Conrad Murray To Appear In South Park

Comedy Central announced an episode to be screened later this year will feature Conrad Murray as a character; and Conrad Murray has agreed to do his own voice for the episode with a working title of "South Park Hospital Nightmares".

Comedy Central spokesman, Steve Albani, said: "Although the episode in question is not finalized it is expected to be aired during the Summer when Comedy Central start their 'Friday Fright' season. We chose Dr. Murray as one of the special guests in the all-star episode due to his notoriety at the moment; and by Summer his court case should be in full flow."

Although Conrad Murray was unavailable for a comment his attorney Ed Chernoff said "This proves that Conrad is innocent. He wouldn't want to be seen laughing at himself if he had anything to fear with this looking bad for him. Conrad spent a day with the South Park team completing his voice over."

Trey Parker, creator of South Park along with Matt Stone, commented "It is so fucking funny. Working with Conrad was just one laugh after another. Matt faked having a heart attack and Conrad told staff to move him to a soft surface and started laughing. He looks like a pompous fucker, and the media has really shown him in a bad light; but all in all he was a great laugh to work with."

Although no details of the episode are being given to the media until a couple of weeks before the episode airs Trey Parker confirmed that in the episode Stan does indeed say to Dr. Murray "Oh my god you killed Kenny - you bastard."

Other stars which will be appearing in the special 1-hour episode which explores the main characters nightmares are Tiger Woods, who is caught having an affair with Sharon Marsh (Cartman's mother); Robert Englund, who recreates his Freddy Krueger character for Kenny's dream sequence; and Martha Stewart who tries to convince Cartman to diet in his nightmare.

Murray As He Appears In South Park


Legal Notice: None of the people mentioned in this post had anything to do with the post. This post is merely satire at a possibility that may happen, or not, one day.


WhatTheDeuce said...

Conspiracy said: "Trey Parker confirmed that in the episode Stan does indeed say to Dr. Murray "Oh my god you killed Kenny - you bastard"

LMFAO! I love South Park! Wouldn't it be hilarious if they really made an episode featuring Murray? Hahaha. His avatar looks great - the blood gives it a nice touch, LOL. Great post, as usual! Now lets see who will take this seriously, haha. ;)

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Anonymous said...

Where can I find info about this episode?

Anonymous said...

darn dog i thought it was gonna be a real episode! hee hee good idea for one though

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