The Concentration Camp Is At It Again

What the fuck is wrong with the Dutch duo and their gay sidekick Bumkolo? No matter how they try to act they always show their true colors eventually.

And this time by ganging up and attacking MJFanForeverAndADay (Maura). And why the attack? Because she made a mistake on an emblem, and suggested that Michael might be related to the Rothschild family. Big fucking deal.

And lo and behold stepping out from the shadows is Bumkolo who mentions that they have paid $500 on research. So why is the bankrupt fucker living at home with his Mommy? Bumkolo put the cash to something useful like moving into your own place.

But this is what the fuck is wrong with the S&M forum. A member makes a mistake and instead of discussing it and working on it the Admins and the moderator jump all over the member and attack her. And the dumb fucks wonder why it is considered a concentration camp.

An open message to Souza, Mo, and Badkolo,

If you want your forum to succeed and flourish the first thing is to remember that without members your forum is nothing. You have had theories in the past that have fallen flat on their faces, but nobody is allowed to say on your forum that you may be wrong otherwise they get banned and ridiculed.

If you think something is wrong, as you run a forum, you have to discuss it and not just jump on members for voicing an opinion. Your forum is not a blog, is not a personal opinion, it is a collaboration of all members ideas and theories. As stated without members you have nothing.

And what is wrong with ideas you don't agree with? It opens up discussion, it allows other members to see other opinions. And if you want to bitch that this blog is merely my opinion - that is because it is a blog; but allow everyone to comment on this blog with their opinions of agreement or disagreement - hell all three of you have commented here.

But the most important thing that remains now is that you have created a divide between yourselves and your members. You have your members afraid to say anything against any of your theories because they will be banned for disagreement. You complain that this blog calls you Nazi cunts yet you act exactly the way the Nazis acted. You even admitted on this blog you watch what members say.

Half of your members know that you are BOW. It was no big shock when BOW started on about "Souza and Mo are more correct". Propaganda and drama - exactly the same shit you learned from Auntie Amy. Only difference was Amy did it with more style; and kept the respect of her members right up until the end.

Now I know all your little fucking pets are going to bitch about this post. Think I give a fuck? No. But if you see this post as a bashing of you and the forum it proves how fucking far up each others asses you really are. This post is merely giving notice that you are slowly losing your grip on reality and just how unimportant you really are.

MJHD Conspiracy



Anonymous said...

MJGoldWorld Bow: Souza and Mo..They know much more than you imagine Maybe Bam day will be earlier but June 25th is a very important date.

MJGoldWorld Bow: Titojackson5 is not fake - Tito and the other siblings are sending messages since June 25t - I respect Souza very much

That is what bow actually said. good post though.

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

Respect is earned though. And they've not even come close to earn anyone's trust. I agree, BOW is most likely S&M and another mind game being played with the members. "Follow my little sheeple, I'll lead you into damnation". LMFAO
Poor Maura, keep your chin up and just flip them the bird. They aren't worth your time.

Iloveyoumore said...

Good post, not fond of the "video"...wow.

Tosha said...


Anonymous said...

souza and mo are nothing but a couple of nutcases. The Jacksona aren't sending any kind of messages, it's your messed up heads that twist every single thing into your weird way of thinking. It's almost funny

Anonymous said...

Bam day. I think you hit your bam day long ago...You are in for one hell of a long wait. And the only thing the sleeze sisters know is how to lead a flock

Anonymous said...

Everyone looking closer to what happened K.N.O.W.S. it. All in all in was not a perfect hideout. Who cares.

It was the last exit.

Souza, Mo and Bad they know this too.

They should shut up their stupid ways and calm it down. THEY are risking it. And lead
innocent ppl in their worlds.

And finally: NO, no way back.

Anonymous said...

God she goes on and on in that video...what she actually said is really 2 mins worth but she repeats herself over & over...Too long winded luv..Keep your rants short & to the point that way its more effective...

3D said...

Wow! So finally, the cold stone Souza breaks down. She curses all through her Jan. 26, "Let's do it one more time" topic. No more Ms. Nice Guy. Fuck the kids that are members of the forum. Who cares if they see she curses like the members she put down for cursing and not being respectful of the "children on the forum". She is fucking mad and so fuck high standards she and Mo pretend they have. Ha, ha. I love it! Nazis showing true colors. If she and Mo ever stopped and thought, maybe it is us, not the others.

Unfortunately, too many Admins of these forums think their members are wrong and they control it all. The Admins all need to stop and take a long look in the mirror at themselves. But they have to wait and get behind S&M first, they are going to be looking for a long time.

Forums go down because of egos and chick fighting. So stupid. Aren't we about finding out the truth and MJ? What is wrong with we members? Are we all psycho or did the crazies use MJ's "death" as a way to come out? idk.All I know is that Michael, I love you. I am so sorry that these crazy shit events are ssociated with you. From one loving member, I apologize from my heart. :(

Anonymous said...

LOL, I was literally clapping while reading this post. I have one word for you, Conspiracy: AMEN!

"This post is merely giving notice that you are slowly losing your grip on reality and just how unimportant you really are."

Right on! This last sentence really says it all. But the Dutchies are not just losing grip on reality - they are also dragging a bunch of guillible idiots on the same path of destruction, LOL. Souza & Mo are nothing but condescending bitches who have no respect for other people's opinions. What makes my blood boil is the fact that they behave like that and then expect people to praise them and their crackpot theories... Are they fucking serious?
Everyone with half a brain has already left the concentration camp. No wonder Auschwitz is getting crazier and crazier by the day... There's only brain damaged idiots left! LOL

anonymous 3 said...

