Karen Faye - Bitch Or Believer?

The great Karen Faye - where to start. This woman has single handily made herself a target of hate for her comments, tweets, and Facebook postings. But is she really as bad as she seems on the surface?

I'll be honest here, I've never really followed Karen Faye or her gibberish on Twitter or Facebook, and the only thing I was aware of was that she took some photos of the mausoleum. If that makes her a target of hate then we should all be bitching at Ben and Chris who originally took responsibility of taking the infamous ambulance shot. Seriously, Karen takes a few snaps of a mausoleum where Michael is allegedly buried and is now close to the #1 spot on most hoaxies (thanks Souza and Mo for that word) hit list. Shouldn't Ben Evenstand and Chris Weiss be taken out and publicly executed by the hoaxies for shooting their photo?

So I fired up Google on Karen Faye and in the first few results it mentions her and Lisa Marie Presley contacted Michael's spirit. Just how dumb is this woman? A medium tells you it is Michael's spirit so you have to believe her. Karen if you are reading, I am a medium and I am talking to Ghandi's spirit and he says you must change your ways and your hairstyle.

Come on a medium - for real? In one report about this fucked up seance it states: "The 53 year old insists the psychic had "no idea" of her relationship with Jackson, adding, "There were definite, deep insights that would have been difficult (for a psychic) to make up."

Relationship with Jackson??? No idea??? How about no relationship. You have to be fucking kidding me that a 53 year old woman actually fell for this sack of horse shit. Let me use my psychic powers - you walked in with Lisa Marie Presley who wants to contact Michael's spirit. If you had no connection to Michael you would of been sat outside the seance eating McDonald's waiting.

And what fucking relationship did this fucking great psychic pick up on? Karen Faye and Michael Jackson ever date? Fucking woman is crazier than fucking Charlie Manson. She's living in some fucking dream world.

Let us get this straight. Michael dated Tatum O'Neal, Maureen McCormick, Stephanie Mills, Brooke Shields, Lisa Marie Presley, and Debbie Rowe.

With the exception of Debbie "The Baby Carrier" Rowe these are all beautiful women. You couldn't get Michael to drink enough Jesus Juice to sleep with Karen Faye. So she can take her fat ass to the back of the line with all the other women that think Michael will take a second glance at them if he ever does make a comeback.

I think a large proportion of Karen Fayes problem is she is living with the knowledge that as his make-up artist she saw Michael with all these women and he never once took a second glance at her. She is living in hatred for Michael for not choosing her as a girlfriend; for never acknowledging her as more than a friend.

But there are two questions that remain. No matter what you think of Karen Faye as a person does she know anything? Allegedly she did the make-up on Michael in his casket. She worked with him for 15 years, she would of had to known that it wasn't Michael in the casket. And the second question has to be why is she doing this? Why is Karen Faye putting herself on the front line to take all this hatred?

I have a few theories, none of which at the moment make any sense, but the possibility is that Karen actually knows about the hoax. All of the people that worked with Michael for years get re-hired and are around him again, and then he fakes his death. I know Karen wasn't re-hired but if she did the make-up for the funeral she would have to have been trusted by Michael or the family.

Karen: Hi Mrs Jackson.
Katherine: Hi Karen, you here to do the make-up?
Karen: Yes.
Katherine: OK then, pleas do a good job.
Karen: I will.

[Karen sees the body in the casket]

Karen: Excuse me but this isn't Michael.
Katherine: Of course it is.
Karen: I worked with him for 15 years I know what he looks like.
Katherine: Alright smart-ass, keep it down, let me explain something to you.
Karen: This is not Michael.
Katherine: Well aren't you the bright one. It's a hoax.
Karen: What?
Katherine: Just do your job, keep your mouth shut, and I'll make sure you do alright from this. I have contacts that can get you a lot of work.
Karen: If it is for Michael I will do it. About that work? Anytime soon? I'm almost broke. By the way did you know Outkast did a song about you?
Katherine: They are on my list to take to court. Don't worry about me deary.

