Brian Oxman Just Cashing In?

Anybody sure what side Brian Oxman is on any more? First he comes out saying the now infamous ambulance picture of Michael Jackson is fake then the next minute he is selling t-shirts saying "Justice 4 MJ" on the front and "In Memory of Michael Jackson August 29 1958 - June 25 2009" on the back.

Is it just me that finds it highly suspicious that an attorney is selling t-shirts? I know he was fired by Michael Jackson in 2004 but have times got so bad he is now selling merchandise to survive?

And if Brian Oxman believes the ambulance picture is fake why is the t-shirt in memory? You cannot have it both ways. Either he was in the ambulance and taken to the hospital or he wasn't which makes everything that happened at the hospital a crock of shit and just put on as a show.

When is Mr. Oxman going to tell everyone what really happened in his fucked up world? Michael was not in the ambulance but he needs justice; and according to Mr. Oxman that means 2nd degree murder charges.

Did Michael get a fucking ride to the hospital?

Security Guard: OK Conrad CPR is not really doing shit let the paramedics take him to the hospital.
Dr. Murray: Great idea. But instead of the ambulance, with all that medical equipment, maybe someone could give him a ride.
Security Guard: What the fuck?
Dr. Murray: Yeah, send a fake ambulance out, and maybe Kai can take him out the side entrance to the hospital.
Paramedic 1: Great thinking Einstein. You sure you are a doctor?
Dr. Murray: Do not question me.
Paramedic 1: I wasn'tt the useless fucker doing CPR on a bed.
Dr. Murray: My bed ... I mean bad.
Paramedic 2: Is this fucking joker for real?
Security Guard: $150,000 a month says he is.
Paramedic 1 (laughing): 150 grand a month and the fucker can't even do CPR.
Dr. Murray: OK you two clowns drive that ambulance out off here - take your time, cause a fuss and nobody will notice Kai driving out the side.
Paramedic 2: We need a body.
Dr. Murray: There are some mannequins in the garage, I'll get you one of those.
Paramedic 1: If people don't spot this is a fucking hoax they might as well off themselves.
Dr. Murray: The troot will prevail.
Security Guard: When did you get that speech impediment?
Dr. Murray: Huh?
Paramedic 2: Let's get this show on the road then.
Dr. Murray: You take the mannequin down and I'll call Brian Oxman.

This to me is where the hoax somewhat falls apart. There is no clear time line. Let us say for the sake of argument that Brian Oxman knows for a fact the ambulance photo was a fake. What was all the hospital charade for? If Michael was not at the hospital, and not in the ambulance was he still at home? Or did he never return from rehearsals early in the morning?

There is speculation that LAX having delays on the morning of June 25, 2009 means Michael jetted out before anything happened. Did Michael clear out before all the insanity started? Was he sitting in some foreign country watching his own hoax unfold on TV?

And if Michael did indeed go to the hospital, but not in the ambulance, how did he get there? And for what purpose? Not like he could take a quick stroll down a couple of wards to make sure someone could say for sure they saw Michael at the hospital.

Brian Oxman, in my opinion, needs to grow a set of fucking balls, and get off the fence. There are still hundreds of questions needing answers. There is no time for attorneys selling t-shirts.

The guy is an attorney and on his website he uses the legal shit that most lawyers talk to tell lies. On his website he states: "He was counsel for Michael Jackson in one of the most widely publicized criminal trials in American history in 2005." forgetting to mention that he was fired in 2005 for falling asleep in court by Tom Mesereau Jr. Forgetting to mention it is on Court record that the day after he was fired he tried to sit at the defense table and was told to sit in the public section.

I'm not saying the guy is all bad, but I'm suspecting that Brian Oxman is jumping on the ever-increasing bandwagon to further himself. And the only justice he cares about is $24.95 for a t-shirt and $24.95 for a cap.



Anonymous said...

Is there ONE person, just ONE person who is FOR Michael Jackson, the man? Or, is Michael, the person, still a dam commodity to them? "Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus..."

Anonymous said...

Sorry if I find this extremely hilarious. Great post Conspiracy, loved it! LMFAO @ anyone that trusts this man.

