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I was reading my last post, The Police are coming, and the more I thought about it the more pissed off about it I got. Not the police thing, I couldn't give a shit about the dutch lesbian's crazy, paranoid, ranting about this blog. What pissed me off is the way Mo and Souza (in typical Hitler and Goering style) jumped on Lisa1232 for stating that some things made sense.

Lisa said in the thread entitled "MJHD Conspiracy" on the S&M forum "I FOLLOW him . he makes some since , but i havent been here long enough to understand anythinq. i agree with some points but i ignore . alot of fake people on here . i stick with it thoo ."

Notice Lisa never said she agreed with everything I wrote; just I make some sense. So what gives Mo the right to jump on her back and suggest leaving?

No wonder the Hitler & Goering comparison makes so much fucking sense. Agree with the Dutch dykes or be asked to leave. Fuck off - this is not Nazi Germany. People believe what they want, when they want.

Lisa never said Mo and Souza were like Nazis, but I did. Lisa never suggested there is a possibility the Souza and Mo are lesbians, but I did. Lisa never suggested Souza and Mo were the same person, pointing to the times they are online and when they post - but once again I mulled the idea over for a while. Lisa never said Souza and Mo were drugged up lesbians with their heads up their own asses - but I'm sure I did.

This is the reason that this blog exists. Not to give another side, or even to stand up for the rights of anyone, but to point out some of the shit that goes on.

Show your support for Lisa to be able to think freely, and speak freely, without fear of repercussion by donning the following wallpaper on your computer:

The S&M forum constantly goes on about the Illuminati controlling and influencing people; yet they should put their rocks down before they break their glass houses.



Anonymous said...

GOO LISA1232!!!!

Rock the fuck out!!


anonymous3 said...

You rock Lisa 1232 !!

Anonymous said...

They shouldn't jump to conclusions so easily. "Prejudice Is Ignorance." I can't believe that they mistreat their members that way. Lisa1232's comments weren't really offending and it's HER opinion. RESPECT, please.

I won't be surprised if most of their members are sick and tired of them. Respect's not given. It's earned.

Anonymous said...

Go Lisa! :)
I'm glad to see some members still have the balls to post their opinion, no matter how much that will piss off the dutch dykes. Seriously, those two are getting way out of control!

Take a good look in the mirror, Souza & Mo, and shut the fuck up. Michael had to fight all his life against people like you, who use and abuse his name and spread the most insane stories about him. You both are nothing but disrespectul bitches!

Anonymous said...

Correction to this post: "Agree with the Dutch dykes or be asked to leave" - There's barely any asking involved. I'm sure I'm not the only one who was banned without warning for questioning their bullshit Illuminati blog.

Anonymous said...

Liberté, Liberté chérie! Liberté de penser! Liberté de paroles!

Finnlady77 said...

Haha.. "The Dutches" will call the police.. I just would like to see how the police reacted after seeing their illuminati stuff on their forum.. They are never going to make any call.. That's just BS..

Great posts, Conspiracy. It's great that you say your opinion about them. I was too sick of those people and their attitude and I decided to leave all the hoax forums. I guess they are messing around in every forum with that illuminati stuff and they attitude towards other people makes me feel sick.

Anonymous said...

Great post, Anonymous, 4.20 pm!!!
And congrats, Conspiracy! Agree. Things get soo annoying over there. But did you realize that still some members stand up to admin`s dictatorship ... or make fun of them? Just research!

But as a whole,it is a shame how admins abuse their "power" over people (Propaganda-Ministerium was invented in the 30s of last century, but feeding simple minds with old prejudices, bashing and threatening opponents - still seems to work) ...
A sociological desaster for mankind!

Anonymous said...

I support Lisa over those whacked out bitches any day

Anonymous said...

OOOOOOOOOOOhhhhhhhhhhhhhh souza and Mo are gonna call the cops. For what?? Name calling? Good luck idiots.

Anonymous said...

Nothing but a bunch of attention seekers. People need to stop believing their shit cause they are laughing their asses off at them

Anonymous said...

You will be baned immeditly for if you post on that thread. A fair warning ahead of time.

Anonymous said...


You know, Souza & Mo, being humble and respectful never hurt nobody... Learn to accept the opinions of others if you want people to accept yours. Treat others the way you want to be treated. C'mon, it's not that hard! Your members make the forum, so show them some respect, okay? Just because you are the admins, it doesn't mean you're above everybody else...

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