Retarded Shit Flows At The S&M Sewer

In the post entitled "Biblical References Inscribed On Gun Sights - Scary" there is some brilliant investigative work.

No there isn't - I was kidding. Thanks to TechDiva for the laughs. You ever wake up and want to guest write for this blog you can do it. No - I'm kidding again. Anyway TechDiva wrote in the post:

"Yes, I believe MJ is sending a message through is music. I feel that The Da Vinci Code, This is it, Vendetta, The book of Eli and 2012 are all connected. I haven't seen The Da Vinci Code, but Tom Hanks does mention Illuminati. I know the numbers like 3, 7, 9, 13, etc has something to do with the Illuminati. I feel that MJ is trying to get us ready. It has already started in 2010 the earthquake in Haiti."

Souza and Mo said they were going to delete posts which were basically bullshit and this fucking crap survives?

According to TechDiva the movies "The DaVinci Code", "This Is It", "V For Vendetta" (unless she really meant the 1999 classic Vendetta), "The Book Of Eli" and "2012" are all connected. Then TechDiva goes on to tell the world she hasn't even seen "The DaVinci Code".

How the fuck do you say a movie is connected to all these other movies if you have never seen it? That is great detective work. Make a connection without even seeing the movie. No wonder Souza and Mo left this post in, after they got high they must have pissed their panties at this shit.

But wait it gets better. JonnysGirlDangerous butts into the topic and states with her infinite wisdom:

"You're very right, everything can be connected. But just to clarify it is Angels and Demons the one about the Illuminati."

What the fuck? Does anyone actually watch these movies that have all the connections in them? The DaVinci Code does indeed mention the Illuminati - who do you think have been protecting the bloodline? One of the purposes of the Illuminati is to place a descendant of this sacred bloodline as dictator of a new world order.

So, JonnysGirlDangerous, leave TechDiva alone until you have something important to say which has actually been researched and can be proven. While you are at it you might want to check in to the idea that Dan Brown who wrote the fucking book is actually a member of the Illuminati. To put it bluntly she got it right and you should shut your fucking pie-hole.

So ladies, keep up the good work, you really rock. And TechDiva if you ever need a job reference drop me a line and I'll help you out. And I'm using your numbers for the lottery, if I win you'll get a cut of the winnings.



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doggie,were and when can i invite u for a nice dinner???

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"S&M Sewer" - LOOOOL!

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