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According to some lame pitbull the previous post "Dogs & Traffic" was inaccurate because it used "Page Views" instead of "Traffic Rank". The post was originally written on January 15, 2009 and using "Page Views" showed a decline in traffic to the michaeljacksonhoaxforum.com website.

Now some pitbull got all worked up about how you have to use "Traffic Rank" because it is so accurate.

So I decided to look in to all this traffic statistics a little more deeper than before. And even took the suggestion of using "Traffic Rank" because it is allegedly more accurate (more on that later).

So the pitbull, was wrong again. Why fucking bother trying to explain something and then not actually checking it?

According to Alexa.com's blog the "Traffic Rank" is merely a calculation of reach and page views. So how could the original article on traffic be wrong? If "Page Views" are used to calculate the "Traffic Rank" then surely if one goes down they both go down.

And on the subject of "Traffic Rank" that is falling again, as is the "Page Views". In fact the only thing on the rise is "Page Views Per User" which would mean less people but more page views. So a few hardcore members click around the site more than they did. Happens with every forum as members check their old posts to see if anything has been added or can be added to a previous topic.

So using the graphs as of today, from Alexa, here is the traffic reality:

Traffic Rank - Clearly on a downward slope. Alexa does not measure anything with a traffic rank less than 100,000.

Page Views - Another declining graph.

Reach - Yet again on a downward slope.

Page Views Per User - The only graph on the up.

So as stated, Alexa does not monitor any site which falls below the 100,000 "Traffic Rank" mark, hence why on the "Traffic Rank" graph it appears that MichaelJacksonHoaxForum fell off the face of the earth at certain times.

"Page Views" shows a decline as does "Reach", in fact the only one graph on a rise is Page Views Per User, which as explained means less users are viewing more pages.

But what does all this mean? To be totally honest it means nothing. It means that figures can show whatever you want. I could of picked the high points out of each graph to make it appear that the website was doing wonderful. Figures like these are not accurate. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) experts the world over will tell you to take figures like these from any website, not just Alexa, with a pinch of salt.

What gives a true figure? Nothing. It is all how you read a figure. As Louis Brandeis said "I abhor averages. I like the individual case. A man may have six meals one day and none the next, making an average of three meals per day, but that is not a good way to live."

The only true way to look at traffic is to realise it doesn't matter. Hitler forced thousands to believe his Nazi bullshit with propaganda. As thousands were believing it does it make it right? Of course not - the guy was completely off his rocker.

So let us say for argument sake that 10 million people view the S&M forum does it become more believable that the Illuminati are controlling the world? No. If the Illuminati was so powerful, and in control of everything, there would be two dead dutch dykes for revealing all Vigilant Citizen's information on a MJ hoax site.

The year 1999 gave us the Y2K fear and millions around the world thought the world would end at the stroke of midnight when the year 2000 kicked in. It never happened.

Traffic is not important, about the only thing the fucking dumb pitbull got right, if billions see bullshit it doesn't stop it from being bullshit. What is important though is the message contained in that bullshit - and at the moment the S&M website seems to think that the message is that the Illuminati rule the world through music videos and Disney films.



Anonymous said...

Quod erat demonstratnum: They are less believers on Michael Jackson's Death hoax

MJHD Conspiracy said...

Anonymous said: "Quod erat demonstratnum: They are less believers on Michael Jackson's Death hoax"

It is not necessarily that there are less hoax believers; merely that they may be more spread out with all the forums that are popping up. Not just the english speaking ones but the Italians, Brazilians, Spanish, and other languages.

Anonymous said...

The number of believers are dropping: they find a clue: Prince and Paris have spoken in front of the public and Murray is charged. I think those believers get tired with their investigations.

anonymous 3 said...

Quod erat demonstrandum is that traffic is not important.....lol
Quantity doesn't matter, quality does.... and the latter is something definitely not to be found at the dutchies forum...rofl
BTW : happy Valentine's Day to everyone (hope it is allowed here to talk about earthly things like tangible love and love in small caps....lmbo)

Anonymous said...

it will dwindle. They will find a new obsession because Michael is dead. When they announced Michael died June 25th, that should have been the biggest clue of all. Look how much time they have wasted on this. i guess it's ok when you have nothing else to do. Sad

Anonymous said...

There aren't less hoax believers - there is still new people joining not only the S&M forum, but other forums as well. IMO, most people just got tired of spending days and nights investigating and now are just waiting for Michael to return. Others, like myself, got tired of the Dutchies and decided to leave the concentration camp, LOL. I am still keeping an eye on my favourite hoax blogs, though. ;)

Anonymous said...

@anonymous 4:57am:

Murray hasn't been charged, and Paris spoke at the memorial. If they thought he was alive after the memorial, what difference does it make if she and Prince spoke at the Grammys?

Pitbull said...

Hahaha, I was wondering what took you so long! Again you are wrong and you know that. First of all, you have peak days on a website, certainly with a hoax like this. I guess the numbers I gave you confused you, I bet you suck at math and you clearly have no knowledge of websites and statistics at all. And as you can clearly see in the traffic rank, the site went up again, so you are spreading bullshit again doggie. Maybe going back to school will help you get your stories straight.

Oh and btw, you are getting more boring every day, I didn't even know it was possible.

Keep feeding us some shit doggie, you're good at it.

MJHD Conspiracy said...

Hey Pitbull, I'll learn Math when you learn to read. If you had read the post there was this line that said: "I could of picked the high points out of each graph to make it appear that the website was doing wonderful." which would suggest peaks. Fucking learn to read. And when you heave learned, come back and you will see that the undertones of the post actually take the piss out of YOU. And yes Traffic Rank went up as it also went down. That'd be the fucking two sides of every story you and the rest of the "anti-MJHDC" lame cunts keep on about. Fuck off back to your Double Dong forum before the Illuminati decide to control your mind too - LOL

And if I'm getting more boring every day according to you, why bring your retarded points to something which bores you so much to prove something that is so wrong and boring is in fact correct you dumb fuck?

anonymous 3 said...

According to the Royal Dutchies you're in deep shit....
The police are after you for stalking, defamation of character and copyright infringement......woehaha
Bet she had her dictionary right beside her...rofl
And she posted that all because 1 member dared to say you make some 'since' (bless her).
She bluntly says that she would rather see her leave.....pff respectless creature (I'm not talking about the member....ROFL)

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