I Am A Sick Bastard Allegedly

According to Souza I am a sick bastard. Not sure how she came to this conclusion seems I never publicly said that I want to paint myself with her blood while I shit on pictures of Mo; all while wearing Bumkolo's sunglasses and Amy's soiled diaper.

Oh well, it was on the S&M forum so it must be true. Now talking of truth there is a blog from an all-seeing eye (Illuminati reference has been noted and forwarded to Alex Jones, Vigilant Citizen, and Rockerfeller) which has some emails which proves that Amy and the moderators of the old MJHD created the now almost legendary John Smith.

Now the all-seeing eye blog got me thinking, seems as it is the season for assumptions (seems someone assumed I am a sick bastard) that the all-seeing eye is indeed a reference to the author. Now who has an avatar that is an all-seeing eye?

Souza's Avatar On The S&M Forum

Now I'm not going to jump to the assumption that Souza is the all-seeing eye, and that as the Illuminati use an all-seeing eye as a symbol; that Souza is none other than a mind-controlled slave of the Illuminati. Nor would I jump to the assumption that Souza and Mo are all the animals with blogs against a little dog.

Illuminati Symbol

But the question still remains - If I am so sick, and so wrong all the time, and have nothing of importance on this blog why do they feel the need to start topics discussing the other animals discussing this blog? Which in turn comes to the question - Why advertise these hate blogs, including mine, on a Michael Jackson related forum when Michael was all about L.O.V.E?

Isn't time that these two-faced dutch cunts stopped being so two-faced and actually practiced what they try to preach? But then again nobody is sure what they are preaching anymore because everything is done by the Illuminati allegedly; so we just wait for the Vigilant Citizen to come up with some new stuff so the dutch dyke duo can paste it all on their forum.



Anonymous said...

hey have you seen that pussy gone died??? rofl!!!!

Anonymous said...

Allegedly some of us have fantasies about this smart-ass little bulldog, too. Whatever. Sick is as sick does. And sick is fun. :)

Angie The F 777 said...

heyyyy! i twitted about that AllSeeingEye to Souza a few days ago! I called her that first! LOL

Anonymous said...

Conspiracy said: "Why advertise these hate blogs, including mine, on a Michael Jackson related forum when Michael was all about L.O.V.E?"

Why? Because that forum is not about Michael Jackson anymore. LOL

Seriously, those fans - the Army of "LOVE" - they enjoy preaching nice things, but do they actually put their words into action? Because lately all I see on the S&M forum is a lot of bitching and fighting between members. I've been on many Michael Jackson forums before and I honestly have never seen anything like this... Besides, that place turned into the Illuminati headquarters and now they seem more interested in discussing Beyoncé, Jay-Z and Lady Gaga instead of focussing on the hoax itself. I wonder how long will the Double Dong continue to spread this Illuminati BS... Probably until they come up with another insane theory! LOL

I decided to stop taking them seriously after the twin theory and thank God for that! I wonder if they really are serious about the stuff they write... 'Cause frankly, that shit is just retarded. And to make things worse, Souza & Mo have a really shitty attitude towards their members. How dare they call people blind and ignorant, and tell them to "read a book"?! Especially since they can't deliver a good argument to support the shit they post on their site! That just pisses me off.

anonymous 3 said...

Absolutely anonymous 7:35. Amen to that!! Couldn't agree more.
Makes you wonder why the members stay... IMO they're all masochists who like a good spanking once in every while...hahaha
I mean seriously, if it were up to them you just can't sit back, relax and enjoy a good song or a movie without being on the look out for clues or hidden messages.... that's also a way of course to keep your members busy and in line I guess..lmao
If those members don't start watching out for themselves they'll all be really depressed and hitting the Prozac big time. Because let's face it, where is the joy in living in a world that is controlled from top to bottom and is even controlling you by controlling everything you see and hear and therefore controlling your every move, because you're scrutinizing, analyzing the controlling going on in order to stay on top of the controlling...pfff I now have a splitting headache..tyvm you stupid Dutchies....ROFLMAO

Anonymous said...

anonymous 3 said: "Because let's face it, where is the joy in living in a world that is controlled from top to bottom and is even controlling you by controlling everything you see and hear and therefore controlling your every move, because you're scrutinizing, analyzing the controlling going on in order to stay on top of the controlling..."

