Drama Overtakes Message At 60MPH

In a topic entitled "Here Is The Final Message" it starts out with MJAwakening's final message. If you ask me this MJAwakening is on crack; but that is beside the point. Allegedly we have all been asleep for seven months. Fuck off, we have been awake for seven months looking at all the clues, theories, and deciding what is real and what isn't. Not twittering a ton of shit which leads to a final mission which most have been doing since June 25th anyway.

DaisyDyva got it right when she said "Another let down."

I digress. That was the start of the topic, which was finally locked at page 60, which somehow turned from MJAwakening to some crackpipe induced drama. On page 2 long time blog reader Tis_Ruthy types: "yeh its all gona happen in this next hour...Michaels gonna log onto mjhd and BAM." So let me get this right Michael is going to log into MJHD? Doesn't sound like that shit has been pulled before. Oh wait it has.

Then on page 6 Tis_Ruthy mentions the new member 'Michael Jackson' arriving. What the fuck, you have to be fucking kidding. If it isn't bad enough she announces it. She is the one that spots him as a new member. Smells fishier than between Tis_Ruthy's legs already. But as with all bullshit drama this is just the beginning.

Make way for page 7. Here Michael Jackson actually types something "I LOVE IT!!! What a FANTASTIC ARG. Just like the real thing, LIFE that is. Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it. L.O.V.E. to all and it IS a great adventure." Oh great another Michael Jackson that must ensure people think it his him by repeatedly making sure that love is all in capitals. Oh my God it says 'LOVE' it must be Michael. This shit just cannot get worse. But lo and behold it does. Tis_Ruthy mentions that Dave Dave joined last week.

Then on Page 8 the alleged Michael Jackson makes this statement:

Hi All,

Girls please, don't worry, the truth will prevail.
This is not it. This is not the final curtain call.
I came here because I read all the forums and this
feels like home. My true believers are all here.
You have Tis_Ruthy to thank
for my one time appearance at MJHD.net!

I love you, I really do, you have to know that
and I don't want anyone here hurting or crying
tears of sadness. Get down and JAM!
TMZ, TIAI, and anyone who claims to be me
well you know what I've said in the past
Just because you read it in a magazine or
see it on a TV screen don't make it factual.
And please, don't buy into the bullshit.
I was not a victim of any Illuminiti mind control, I have no twin and
that disgusting dog autopsy story, it simply isn't true.
Frank DiLeo is on to the Double Dutchies, so please don't worry.
Girls, I thank you for your patience and understanding.
This is an adventure, a great adventure.......
I love you all.

Any requests? Please ask now, I only have 5 minutes, it's time for Blanket's dance lesson.

I love you more!

Then on page 8 Tis_Ruthy opens her big fat mouth and says "eh lol dont drag me into this ... you dont have me to thank at all lol ..." Shut the fuck up. You are the dumb cunt that announced it. For fucks sake grow a set and admit it. And hey Michael Jackson said to thank you so there.

Welcome to page 9 where Michael Jackson calls Tis_Ruthy a 'very wise and intelligent woman'. Oh well that just proved it isn't Michael. I'm guessing he wouldn't lie like that.

Page 10 holds possibly the best sentence ever posted on a forum. Chance says "Michael.. no disrespect but what does Jermaine put in his hair?" Too funny. Nice to see Chance keeping it real.

Then on page 19, Bicky, who seems to be the voice of reason in this whole topic says "Ok I have noticed something the past little bit. I have been researching and watching members with my laptop and my pc. There is a member here that is being very dishonest with us. They know who they are. They keep signing off and signing in as Michael. When this member is off Michael logs on. When Michael logs off this member logs back in. Wasn't hard to figure this one out." A little bit too much time on your hands Bicky; but ultimately well spotted.

Finally on page 26 Tis_ruthy gets named. Well she may have been named before that page but some posts have been edited. But then just when you think the shit is over - on page 32 4TheTruth gets named as the Michael Jackson impostor. Come on, everybody line up, you will all be accused eventually.

Welcome to page 37 where Tis_Ruthy steps in to defend 4TheTruth. After 10 pages of bullshit, not worth mentioning really, an explanation comes: "She said that her boyfriend and her got into a huge fight about her thinking Michael Jackson being alive. He started calling her every name in the book and she left. He then created the Michael Jackson account on her computer and started posting as Michael Jackson after she left the house. She doesn't know how the IP addresses match up, but she swears she didn't do it, that he did it. She wants everyone to know how sorry she is for the drama this has caused and she will be posting here in a little while."