So we can all band together and start creating "Death To Karen Faye" banners - but are we jumping on her back too soon?



Iloveyoumore said...

You steal all my Twitter soapboxes lately, TB.

Iloveyoumore said...

P.S. You hit the nail on the head. I stand by my opinion I've had since Day 1. It is my opinion that is playing her role :)

But even if I am wrong, she loves Michael dearly, even if she doesn't express herself in the best way.

Diana Jean said...

I know that pretty soon there's going to be 100's of hate comments about Karen Faye so let me just make one in her defence.

- Some people get mad at her because when they ask her about the hoax she denies it. Well, HELLO either:

1. She has no clue about the hoax, and she thinks she is telling the truth


2. She DOES know about the hoax. Honestly, if she knew about it, why the heck would she tell people about it?

- People get mad about the cryp photos, well

1. If she doesn't know about the hoax, she thought she was doing the right thing by letting Michael's fans see his resting place. Maybe it wasn't the BEST decision she has ever made...But it's not about WHAT we do, as it WHY we do it. She had the right feeling at heart.


2. If she does know about the hoax, wouldn't this make his "death" seem more realistic? She could have helped Michael by releasing theese pictures.

Michael clearly loved Karen since he kept asking her to come back and help with his Make-up. If he didn't like her, he wouldn't have asked somebody else to come back. If you saw the "Take Two" of the Martin Brashir interview you would have seen that when Michael was upset, Karen put her arms around him and gave him a hug and you could SEE that she cared about him.

Anonymous said...

ROFL...u never cease to amaze me ahahaha...but on a more serious note, Karen was on the net during 04/05 spreading Michael's business, she even talked about his dick size LOL (not that the female fan minded!) but then she took it a step further & along with Randy they put out advertisement for some merchandise,like a love basket from MJ to his fans...we all walked right into that one, charged our credit cards & of course never got anything back. I think that's why Michael fired her back then. I personally don't believe her claim on doing Michael's make up for his funeral (although I really loved your narration of the situation, it's classic DOG piece really, a tip of hat to you my friend) I think she just says that to legitimize herself to prove that she was in the "interior of the inside of the inner circle" of the Jackson family, however the irony is that the Jacksons can barely stand around each other long enough to form any geometrical shape LOL!

d.o. said...

She is a sociopath. I am not being mean, this is really the definition of her condition. I don't believe she did makeup for Michael's body. The family made up the story, and she just went with it, seeing that she wanted to make it look that she was closer to Michael then she really is. Also, lets not forget that there was no open casket..ever! [this is a fact, not an assumtpion]. So why make up the body?
Just look at any video footage where Michael is around her, he always looks very uncomfortable. I dont know why he kept her around, but he did fire her after the 2005 trial, when she scammed his fans and later blamed Michael for it. She keeps scamming fans by selling "MJ friendship" bracelets for 40 bucks a piece. The list goes on...

Anonymous said...

«With the exception of Debbie "The Baby Carrier" Rowe these are all beautiful women.»

May I correct you? These were beautiful women, 'cause aging is cruel...

1 ex.: http://connect.in.com/benjamin-keough/photos-1-1-1-c6b676c6ec6839781a703edc2e90ec5a.html

Anonymous said...

Why the fuck would they bother getting her to do makeup on a fake dead body..That doesnt make sense...If it wasnt MJ they just wouldnt bother cos it wouldnt be an open casket...Next youll tell me they had an open casket with some other knob in it?..The point of that would be??...As noone, other than close relos, was privvy to see the corpse, and as you say they are all in on the hoax, why would they even bother with a fake corpse in an open casket in the first place?

MJHD Conspiracy said...

Anonymous said: "Why the fuck would they bother getting her to do makeup on a fake dead body..That doesnt make sense."