And yet, most of the members are still in awe judging by one of the latest threads 'Let's do it one more time'.... pfff

Anonymous said...

Notice how it took both Admins and a moderator to jump right on in to that topic and feed it. They're never ever online all at the same time, unless of course there's drama. Get real S&M, and Buttcola - no one gives a shit what crap you add to the pot. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions and research and if you don't like it then the three of you should ban the members and just converse to each other because no one else is listening anymore. There's my turd, add it to your lovely punchbowl and STIR real good. Stupid bitches.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I never thought, I would support your blog.. but enough is enough...lol This was posted by badkolo (?) in a thread that is now deleted, because the OP was banned:

"I dont have a issue with people claiming they met or know michael.

My point is that many people do this and it can mess with members minds trying to figure out what is real and what is bullshit.

Now to the member (see)
this is our site and we will do as we wish, and i would watch your tone before i remove you as a member.
Our members need shielding if you like it or not, it isnt about if they can handle it on their own or not, some members are bothered by this stuff, others have been going through this hoax as long as us and dont want to deal with bullshit, so YES i fee its our right to shield members from bullshit when its needed, but as our members cans see we are pretty lose and let our member speak their minds, except you see, im not liking your tone AT ALL."

"..shield members from bullshit..." I couldn`t stop laughing when reading this... they should start with their own BS. lmao

Anonymous said...

Holy crap, I just read that new thread and I'm laughing my fucking ass off! I can't believe Souza actually wrote "There are people that don't want Mike to come back and will come up with anything that will make him look bad or put him in danger" - The irony in that sentence is just... wow.

I hope you post something about that thread, Conspiracy. :)

Anonymous said...

OMG, there's so much gems on that thread! Hahahaha, I'm laughing so hard I have tears in my eyes! LOL!

Finnlady77 said...

The "Dutches" is just a piece of shit. Sooo selfish person that it makes me feel sick. And that Titojackson5 twitter account is not Tito's. This Auschwitz leader is behind that account, too.

Anonymous said...

@ Finnlady77 - I figured Tito wasn't real but I'm LMAO at it being Souza! Go figure. Hey, I want to open an account and see how many people I can get to say "Tito Time" too. If they aren't verified, they aren't real people! HELLO!! Thanks for the info Finnlady.

Finnlady77 said...

Anonymous 8:15: LMAO.. You are welcome.. :)

Anonymous said...

Respect is earned it is not a given. Bow is as fake as counterfeit money. There are two people representing Bow. I am aware of the fact; that Bow's posts are translated from Italian to English. Babel Fish is working overtime for those two morons LMAO. What is done in the dark; shall come to light. Souzica and Mozkralla pretend as if they know everything. They do not know shit. They love the sheeples kissing their asses; as if they are Dutch royalties.

Badkloass is acting as if he was crowned king of stupid. He needs professional help real fast. He is nuttier than a friggin fruitcake. Old as Metuselah and still living at home with mommy. Man up boy; go out and find out what the real world is about. Learn to manage your money. Purchase Money Management For Dummies. Badkloass I can purchase one for you to help the cause. Badkloass was on MJFFAAD chanel acting like a little bitch. ROFLMAO Badkloass cannot shield himself; much less to be talking about shielding the faithful members of the dungeon.

The Queen

Anonymous said...

I will say they are pretty defensive about their opinions. I'm failry new to this hoax idea, and when it first began, I found osme of their points to be valid.
However, what turns me off more and more is their accusatory tone. Also, it just seems like a cult over there now.
if someone happens to think that Michael is really dead and voices it, they are immediately told to "keep the faith." It's this constant reinforcing beliefs and using the hoax as a first premise for everything, and I do mean everything, that annoys me.
Don't call yourself logical and make other people look bad if you're gonna assume he's alive and analyze everything from that perspective. Good logic assumes no biases and draws conclusions based upon facts alone.
However, I'm seeing that with fewre and fewer members now on taht forum. Not everyone's like that, but many are beginning to show signs of having been in that group for too long and having invested too much. The more you invest into something, the less willing you are to let it go or admit you were either wrong entirely or duped into thinking this group has the truth.

Anonymous said...

"Old as Metuselah and still living at home with mommy. Man up boy" that quote was priceless....
ok i have souza and other member called MJalive999 added on twitter and im ashamed i even added them...since the second coming of MJHD didn't work i started visiting s&m site but it was so different from what i saw in september....they even had members that believed he was dead but once the second MJHD closed, souza's site changed its image and all of a sudden it was filled with stupid theories and only believers...i stoped posting, just visiting but now is like, i admit i visit once in a while and everytime i do it i get surprised at how ignorant it has become...souza is running her little dictatorship there(and i ALWAYS) believed souza and mo where the same person...oh i almost forgot...now MJalive999 and souza81 are spreading that BOW is attacking them and that this person is hurting fans and that all those that follow or believe BOW are sheep... and im like hello!! you are doing the same to your brainwashed followers...besides, the illuminaty, new order and mind control thing is just too incoherent only a loonie cold believe in that....
btw great job at keeping things real

Anonymous said...

i forgot to add that MJalive999 is a twitter account...

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