Fuck off. That is the best excuse? Sorry I'm not buying it for one second. The boyfriend did it. Sounds as bad as the butler did it. This is all reminiscent of the shit Five used to pull and then give the explanation of "I was drunk I didn't know what I was doing." Come on, credit the fellow members with some intelligence. But no it gets better because although the boyfriend doesn't believe Michael hoaxed his death he is in to Conspiracy Theories.

Anyway there is 60 pages to read. Go ahead, knock yourself out. As stated the topic is locked now. But don't buy into this bullshit. The boyfriend has been gotten rid of so everything is all roses again. Is it fuck. A member lied, and you are going to fucking let that slide? I hate to agree with a Tis_Ruthy statement but if the boyfriend didn't agree why sit there watching the forum? How did HE know about the forum, some of the topics, this blog, etc?

And for those with devious minds - yes it is indeed possible that Tis_ruthy and 4TheTruth cooked this little plot up together. Just remember who mentioned Michael would be there within the hour. Just something to ponder.

Nope, pure bullshit. Oh well yet another chapter of why Michael felt the need to leave. Talking of which I get the blame for him not coming back because I'm so vile and disgusting, and crude, and all that - but look around, you fuckers are creating Michael Jacksons all over the place. All I'm doing is giving my opinion with a little bit of humor thrown in. You buy in to all these fake cunts that show up and pretend to be something connected to Michael or Michael himself. If he doesn't come back it is because of people pretending to be him, fooling fans, would he want his name used like that? I doubt it (just my opinion), but I seriously doubt it.

So for all the fucking lame assholes that come on here and say that Michael is disgusted by what I write. Join a fucking forum, because eventually, one day, he'll log in and you can ask him how much he is disgusted by this blog.

Keep giving power to all the bullshit, all the fakes, all the fucked up theories and then sit in your little glass houses and start throwing stones at me for having an opinion. Least I don't buy in to all the bullshit.

And as for the 60MPH. No connection with anything whatsoever other than there is 60 pages.



Anonymous said...

The first paragraph pretty much says it all.

I hope you're still around when this is over. If it's ever over.

Anonymous said...

The first paragraph pretty much sums it up for me.

I hope you're still around when this is over, if it is ever over.

Anonymous said...

What's Five got to do with this? Nothing! LMAO!

Anonymous said...

I have had the worst month and a half of my life ever.
When I read your blog I literally throw my head back with a huge laugh.
oh thank you so much.
YOU Hit it on the head every time babe.

Reflection said...

Thanks for the summary, Conspiracy! I would never find the time to read all of the pages LOL!

Anonymous said...

Conspiracy said: "Keep giving power to all the bullshit, all the fakes, all the fucked up theories and then sit in your little glass houses and start throwing stones at me for having an opinion. Least I don't buy in to all the bullshit."

Bravo, Conspiracy. Those people seriously need to take a good look in the mirror before talking about your blog. If you ask me, I believe Michael would much rather appreciate people like you who keep it real and tell it like it is, than all those people who create drama and spread hate and lies in the name of L.O.V.E. Bunch of hypocrites, that's what they are.

Anyways, thank God I'm not a member of MJHD.net. I read that thread yesterday and I was completely stunned at the gullibility of those members. All I have to say about it is:

1 - 4thetruth is a LIAR. Not only the deceitful bitch pretended to be Michael Jackson but she blamed her boyfriend for it. Stupid bitch. If it was her boyfriend who logged in and posted all that crap (and how did he know about the forum? Anyway...), then how did Tis_Ruthy know about it? Can she predict the future? LOL. It's OBVIOUS they planned that shit together.

2 - Those members are retarded. First, I don't know what makes them think that Michael would spend years planning a hoax to just log into a hoax forum and expose himself. Second, I seriously doubt Michael would say "My true believers are all here", simply because I believe he loves all fans and wouldn't discriminate anyone; or use cusswords. And that last sentence - "I only have 5 minutes, it's time for Blanket's dance lesson" - really sounds like someone taking the piss out of people, LOL.

Anonymous said...

Oh and by the way, I LMFAO at this part:

"Welcome to page 9 where Michael Jackson calls Tis_Ruthy a 'very wise and intelligent woman'. Oh well that just proved it isn't Michael. I'm guessing he wouldn't lie like that."


tis_ruthy said...

lol it did look like I was in on it. I be in trouble from now on.

anonymous 3 said...