Unfortunately a lot about this hoax just doesn't add up. But if nobody was going to see the corpse why bother with makeup at all? And if the whole family are in on it they wouldn't need the make-up. Maybe, just maybe, it was to ensure everything looked as though it was following protocol.

WhatTheDeuce said...

to.fatima said: "Karen was on the net during 04/05 spreading Michael's business, she even talked about his dick size LOL (not that the female fan minded!) but then she took it a step further & along with Randy they put out advertisement for some merchandise,like a love basket from MJ to his fans..."

Wow, are you serious? Damn, that's low. And here I was thinking that Karen was a good friend...
I honestly don't know much about KF either cause I never bothered to follow her. But I agree 100% with Diana Jean. Anyway, I think she WAS pretty when she was young, but as someone pointed out, aging is cruel, LOL...

Anonymous said...

It is most unfortunate that, at any time, people will sell merchandise to make money off Michael's name. That is sad. :(

Many have taken advantage of the fans' hurts and vulnerability to sell fake stuff, overpriced things to anyone looking to 'hold onto Michael.' Buyer beware. I do not do Ebay, my choice, not that I ever had a bad deal, just never got into it.

I do understand that some people want MJ 'anything.' Bracelets like Michael wears or we have seen him wear can be made by yourself or be bought in a store to assimulate (to feign; to counterfeit; to simulate; to resemble) that same thing.

Fedoras and clothing that are similar to what he would wear can be bought in stores, you just have to know where to go and what to buy.

I am not aware of what Karen did back years ago, I do not pay attention to or read tab garbage and, I also do not know of these "MJ friendship" bracelets. Again, sadly, people jump on the "Michael bandwagon."

There might be some legitimate artists out there who make this jewelry to sell to 'honor' Michael. If these are truly handcrafted, then, you have to decide for yourself if it is worth it and also, can the person selling this stuff, be trusted. It is a hard call, I am sure. Forty dollars? A bit steep, but, I do not know what the bracelets look like. Again, beading and supplies can be bought at craft supply stores -- even Wal*Mart and Target. It takes a little bit of imagination, time and patience to 'create' your own design of Michael and what he means to you......

Yes, Michael loved to wear different bracelets throughout his career, it was a fashion staple of his along with his red Kabbalah bracelets (Kabbalah seeks to define the nature of the universe and the human being, the nature and purpose of existence).

I do feel that he wore those because he believed in the spirituality of what those red bracelets stood for.

Keep the Faith!

Ethereal said...

It's very easy to talk about who has what role in the 'hoax' and who is in the know and who is not. However, nobody attempts to even demonstrate how on earth you would pull off the said hoax! Not to mention how you would get so many people of different professions involved. There is a Dr.Cooper at UCLA, she works there for real. Did she not really pronounce MJ dead? This is not mentioning the autopsy report and all the consultants involved in that. If you were going to hoax a death with cooperation from authorities, would you not make it more simple? Why involve propofol? Why involve Murray.......and if MJ did not die you cannot rightfully accuse someone of involuntary manslaughter! Why even have a court case as part of the hoax? There are many ways of staging a hoax, but does this sound like one of them? Really, i admit there are inconsistencies in this whole thing, but this may also be because the facts have not been completely laid bare, people are lying to cover their backs, there is a sinister conspiracy, people are trying to make money/fame (Brian Oxman?). There could be many things at play here that are blurring reality. As for Karen Faye, Frank Dileo said himself that Karen was a member of staff for TII. In the Raffles interview he alluded to Karen when he said that this member of staff raised concerns about MJ’s health/wellbeing. This person is Karen. So Karen was hired for TII? She was also seen hugging MJ when people formed a circle in TII film. So she was there, presumably most if not all the time? One other thing, why is there so much agony over the Will being valid if the hoax was planned? There sure are some things seemingly out of place regarding the Will, but if the hoax was planned, wouldn’t you make sure the Will was done how you wanted it (seeing that you were going to die) and that at least Katherine agreed with how the Estate was going to be run. Giving the Executors full responsibility like that for your life’s work with no involvement from any Jackson relative is open to abuse. Would MJ really want to do any more deals with Sony? MJ doesn’t need Sony in order to pay his bills. That’s what the concerts were for. Who knows?

