New FDA Poster Released

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) released a new advertising poster, to make people more aware of healthy eating, today at a press conference in New York.

FDA spokesman, Michael Herndon, said "With all the drama concerning Dr. Conrad Murray and how often he is in the news just lately the FDA thought he would be the ideal person to use in a 'healthy eating' campaign. With his reputation for over-prescribing lethal drugs we at the FDA felt that nobody would want to see Dr. Murray. We decided on using an apple for two reasons - because of the phrase 'An apple a day keeps the doctor away' and also because of the Michael Jackson 'Applehead' reference."

This Is Not It (TINI) supporters were removed from the press conference when they started chanting "Justice for Michael". Police were forced to use mace and taser guns. One TINI supporter was injured during the scuffle and required medical treatment.

About the scuffle Herndon said "We are trying to promote healthy eating and these supporters are on about justice for Michael. As my dear old grandma used to say 'Save the drama for your Mama - or in this case the court room."

The poster is expected to be on billboards all across the United States by mid-March.

New FDA Poster For Healthy Eating


Legal Notice: Michael Herndon is an actual FDA spokesman and may not have actually taken part at the press conference which may, or may not, have taken place. No TINI supporters were hurt in the making of this post.


Anonymous said...

Info or Intox? Thx Sweetie to be in front, as always ... You make my week-end ... I can't stop laughing ...
Hannah H.

Anonymous said...


Now I'm gonna start saying "An apple a day keeps Murray away" instead! Thanks, Conspiracy! xD

anonymous 3 said...

I'm writing this from the local hospital... I was eating my daily apple when...yes..you guessed it.. i read your latest post and immediately started choking on a piece of granny smit, thank the Lord the ambulance arrived in time to revive me (wouldn't be able to post this otherwise, now would I?)
Anyway could you let me know your data in order to get a refund for my hospital stay?? woehaha, roflmao
PS of course it wasn't the ambulance that revived me (for the idiots amongst you)...but those paramedics and one of them looked like Brad Pitt..hahaha

Iloveyoumore said...

LMAO! I cannot get over the stuff you can create with photos. He actually looks like something from The Wizard of Oz. This is epic. By the way, some people are taking this seriously on twitter. Thinking Murray is a spokesperson for apples. I kid you not!

Anonymous said...

(names removed to to spare embarrassment)

TwitterA: Dr. Murray promotes apples in an FDA ad? So, I've heard. Has anyone seen this ad? Thanks

TwitterB @TwitterA Is it even possible for things to get any weirder?? O_O What do you think?

RTwitterB @TwitterA Um.... O_O

TwitterA @TwitterB I wonder if this ad is real or a joke?

TwitterA @TwitterB Have you seen this ad with Dr. Murray? http://bit.ly/afKYOb 1:12 read from bottom up

TwitterB @TwitterA Haha, I have no idea, but I'm gonna go look it up....give me a sec

TwitterB @TwitterA I can't seem to find anything on their website...when was this released?

TwitterA @TwitterB I don't know. Someone posted the ad on the LKL blog. http://bit.ly/aGnjdS

TwitterA @TwitterB It's a fake ad, that's a joke blog.

MJHD Conspiracy said...

LMFAO at the Larry King blog ... some of those people took it seriously. Too funny.

Anonymous said...

Somebody posted on the LKL blog:

"I just saw the new poster to be distributed in mid-March by the FDA and its a new poster for healthy eating and I wish I could post it up but Im sure if you google it you will see Murray's face in a green apple and the blurb says "An apple a day keeps Murray away"!!!!! Apparently FDA decided to use Conrad Murray as he is in the news so often and what a way to promote healthy living – this is hysterical to say the least!! What a paradox! lol"


Anonymous said...

I put it on LKL blog as I thought it was seriously funny. Im very surprised that the moderator hasnt taken the link down as they usually delete all links swiftly. Obviously its there for a reason? To put a smile of ppls dial!

Love your humour butterfly

Luchia said...

That's fake ad is genius,as well as Joe Jackson's one ! And for sure it could be effective ! And it was a blast that people took it for serious ! You should be in entertainment,your article are funny and clever.

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