The Biggest Clue Is Not Always Obvious

I have long been a believer that the ambulance picture was a fake. But this lead me to thinking that Michael left before the ambulance did.

Well, I was going over the ambulance leaving footage, from Hollywood TV, again and something hit me.

Once the first ambulance leaves and the cameraman runs to his car to start chasing the ambulance there is a shot of a second ambulance still in the driveway (approximately 1:42 to 1:48).

2nd Ambulance Visible In Driveway

The hoax started with one of the oldest magician tricks in the book. The good old tried and tested slight of hand trick.

The first ambulance leaves in basically a blaze of glory with the paparazzi trying to get pictures of who is inside. Then the paparazzi follow the first ambulance off to the UCLA Medical Center. But nothing is known about the second ambulance.

Bear with me on this one as it is somewhat confusing and I'm not 100% sure that my explanation will do the scene justice.

The first ambulance reverses out of the driveway with 'allegedly' Michael Jackson in it. The paparazzi try to get pictures of who is in the ambulance and then run to their vehicles to follow the ambulance. All of the fuss is over. Everyone assumes that the first ambulance as it left took whoever in it.

This is where the slight of hand distraction takes place. For years magicians have used the slight of hand to distract people from what is truly going on - look at this hand waving the scarf about while this hand palms the coin. So with everyone watching the first ambulance, and all the fuss being shown around the first ambulance making its way out of the driveway nobody is looking at the second ambulance.

Then like a master magician, once the distraction has taken place - in this case everyone has been distracted by the first ambulance and the paparazzi have followed that - Michael slips out in the second ambulance unnoticed.

It is so simple it could be considered foolish to attempt such a simple trick. But at the same time as it being simple it is also pure brilliance. A tried and tested method of keeping the distracted audience from seeing the illusion unfolding right before their eyes.

I'm not saying this is definite or anything close to being proven. Just that sometimes I look at the clues and think to myself "Is it really this complex? Has it really been planned for years? Do all these people really know anything?" Sometimes the most brilliant plan is the most simple plan.

Just an idea I had; thought I'd share it.



to.fatima said...

i always wondered about the 2nd ambulance. another thing which escapes people's mind & was also featured in the VH1 famous crimes scenes, was the shot of the call screen from the fire truck. u could easily see that the original location of the call was from 9641 Sunset blvd. the number that placed the 911 call is also listed. It's registered with Verizon wireless & I tried calling the number (909 273 4846) of course I wasn't surprised that Michael or anyone else for that matter would pick up the phone LOL but I tried tracing the number using one of those reverse phone looks & I even paid them & am still waiting for them to email me something LOL...
but just to think that the call didn't even come from inside the house, but somewhere close to Beverly hills hotel. a documentary was done on a fench tv & they even brought up, but it seems like here in the US we are under a media blackout. we're trained to be SHEEPLES & believe what's fed to us.
another thing is, from the aerial shots of the house you can see there's a side exit right on the Monovale Drive, there's like a garage here is the link u can check it out yourself & see if it helps ur theory.

MJHD Conspiracy said...

@To.Fatima - Thanks for the link, very useful.

Finnlady77 said...

In the end of the video, where the other ambulance is going inside of the gates, the tourist bus arrives. Didn't they say that the tourist bus was there waiting for the ambulance to leave from the house? Where are the pictures taken by tourists?

to.fatima said...

btw, I just heard back from the company I placed the reverse phone search, they said the registration was not traceable & even refunded me my 5$. They said either the number was one of those prepaid cell phones or the owner requested no to be listed anywhere to protect his/her privacy. The only people who would have the registration information are Verizon Wireless & they don't release their costumer information due to their protection of privacy act.

Anonymous said...

The video is said to loop back to the beginning
and makes u think there are two but really just one.
Unfortunatley it seems true.
Look at cones.

WhatTheDeuce said...

LOL, just yesterday I was on Youtube listening to Michael explain how he placed a dancer on one side of the stage to distract the audience while he and his other dancers were getting ready for the lean in the Smooth Criminal routine... Michael knows this stuff and I agree, it's pretty simple, yet brilliant. We are all creating these really complex theories and I bet the hoax is much more simple than we imagine... Go, Michael! :)

Finnlady77 said...

Anonymous 8:20 AM, I agree with you. I think the end of the video is about, when the ambulance arrived to the house.

Ethereal said...

There are not 2 ambulances i don't think. As someone already mentioned, at 1.43 in the above vid there are no cones present. The ambulance has just arrived. In the footage before 1.43, as the ambulance backs out and leaves, the cones have already been laid. At 1.57 we see the Starline tourists arrive. At 2.02 we actually see the silver-haired guy get the cones off the back and start laying them. If this footage was after the 1st ambulance had left, the cones would already be there. We also know that the Starline tourists were there before the 71 ambulance came out. They were already waiting, they just parked up - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ltpHl1J9Vn8 We also see in this footage that they did not hang around afterwards.

The only thing that is a little confusing is you should be able to see the 71 on the ambulance behind the gate, yet i can't make out if there is a number at all or if it just can't be seen (1.43 onwards Conspiracy vid).

Finnlady77 said...

Yes, WhatTheDeuce, I also believe that if there is a hoax, it's more simple that the theories created so far.

Anonymous said...

Isn't the other truck a firefighter truck -- it's def. not an ambulance.
Just sayin'...

Anonymous said...

Ugh... Okay have seen what you mean. For me it is a cutted/ edited video with several angles of view.

Anonymous said...

It's a great idea, Conspiracy!
Btw... LunoJo67 thought the same... see here:


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