FDA Poster Update

Once Joe Jackson had realized there was money to be made from the government he contacted the FDA.

Michael Herndon contacted me with the latest poster that the FDA hope will be released in Mid-March along with the "Apple Murray" poster.

Michael Herndon, FDA spokesman, said "When Mr. Jackson heard that we actually paid to use Dr. Conrad Murray in FDA promotional material his people contacted my office and asked what he could do to help raise awareness in healthy eating. Although we saw it as Mr. Jackson out to make another buck without actually doing something we mulled the idea over and decided that it had possibilities."

Joe Jackson had a statement emailed to me which just said "Mo money mo money!"

Michael Herndon added "We hope to try and get the rest of the Jackson family involved seems they are in the news so much. Who knows, by March we may get to see Mr. Jermaine Jackson on a turnip."

FDA Poster Promoting Healthy Eating


Legal Notice: Although Michael Herndon is an actual FDA spokesman he had nothing to do with this post. An attempt to contact him ironically was fruitless. Joe Jackson never released a statement. And I wouldn't hold your breath on the other posters.


Anonymous said...

Hélas! cela fait longtemps que je ne suis plus les conseils de la grande industrie pharmaceutique. Je mange ce que je veux et surtout de la bonne nourriture française. Paraît qu'avec du bon vin, on a moins d'attaque cardiaque.

Si Mj aimait tellement le Pinot noir au point d'en avoir fait une des couleurs de sa grande roue à Neverland, je ne dis pas non à un mouton cadet Rothschlid avec le blason en doré en prime sur l'étiquette. Je sens que je vais le dessiner grandeur nature, çà me coutera moins cher que de faire des recherches. Mmmmm, tiens je vais m'en acheter un au supermarché ce soir. C'est tout de même plus classe que Christian Audigier et son vin de Montpeyroux, même décoré en Ed Hardy et moins cher.

mjjveritas said...

Conspiracy, Well with Jermaine being the face of California Raisins, it's a marketing dream to have the rest of the family on board.

Anonymous said...

The short Irish saviour will not be happy you have defaced the sacred Lemon

Anonymous said...

A link to your blog was posted on Larry King Live's blog. You go, dog. You are srsly famous!

Iloveyoumore said...

Eek, That is one scary looking lemon! LMAO!

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