Anonymous said...

I agree with 2.49pm..Esp the will bit...If youre gonna fake your death youre sure as hell gonna make sure you have an up to date will

Iloveyoumore said...

According to IMDB, Karen Faye is listed on the TII credits as Michael's hiar designer http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1477715/fullcredits

Anonymous said...

people didn't know michael joesph jackson, they only knew michael jackson the superstar. karen faye had been michael's friend for 35 years and close employee. she knew the man , and in their friendship, i assumed that they discussed private things, he discussed his likes and dislikes. why are people complaining about karen faye being an evil woman, just because she post pictures of the mausoleum on her website. that was a good thing, it's not disrespectful, the fans wanted to see it, and she did just that. just like lmp, asking people to send sunflowers, or randy jackson his brother trying to get forest lawn to give access to the fans. people are so worked up over a man whom they never met. how do you know mj didn't want his fans to see his resting place?

people hate on this woman, when they don't know the real deal. if mj re-hired her for the concerts and his family asked her to do the make-up than obviously they were friends.

we don't know what went down with karen faye, you don't really know why she stopped working for mj, or if she actually stopped working for him. to my knowledge mj or his lawyers never came out and said that she stole or lied,so who are the fans to hate this woman? the internet isn't a source that is checked for idle gossip. she was mj close friend and employee, she knew him, the fans didn't know him, and it's sickening that his fans act like they knew him better than he and his family and friends knew him. if she is saying things that mj discussed with her it's a strong possibility that it's the truth.

Anonymous said...

to the anonymous who posted on July 2, @ 11:58

my dear, I have a personal experience with Karen Faye. I was only 18 when MJ was going through the trails & in my naive passion to somehow show support for MJ I fell for a trick Karen was pulling. She had organized this "thank you" basket for fans to thank them for their support, there were different types of the gift basket ranging from $15 to $100. I bought one for 50 & was supposed to receive a signed copy of INVINCIBLE + a MJ t-shirt & a signed BAD era poster & a white fedora. I waited & waited but the package never came. can you imagine how disappointed I was? I had been an MJ fan ever since I was old enough to watch thriller without getting scared. When I didn't get the basket I felt cheated, I never thought Michael himself would do such a thing & I was sure that it wasn't his fault. needless to say I wasn't the only disappointed kid in the block, there are at least 3 others that I personally know & a few dozen that I got to know over the internet.
So this is 1st hand experience.
I agree with you, we don't know MJ the man, but neither does Karen, just because she was his make up artist for 35 yrs doesn't mean she knew the man inside & out. using the same argument since no one knows what were MJ's wishes regarding the privacy his resting place (that's if you believe he's actually dead) then it's better to stick with the regulations. Do you think if Michael or his family wanted that place photographed & the photos published all over the internet they would have chosen Forest Lawn? I don't think so! Forest Lawn has tight regulations & security to give its clients maximum privacy so by putting those pictures up, we can say that Karen violated at least his family's wish & their hope for some privacy!!!

Anonymous said...

Yes She was One of the most successful Barbie wich worked with him,and now Dear!!!Try to find a new Boss for your ass,,,...and STOP TO THINK ABOUT MICHAEL.....HEY YOU!!!??????Faey!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Karen Faye is a NUTCASE! It's enough reading her tweets. She will make sure this world NEVER forget she was Michael Jackson's makeup- and hairstylist. She is not even friendly to fans who disagree with her. I used to like her, but not anymore. She have got herself some groupis, but most fans hate her because she is so damn vocal about Michael Jackson.

Anonymous said...

You Have No Idea How Evil She Is. The good news she is a Millionaire thanks to Michael Jackson!

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