The Reality Behind The S&M Forum

Just a short video which explains who is running the S&M forum; and what their practices are really like. Followed by a very brief survival guide to surviving the S&M forum.



Anonymous said...

Mo doesnt like to be called hitler...Many moons ago in MJHD chat when the fuck up occurred i called her Mein Fuhrer and did she send me a nasty PM...I think the truth hurts..I truly hope they read these posts & comments & wake up to themselves

Anonymous said...

you are the best conspiracy !!! the only person telling it as it is and with honesty and objectivity.

Im not a member of their forum because I refuse to even contemplate towing their bullshit lines and bowing down to kiss arse nazis disguised and dog breeding bong smoking dutch bitches....Oh wait..thats not a disguise..thats them for real!!!!

I do read their forum(but they know this because the spy on every one on all the forums according to their little tirade today)
I noted tonight all the replies to SMOUZAMOUTHS lecture about banning and deleting the posts of those that dare to not only think for themselves but have the audacity to actually post their opinions....my god and on a forum too the cheek of their members!
Anyway I have digressesed...oh yes the responses of the members that replied..all along the lines of " you are so right souza".." respect and love is everything you are right souza" 'when you invite people into your house they shouldn't spit on your floor"
you goddamn arse kissing dumbshits

Mind you..would you disagree with what they posted knowing you will not only be stalked on other forums but banned?
goose stepping bitches!

hey anyone know where silverfuck has gone? since destroying Andromedas forum Im wondering what are the odds he can go wipe out smouzamouths forum too lol

Anonymous said...

Don't forget the other board, it's always good for a laugh.
An example:

Anonymous said...

OMG, you`re an asshole MJHDC!! that video is disgusting! Be ashamed of yourself!

MJHD Conspiracy said...

Anonymous said: "OMG, you`re an asshole MJHDC!! that video is disgusting! Be ashamed of yourself!"

Oh I am ashamed of myself. Every morning I awake ashamed but within seconds I get over it.

I don't get the disgusting part myself though, merely a comparison between the S&M forum and Auschwitz. But to each his own.

anonymous 3 said...

rofl.. if people don't get it by now, they're not worth the effort.
Pictures say so much more than words ever will.
@Anonymous: 7:02 AM
And why would that video be disgusting? It's the truth in case you didn't know, no more skipping history classes for you....lmao
And a really good comparison it is..lmao

Anonymous said...

Even though the Holocaust is no laughing matter, I couldn't help but giggle at the comparison! LOL

The only difference between a concentration camp and the S&M Forum, though, is that the sheeple actually THANK Hitler... I mean, Souza - for the treatment! LMAO, those people are smoking waaay too much pot over there.

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