This Blog Is In The Bible ... Sort Of

Keeping with the bullshit theories that are spewed from the S&M forum. Here comes the most ridiculous theory possible.

This blog is mentioned in the Bible. Which doesn't really mean shit to me seems the Bible is merely a book; but hey at least it is there.

In the book of Daniel it says: "And they arose against the two elders, for Daniel had convicted them of false witness by their own mouth." (Dan 13:61)

So let us break this down so that even though it is complete bullshit it at least looks plausible.

"They" - would be the people who read this blog. "The two elders" - would be Souza and Mo. "False witness by their own mouth" - would be the bullshit theories the Double Dong team have come up with.

Now although it is mentioned purely as a joke there are some serious points. Anything can be connected to anything if you want to. The passage Daniel 13:61 is actually on about something completely different; and doesn't even appear in most Bibles since it is part of the Apocrypha text (most Bibles end at book 12 in Daniel).

Just goes to prove that you can make anything fit to what you want. It is no more than propaganda without reality backing it up.

Investigate everything for yourselves and do not buy in to bullshit.



Anonymous said...

Exactly! All those crazy theories based on the Bible are just garbage to me. Anyone can pick a few verses from the Bible and connect it to whatever they want... All that talk about Michael's comeback being predicted on the Bible is just hilarious. 2000 years ago, people (yes, *people* wrote the book, not God) already knew a man named Michael Jackson was going to fake his death and all! How amazing! LOL

Anonymous said...

Wow! You know quite well the Bible and the Apocryph texts. You've been through some throrough good religious studies!

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