Anonymous said...

Bon, eh bien espérons qu'il s'est bien amusé l'après-midi du 25 juin à Guadalajara.

WhatTheDeuce said...

"There is speculation that LAX having delays on the morning of June 25, 2009 means Michael jetted out before anything happened. Did Michael clear out before all the insanity started? Was he sitting in some foreign country watching his own hoax unfold on TV?"

Hahaha, I can just picture MJ laughing eerily as he sat beside the fireplace in some distant european castle, with a big white cat resting in his lap, and watched his brilliant plan unfold on TV... LOL

Anyway, didn't Jermaine make a MAJOR slip-up on some radio show that fits that theory? Quote: "Michael wasn't with us way before he arrived to the AIRPORT........ I mean, way before he arrived to the hospital" - Hahaha, thanks JJ!

Anonymous said...

Oui, je le vois très bien dans un des châteaux de Gloria, peut-être même celui où Rilke composa les Elégies.

Après tout, peu avant sa disparition, ne s'intéressait-il pas aux sites de poésies.....


Anonymous said...

I work for Mr.Oxman. If you had read the post or the page that shows the t-shirts then you would know that Mr.Oxman is NOT SELLING the items and he will receive NO PROFIT from their sale! He is suggesting that fans take their message out to the public for rallies or protest and for that you attack him ?

Mr.Oxman had pneumonia during the trial and if you recall he collapsed one day in court and was taken away by ambulance, but he still came back though he was ill.

Mr.Oxman was never fired by Micheal Jackson and continued to work for him even when no longer attending court. Mr.Oxman brought Mr.Mesereau onto the case and since he never worked for Mr.Mesereau, he could not be fired by him,however he stopped coming to court because the conflict between them became bad for the case. You see Mr.Mesereau had what he needed from Mr.Oxman, as it was Mr.Oxman who uncovered all of the evidence that proved that MJ was innocent. Mr.Messereau did nothing more than present Mr.Oxman's work to the court and then take credit for it. Mr.Oxman has remained silent about this, but it's time that the truth come out.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Oxman's 'employee'

Well, if this is true, why do you remain Anonymous -- shout it out to the world -- in justice of Michael and Brian.

We ALL want justice for Michael, right?

Anonymous said...

What a load of crock...If any of my employees went to some blog talking about my cases, past or present,or crapped on in the vein of 'defending' me, it would be instant dismissal...Dont think we will fall for your crap 8.11PM

Anonymous said...

I'm sure Mr. Oxman's employees have better things to do than surf the net trying to find dirt to debunk...
Specially these days, when they are really busy shipping & handling all those "Justice$MJ" T-shirts being sold in his website! LMAO

Anonymous said...

If that's Oxman's employee then I'm The Pope. I think I know who it is, but I ain't saying. Deception on the internet - deception, deception, deception. I'm going to order one of those shirts just to see where it comes from and what lovely charity case got my cash and credit card number. Surely it's not Feed The Children. Hey Amy you should be taking notes, this guy's good! LMFAO

Anonymous said...

You must be the Pope then! BTW the shirts say Justice for Michael. Their sale is handled by a small private company.

As far as the ambulance photo. Mr.Oxman stated that the photo was fake, meaning that no photographer was able to take a photo of MJ in the ambulance. He did not been that MJ didn't go to the hospital in an ambulance.

Anonymous said...

I'll pray for you then. Where's my rosary and holy water dammit! I think it's confession time for someone.

Anonymous said...

Well 9.19pm im an employee of the Tooth Fairy and i refute all allegations that my boss doesnt exist...I mean to ridicule all the work we do 24/7 is really hurtful...I want this persecution stopped immediately as the tooth fairy is only trying to bring justice to those lost teeth

anonymous3 said...

I agree with Anon. 8:45 PM and Anon 8:51 PM.
Just got a large bag of popcorn ... this is getting better and better...ROFLMAO

Anonymous said...

Yes, I agree, DECEPTION is the name of the game. So, if Brian Oxman's 'employee' wants to come on in 'his defense,' let that person...no big deal.

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