Plan D - The Plan That Was Not To Be

Previously ... Bumkolo failed in his attempt to kidnap Michael Jackson; and was shot by Henda who then made his way to Holland. Amy put plan D in to effect.

Henda got off the airplane, Souza was there to meet him, as he saw her he said "Guten Morgen." Souza laughed at his stupidity and said "Welkom bij Holland u aap." Henda just smiled not knowing that Souza had just called him a monkey. His language skills in his own native English were bad enough but any foreign language he was fucked.

They drove to Souza's apartment, Souza avoiding all the questions that Henda asked about Mo. She didn't trust him. She couldn't tell him that Mo's naked, dead, body was in the trunk. As they drove the conversation turned to plan D.

Henda: So what is plan D?
Souza: Amy never said.
Henda: Well who knows then?
Souza: Amy knows that is all that matters. Kolo knew but you killed him.
Henda: That is what Amy wanted.
Souza: No! She wants me.
Henda: What?
Souza: Nothing.
Henda: So when do we find out about plan D?
Souza: Amy said she would email the details over.
Henda: Great. Can we pick up some pie and chips?

Souza never answered his question. Her mind was on the dead bodies that were piling up. First Mo and now Bumkolo. She asked herself how many more there was going to be. The more she thought about it the more she knew that no matter what they had to finish what they had started.

Once at Souza's apartment; Souza opened her email. She marked all the lesbian porn as important and promised herself to read them later. She opened the email from Amy.


It is most important that you carry out the instructions in this email to the letter. Everything is planned. Plan D cannot, and will not, fail. This is what I need you to do.

A package will arrive. Give the package to Henda and ensure that he drives alone to the location indicated on the attached map. When he gets there tell him to wait. When the time is right he will know what to do. As soon as he has finished get the fuck out of Holland.

Love Amy

Souza smiled as she read the last part. It was signed "love". She smiled. She wanted to touch herself. As she thought about Amy she kept seeing flashbacks of Mo's face. Somewhat like the scene from Lion King Souza saw Mo's face fade in and say "Souza don't do it. You know it is wrong. No matter what I love you." Souza closed her eyes, Mo was gone once again and the only thing she could see was Amy's face.

The doorbell rang, which confused Souza seems the postman usually knocked twice, she went to the door. There, stood before her, was a guy who just pushed the package into her hands and left.

Souza went back and gave the package to Henda. He looked at it.

Henda: So what is in here?
Souza: Fucked if I know.
Henda: You haven't been fucked in ages you dyke.
Souza: Shut up faggot. Here's the map Amy sent, the route is marked.
Henda: Fuck you drive it.
Souza: Amy said you have to drive.
Henda: Why have you got all these pictures of Amy any way?
Souza: Just fuck off and drive.
Henda: Wish me luck.
Souza: Yeah.

Henda put the package on the passenger seat. He was tempted to look inside and see what it was but as usual his A.D.D. kicked in and he forgot what he was thinking of doing. He put his Elton John CD in and sped along the highway to the tones of Candle In The Wind.

He arrived at the destination. He smacked the GPS system thinking he must be in the wrong place. The screen just went blank. He decided to call Amy to see where he was meant to be.

Amy: G'Day, Diapers Unlimited. What is your fetish?
Henda: What? This is Henda.
Amy: Sorry, thought you were a client.
Henda: Are you sure I'm in the right place?
Amy: Did you go where I told you to go?
Henda: Yes ...
Amy: Well don't fucking question me then. Just sit there and wait.
Henda: OK.
Amy: Anything else?
Henda: No, not really, just that I think Souza loves you.
Amy: What the fuck... Hang on I have another call don't call this number again.

Henda sat there waiting. Elton John crooning through the car sound system. Suddenly his cell phone rang. It was Souza.

Souza: Hey it's time.
Henda: What time for teletubbies? Doesn't matter I set the VCR.
Souza: What? Forget it. Just open the box. Follow the instructions. And hey Henda ...
Henda: Yeah.
Souza: Goodbye.
Henda: What?

The phone went silent. Henda picked up the package off the passenger seat, placed it on his lap, and started to open it. As he pulled the box flaps apart, he saw a note, he looked at the note. All it said was "Goodbye". Suddenly there was an explosion. The car ripped apart like Souza at a butch lesbian convention. Henda was dead; his body parts scattered.

Fire engines, ambulances, and police cars arrived. The flames were extinguished. Policemen started looking at the scene in detail, no evidence of foul play. Just a dead man and a completely wrecked car.

Over at Souza's apartment Souza received a call.

Amy: Hey it's Amy.
Souza: Hey, I was just masturbating to your picture.
Amy: What?
Souza: Never mind.
Amy: Whatever. Get the fuck out of Holland now. Get to an airport and fly to Brisbane Airport. I'll meet you there.
Souza: What about Henda?
Amy: He's dead.
Souza: Fuck. What? How?
Amy: No time to answer questions get to the fucking airport.
Souza: OK. I love you.
Amy: Umm yeah I love you too.

Souza put the phone down and got dressed. She headed to the airport. She got a ticket to Brisbane where she was finally going to be with the woman she loved. As she waited in the airport she felt like she was constantly being watched.



Angie The F 777 said...

Well, all i can say is...i predicted that's a bomb! LMFAO But was cool to read tho. LOLLLLLLLLL

Anonymous said...

INTERESTING!! How do we know this is real?? I hope you are not just messing with us like the others..getting us all excited and our hopes up for nothing.

Anonymous said...

"Once at Souza's apartment; Souza opened her email. She marked all the lesbian porn as important and promised herself to read them later."

"Amy: G'Day, Diapers Unlimited. What is your fetish?"

LMFAO! Priceless! Hmm I wonder what will happen between Auntie Amy and Souza, LOL. You should write a book, Conspiracy, hehehe!

Anonymous said...

Henda the retard just joined MJHD.net
Just when you thought it was bad, it gets even worse. LMAO!!

Anonymous said...

briliant as always!!!

Anonymous said...

absolutely fantastic, but please don't blow up the plane , wait until they are reunited in brisbane.....

Anonymous said...

I have laughed with tears!!! I am waiting the rest of the story...

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