L.O.V.E. Is In The Air

Like the first day of Spring, like the first bud flowering, like the warm sun shining on your face, love is in the air. Nothing warms a heart more than a show of affection. It even brings a tear to the eye; well actually it brought many tears to my eyes - mostly through laughter.

Over at the S&M Concentration Camp, in the thread "Let's Do This One More Time..." Souza states that she is not a fan of Michael Jackson. I agree with her point that you don't have to be a fan to see something is not right with all of this. But just before she has time to rest on her laurels forum member Sunrise asks a question to Souza.

Now the question wasn't anything bad it was merely questioning something Souza had said in the old MJHD forum and asking for some sort of clarification. But who answers? Mo. And she jumps to the defense of Souza so well.

"You are putting to much emphasis on comments Souza made months ago. It's extremely irrelevant, anyone can say someone is cute without being a fan, anyone can like an artist's music without being a fan, and admire a person's abilities without being a fan. There's nothing odd about that. Stop scrutinizing her words, it's not going anywhere. Souza made her point, period."

Whoa hold up there Mo, just before you don your dungarees and start a lesbian stomp of some monstrous proportion it was merely a question. Nobody was scrutinizing anything until you got your knickers in a twist and jumped to defend your true love. Firstly the question was directed at Souza - I know some people think you are the same person but let us not confuse that matter with that fact. Why jump in when Souza actually could of, and did, answer the question herself? Actually Souza answered it with more self-respect.

But it does bring in to question why Mo was so quick to jump in to defend Souza. Was this merely a lover defending the one that holds her heart or was it deeper than that? Did Mo have a tear in her eye as she defended Souza like a lesbian knight in shining armor without the Rothschild coat of arms on it?

Seems very suspicious. In my personal opinion, which counts for very little, it would seem that Mo was too quick off the mark to defend her love. Not a bad thing totally, but come on just admit it. Shave your heads, have each others names tattooed on your arms with little hearts, don your dungarees and step out and say "We ARE lesbians and proud of it."

Well the feeling of love has passed now - I have a feeling it was merely a kidney stone.



Finnlady77 said...

They are the same person. And I guess 90 % of the accounts in her forum are created by her or other leaders in that nazi group. Like in the MJHD.net forum. If you push them into the corner, you see that. It's pretty pathetic to create those fake accounts.. :P

Anonymous said...

LMFAO! (Lesbian) Love is in the air indeed!

And I agree, at least Souza gave (for the first time) what seems to be a very honest answer. Mo needs to chill the fuck out. Sunrise just made a simple question. No need to get pissed off at her for that. But I guess Mo was just trying to protect the love of her life, LOL.

Finnlady77 said...

Souza said that the GP-topic was about the double. What? :P

I think there are 2 options. She is a crazy fan and she is an outsider, but a real nutcase and she wants to pretend to be a big player in the hoax. Other option is that she has something to do with his death and her reasons for running that illuminati forum is not that nice ones. I don't believe illuminati would be a reason for MJ to fake his death. And the all illuminati stuff that I've seen on her forum is BS. And I don't believe that MJ is more alive than death. There is no proof that he is alive. Only weird things have happened. But why? To make us to believe that he is alive..? Could be just sick games of sick people.

Anonymous said...

@Finnlady77: I guess she wants to pretend to be a big player in the hoax. Have you read about that BoW (BlackOrWhite allegedly an insider)? He/ she wrote that he/she admires Souza (or was it Mo - don't remember). That tells me
a) that BoW is a faker and
b) that Souza (or Mo) could be that BoW (or a friend of them).

Finnlady77 said...

Hey Anonymous 12:02 PM, I have seen that there are many topics about that BoW, but I haven't read them really. I'm not interested. I don't believe that person is an insider or a "good guy". I don't believe any of these guys, who are giving "clues" about MJ. If he faked his death, I don't believe anyone is giving clues. But if she/he admires Souza that sentence tells more than 1 000 words. BoW is Souza or at least that person belongs to the same group as her.

Anonymous said...

I once attempted to post a comment that I believed the admins and some of the members were not real Michael Jackson fans. And would you believe it didn't post? It was on the same day as a mass exodus when members were irritated that threads about BoW were hijacked. There are things said over there about MJ, his family, his appearance, etc that makes one shudder. About alias? Follow the comments of posters and it is apparent that they are fake accounts created by the Double Dutch arses.

Anonymous said...

Souza has always thought TMZ was watching her every move. she lives in a fantasy world. I doubt Harv could care less what she says, who does except for her little minions

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