Movie Theory Submitted

An avid reader of this blog emailed me to ask for my autograph! Allegedly I am famous. I was sat, reading emails, and instantly thought 'what the fuck are they on about?' and went on to read the entire email. Anyway the upshot of the email is that I am now starring in a film. I appear as Sherlock Holmes' dog and this links me to Michael hoaxing his death.

So the theory went - That as Sherlock Holmes dog I must be good at investigating things. Also as his dog I would be very much like him - investigating things in a non-linear way.

The Sherlock Holmes Movie Poster

And, lo and behold in the top-left corner there sits a very familiar face.

Sherlock Holmes' Dog

Well, I'd love to say it is me that starred alongside Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law but it wasn't. As for any links to me and movies - as far as I know there is none.



tis_ruthy said...

lmao you are a star!

Anonymous said...

LOL, that's cute! And here I was thinking you were Brian Griffin's cousin or something... But I guess being Sherlock Holmes' dog would make more sense, hehehe. I hope you're not related to Scooby Doo, though. He's a big chicken and, let's be honest, he talks like a retard.

Okay, well... I guess talking dogs should be considered amazing, NOT retarded, but whatever. =/

PS: I would like to get your autograph too.

PPS: LOL, just kidding. But you seriously should consider going to Hollywood and write comedies! You are hilarious! ;)

Anonymous said...

I predicted this would happen to you and believe me, this is just the beginning. Now you're wondering how I could have possibly known something as great as this was about to happen. I cannot reveal that information but what I can tell you is this: THE BEST IS YET TO COME!
Within the next few weeks expect a call from Martin Scorcese. Now you would have been perfect in a Stanley Kubrick film since he was given a special camera by USG to fake the fabled Apollo moon landings by NASA. You know what he used? Let me tell you, Front Screen Projection which is a cinematic technique in which the fingerprints of Kubrick can be seen all over the NASA Apollo photographic and video material.
Today, Hollywood magicians use green screens and computers for special effects. I was jut talking to Kenny O about greenscreen ;)
This is It is loaded with trick photography, it's all part of the hoax. Now to take your blog, turn it into a screenplay and then a movie, is going to take some work and I know you can do it.
Again, I highly suggest the title remain MJHD CONSPIRACY: SNIFFING OUT THE BULLSHIT, but I see you still have not changed your header. Until you do so, your chances are slim. Now I just got off the phone with Kenny Ortega and he says your header sucks, but my mob buddy Frankie Ford Coppala loves the idea of Sniffing out the Bullshit. If I were you I would think about changing that header back to what it was, it's entirely up to you. I'm just making a friendly um, suggestion.

Thank you
Victim of MKUltra1957

ps. you look doggone good by the way and congrats!

Anonymous said...

Who is the retard above me ?

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous 5:57 PM:

Listen shit for brains, if your head wasn't so far up your ass, there would be no need to ask the question. Go grow yourself a set and come back with something more intelligent to say.

Anonymous said...

Who is the retard above me ?

anonymous 3 said...

Looooooooooool @ Anonymous 6:52
Must be something wrong with your short time memory.... hahahaha
So funny (but then again, people could say I've no sense of humour at all..rofl)

Anonymous said...

I was Anonymous 5:57 PM: But I'm not February 10, 2010 6:52 PM

Anonymous said...

Whoever the retard is that you have above you just let me ask...Is he/she any good at least?...Cant knock back a good root, retarded or not

Doggie'sCat said...

Wow that's cool!!!! Doggie you have a hot holywood dog face! Is your family now so popular there?

Always brilliant, and with nothing related with FILM. \(^-*)m,


MJHD Conspiracy said...

Doggie'sCat said: "Wow that's cool!!!! Doggie you have a hot holywood dog face! Is your family now so popular there? Always brilliant, and with nothing related with FILM. \(^-*)m, Yours, cat"

Yeah very famous; hence the switch to the Joker to try and hide from the masses of fans (it is hard to show sarcasm in text).

But thanks for reading the tweet that this was linked to concerning the Sherlock Holmes connection.

And yes I do know it had nothing to do with the film whatsoever except that Sherlock Holmes was mentioned way before the shit new theory.

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