I ploughed through the whole 60 pages and watched the 'drama' unfold.....hahaha
What a stunt and instead of thinking 'oh, maybe we shouldn't be so gullible, or maybe we shouldn't come up with those crazy theories, maybe we should be a bit more down to earth...', what do the members do? They immediately start bashing the so called culprit ... ?? They should be angry at themselves....lmao
There is a lesson there...roflmao

Anonymous said...

The folks over there are a bunch of disgusting morons. Wouldn't know who's more embarrassing, the mods or the members. LMAO!

tis_ruthy said...

You know ive no problem with what you acuse me of, hence my previous comment, laughing it off even though you go overboard as per and trash me with insults..yaya has anger management courses if youre interested. It did look like i was involved, so i understand acusations and i also thought you were involved, because no one else mentions double dutchies apart from this blog, so maybe you are cheesed off at that. I guess whoever it was, boyfriend or not reads this blog too.

I get pissed off when people start making personal attacks on someone like henda because they read your blog.. you tell people to investigate and make their own minds up, yet they all believe every word you print and then bring it to the forum, that is unfair. You know, you sit back here, type a few posts, totally contradict yourself at the end and tell people not to buy into bullshit and investigate themselves! lol...by then its too late for that because they already bought into YOUR bullshit and then go and spread it around .. they dont investigate nothing! You are clever, ill give you that, but it isnt always the truth you type and you know it.

anonymous 3 said...

Hahahahaha, then again... we could ALL be wrong and it was indeed Michael Jackson posting over there....OMG OMG Please Michael, don't go, stay, please.... looooool
The poor guy will have a really rough time convincing people he has returned ....lmao

3D said...

I think it was all just one big experiment by 4thetruth to see how gullible the members are, to see how long and how far she could go and to get back at some of the members. 4thetruth has ranted at the members before on how they miss valuable clues, posting dumb shit, and she was really pissed when they let Silverfish and his momma join. I doubt, her boyfriend, whom she says is a non-believer in the hoax would know so much of how MJ speaks or his coments. I hope the sex was hot before she drove him to the airport ^_^.

Also, why the logging in and out? If he was alone, why not just stay logged in? I think she was checking in reading posts, then logging off as herself and back in again as MJ. The forum is pretty much for shit now. Lara is gone and the dumb mods and the silly members are a joke.

Hold on a wait for the next drama. Believe me, it is coming. But at least for
now, unlike S&M, the site is harmless, it's only crime is stupidity. Can't fault
folks for a congenital disorder, can you?

MJHD Conspiracy said...

tis_ruthy said: "I get pissed off when people start making personal attacks on someone like henda because they read your blog.. you tell people to investigate and make their own minds up, yet they all believe every word you print and then bring it to the forum, that is unfair. You know, you sit back here, type a few posts, totally contradict yourself at the end and tell people not to buy into bullshit and investigate themselves! lol...by then its too late for that because they already bought into YOUR bullshit and then go and spread it around .. they dont investigate nothing! You are clever, ill give you that, but it isnt always the truth you type and you know it."

Hold up there, you seem to have your coil wound too tight. I do tell people to investigate for themselves. I don't tell them what to believe. I just put my opinions and observations - and add sarcasm and humor. If people go with those opinions and observations that is THEIR choice and not mine. Same as you have the right to put your opinion everyone has the right to put their opinions too.

And as for personal attacks? Why do all you people class an opinion on someone as an attack? Not one of you would fucking bitch if I had a negative opinion on someone you disagreed with. But when I have a negative opinion on someone you like, or agree with for the time being, it is instantly a personal attack. And supposedly I am the one that contradicts myself.

anonymous 3 said...

@3D : and a very succesfull experiment it was. Gosh, people have no humour anymore...haha

@tis_ruthy : lighten up, you've been virtually corrected/bullied..so what, don't take it that hard. The minute they are standing at your front door carrying baseball bats, then it's time to worry....

Anonymous said...

@ruthy: can`t you see it?? 4TheTruth IS the blogger..

Anonymous said...

That dumb ruthy needs therapy. What a git!

Anonymous said...

I think 4thetruth's boyfriend did her a BIG favor and was trying to teach all you bitches a lesson.
You wanted BAMSDAY, you got it big time! LMAO!

