woehaha (not that I am in anyway supporting their behaviour nor their theories)

Anonymous said...

I'll have to agree with Lorrie on Lara. Plus she's a very sensitive person, she might not want problems, I guess (even though there's nothing to worry about because I doubt those two could do something about it. In fact, they just can't, LOL). My guess is she just doesn't want problems or be in bad terms with anyone.

Anonymous said...

Dear Conspiracy,

I do not know who you are, but, thank you for having this blog. Those stooges (lol) deserve what they get. I have called them out, one by one, including Andro and her little stint with Jonathon 'faking to be MJ.'

Actually, I called quite a few out and, they do not like to get what they dish out. They have banned me because they cannot stand that I write the TRUTH.

They are not who they claim to be. None of them are.

They do NOT love Michael or care anything about him.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The one and only good thing about MJHD(S&M) is that it accumulates information (media-related) pretty quickly and broadly. If something's going on regarding MJ news someone will have picked up on it. A lot of interesting factual info has been gathered on that site. However, very few people are really willing to use that information properly to investigate the circumstances surrounding MJ's death. The vast majority are blindly hooked into any hoax theory, and evidence pointing to the contrary is routinely disregarded or manipulated to fit the hoax theory. Many of the theories and assertions have no proof to back them up. People are supposed to be investigating the evidence open-mindedly, not fitting the facts around a designated theory. There is mild hostility to any speculation about murder or foul-play. Scrutiny of various hoax theories and a rational analysis of such 'evidence' is not greeted kindly. In fact some really don't like obvious holes in theories being pointed out. It spoils their day. It spoils their hoax. As Souza once told a member who questioned the level of proof suggesting MJ was alive, 'We are investigating a hoax, not a murder.' To which the person replied,'...do you want to entertain all the possibilities of MJ's death, or do you just want the hoax?' S&M are there to feed the imaginations of those gullible enough to absorb their bizarre suggestions. At MJHD, the goal is not to find or reveal the truth, at least not using any logic.

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