LOL, exactly! In my opinion, the Illuminati are nothing but a fictional scapegoat for all the evils of this world. I'm not denying that the world is fucked up: there is war, terrorism, famine, diseases, natural disasters, etc, and mind control is a reality too. But to put all the blame on ONE anonymous group is just silly. That's how religion works too - it's always Satan's fault for every bad thing that happens on the planet, LOL... It isn't Satan who starts wars - it's US, humans. WE are fucked up. But hey, that's just my opinion.

Anyway, I digress. Even if all these NWO theories are true (which I doubt they are), what's the point in reading and watching all that depressing stuff? Even if these conspiracies are real, what can we do about it? Nothing. We might as well enjoy our life to our best ability and stop worrying about it. Michael's goal was to spread love, hope and hapiness... and the only thing this Illuminati crap is doing is create fear (and drama). I've read many comments from members of the S&M forum saying that they are scared... How is that helping them, Souza & Mo? How is that "protecting the younger members"?

Creating fear - THAT is how these cults work. I don't fear the Illuminati, because I don't believe in their existence, but what about the people who believe them? Will they have to live in fear now? Thanks for creating another bunch of scared & paranoid people, Dutchies. =S

Finnlady77 said...

I agree with you Anonymous 9:54, 8:21 and 7:35. I'm thinking the same. It's incredible that they blame something like NWO and illuminati for every problem in the world. I don't believe they exist - only in the heads of those fascinating satanism. I'm just wondering who are behind those "the Dutches" accounts.. and the several accounts on twitter and other MJ Hoax forums. They just want to mess around and pretend to be something else they really are. Obviously they want to control people and fear is an effective tool to control people's mind.

anonymous 3 said...

@Anonymous 9:54 AM Tyvm, my thoughts exactly..

tis_ruthy said...

Unbelievable! This is so so wrong. How could you use such a word!! Please remove the allegedly immediately! lmao

Anonymous said...

WTH! Souzica & Mozia love that new version of WATW. They acting as if it is the best damn thing since sliced bread. What are those two witches drinking and smoking? They need to see an audilogist. That damn singing sound like kangaroos, horses, banshees, tigers, lions, bears, cats, got into a damn free for all. All that damn screeching; singing off key leaves a lot to be desired.

Conspiracy ignore them; the witches probably planning a cat shit theory next. They are not worth your precious time Conspiracy. They only know that fucking illuminati, NWO, flouride,twin junk. Trying to get people paranoid and shit. I will buy a copy of that awful version of WATW. Only for the cause though. That damn forum is a cult; the members need to wake up and smell the damn coffee. The only thing missing is the damn raspberry kool aid. Run for your lives people! Where is Badlokola? That theory he thought was brilliant; was a big flicking fluke LMAO.

The Queen

Anonymous said...

LOL @ The Queen! Yeah, the new WATW version sucks. I mean, I actually thought it was going well until Lil Wayne and T. Pain started "singing"... Dear Lord - THAT was just painful. My ears almost started bleeding, LOL. I know it's for a greater cause, but DAMN! Autotune on a Michael Jackson song?! Are they fucking kidding me?!

Michael's voice is glorious, though. Totally eargasmic. I'm just glad they kept his vocals - Michael co-wrote the song and it would be really disrespectful if they didn't...

R.I.P. Music - You will be missed.

The White Rabbit said...

You know not what you do.. peace

Anonymous said...

But we know what you do White Rabbit...You get grabbed by the ears and are yanked out of a hat for what reason?...Very Useful...As the short wise Irish saviour says...Everything You Know Is Wrong...Alleluja

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