Just a few points to ponder:

I honestly don't think that 4thetruth is the guilty party here but if she did do it to test all your asses for some kind of research project which I wouldn't put it past her to be doing, well kudos to her for having the balls to be the first to come on MJHD as Michael Jackson. It takes some big ass cajones to pose as The King. She didn't use some stupid cryptic name like JCC, I give her credit for being up front with the name. Maybe she was just having fun, most of you are guilty of that, but to me, it just seems way out of character for her. Have you EVER read her posts? What a fucking snob she is, talk about intellectual prude, as if her shit doesn't stink. As if she doesn't put on her pantyhose on the same we we all do each and every morning. Talk about too serious for words, which often times she is, bottom line, THE BITCH NEEDS TO GET LAID. Her boyfriend must be hornier than hell and she's too busy to even jack him off cos her fingers are glued to a fucking keyboard over a dead man.

Now she's not the only one who's been accused of this in the past nor is she the only possible guilty party here. Several of your own have been guilty of the same shit but the difference is that they were sly and cunning about it and no one hit the bitch banning button on their asses, so why hang 4thetruth?

There are forum members throwing stones who have committed worse crimes And no one threw their asses in the gas chamber or hung their heads in a guillotine. You bitches are so dumb, you can't sniff out the real snakes who get the royal treatment every time after pulling the rug from right under your feet. Considering how many times you have been fucked over, it doesn't surprise me that you can't distinguish the difference between a truth from a lie. Quick to judge 4thetruth but judging by her past history, I'm not convinced it was her at all. In fact I feel sorry for her, her boyfriend set her up to get banned. Sounds like the same thing the media did to Michael Jackson. He was set up and accused before proven guilty. You should be ashamed of yourselves for judging her! And all you self proclaimed bitches preaching Michael's message of love and forgiveness. FoundMe is a prime example of one sexually frustrated bitch riding around the forum on her electric broom ready to rip anyone's head off just for the sake of starting a fucking bitchfest. Talk about not fucking around, maybe she needs too. Her and 4thetruth's boyfriend need to hook up. She doesn't give a shit about Michael Jackson, she just wants to stir up trouble. At least 4thetruth brings something of substance to the forum.

Now I've gotten one nasty reply from 4thetruth because I tried to trick her and I've gotten some pleasant replies as well. Try sending her a pm,and if you try to fool her or lie to her, her response is "This conversation is over, don't bother writing back because I will not respond, peddle your shit somewhere else, I don't have the time to waste on your childish games, thank you and good day." She does not buy into anyone's bullshit and she won't respond. You cannot outsmart her. My favorite is "You would eat your words if you knew what I did for a living" How many times have we seen those words? So, in my estimation, it was not her posing as Michael Jackson.

I agree, her boyfriend should have kicked HER ass to the curb months ago for not getting any booty for 7 months cuz that chick's butt is glued to MJHD.net 24/7. Too bad they took the ban of her ass, she could have gone on with her life, just like all you bitches need to do, GET A LIFE, plain and simple. Maybe that was his point.
Dead man can't dance let's face it.

Anonymous said...

4thetruth claims her boyfriend is a conspiracy buff so what makes you think he wouldn't be monitoring ANY of the hoax forums for that matter. She probably rants about Michael Jackson 24 hours a day, he's probably glad she packed his bags so he could find a nice bitch to bang. Who knows if he is a Jackson fan himself. Just because they didn't agree on if he is dead or alive doesn't prove that he hasn't seen, or read anything about the hoax including this blog or any other blog for that matter. Someone told me they think 4thetruth's boyfriend is a free lance writer and works for CBS. Makes me wonder if Conspiracy blogger and 4thetruth have a thing going.
Since you all accuse her of being the Conspiracy blogger anyways, I wouldn't be surprised if Conspiracy is her main squeeze and he's just bashing her to make her look like the guilty party when it's really him who did it! They write almost exactly alike, wouldn't be surprised if he's logged in as her when she's left the house before.

AndTis Ruthy set it all up, how convenient, maybe they were having a little Ménage à trois, and we all know who was doing it doggy style, now what do you have to say for yourself Conspiracy. LMAO!

Anonymous said...

I cant believe these fuckers blaming the boyfriend...If he was really a man he would have been out fucking his brains out with someone who wants it not playing on fucking forums...come on now...you really think someone who thinks with their cock would be posting on forums...You chiks obv need a good fuck yourselves so my advice is...Go fuck your brains out & get off the forums...It will do you the world of good

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