The Final Chapter

Previously ... Mo was killed by Souza with a single gunshot, Bumkolo was killed by Henda with a single gunshot, Henda was killed by Amy by being blown up, and Souza was killed by Mo with a shower hose. Yeah I know it is fucked up that Mo was never really dead but sometimes things happen for a reason.

Mo awoke from her sleep, she looked over at Amy lying next to her on the bed, she lifted the covers and looked down. She still couldn't get over the fact that Amy had a Paul Hogan tattoo on her back. She looked at the clock and realized it was time.

Mo: Wake up Amy.
Amy: (still half asleep) I'll be up in five minutes Michael.
Mo: What? Michael? That's a man.
Amy: What? Morning honey.
Mo: Get dressed. We have to go do this.
Amy: Yeah in a few, I need my beauty sleep.
Mo: Just get fucking dressed we haven't got that long.
Amy: Oh someone woke up crabby.
Mo: Come on. I'll make some coffee.

After drinking coffee, and relaxing for a while, Mo and Amy started their journey in Amy's VW Beetle; Savage Garden was playing on the radio. Amy looked nervous as she drove. Mo sat in the passenger seat, checking the gun, making sure everything was ready. The song finished on the radio and the DJ spoke "G'day cobbers it's a fantastic day here in Brisbane and if your thinking of going to the Entertainment Arena to see Michael Jackson give a speech you better hurry up. It's 98 degrees out there so cover up and be safe. And now for a classic from INXS." Amy turned the radio off.

Mo: You know we have to do this.
Amy: But why? Why can't we just forget it.
Mo: It has to be done. It is what needs to be done. How can we keep the forum going if we don't?
Amy: But I could just create another website.
Mo: About Michael?
Amy: I was thinking of DiapersAndPeanutButter.com.
Mo: Well don't think just drive.
Amy: Or AmyAndMo.com.
Mo: Yeah, whatever, just get us there.
Amy: Are you sure about this?
Mo: Very.

Arriving at the Entertainment Arena Mo handed the gun to Amy. Amy took the gun; she didn't want to but her love for Mo meant she had no other choice. She slipped the small gun into the waistband of her jeans. They went in. Security were randomly checking people as they entered the building. Mo walked past the security guards without a problem, but Amy was asked to step to the side.

Guard: Excuse miss would you mind removing your jacket?
Amy: What for?
Guard: Just a security check. Nothing major.
Amy: But my girlfriend went through.
Guard: Well just take of the jacket and you can go through once you have been checked.
Amy: But. But...

As Amy started to take off her jacket her nerves were going haywire. Her hands were sweating as she unzipped her jacket.

Guard: Bit warm for a jacket?
Amy: Uh yeah. I have skin cancer.
Guard: Sorry to hear that.
Amy: It's OK.
Guard: Holy fucking shit! Is that who I think it is?
Amy: Yeah.
Guard: A fucking Paul Hogan tattoo on your arm. Now that is classy. I hope they make another Crocodile Dundee film.
Amy: You like the films?
Guard: Strewth. I watch them all at least once a week. Well as a fellow Paul Hogan fan you can go through.

Amy breathed a sigh of relief. She was sure the gun was hidden enough but didn't want to take any risks. She caught up to Mo who was waiting anxiously. They headed into the main arena. Pushing their way to the front they split up, Amy going to the left, and Mo going to the right. Then without too much delay Michael stepped on stage and walked to the podium. Amy thought it weird that she had not heard an announcement. Michael stood at the podium and started to speak. "Thank you, thank you very much. This is it. No, really this time it truly is it..." Amy was looking at him something didn't seem right. She looked over and saw Mo stood there watching her. Mo nodded towards Michael. This was the signal that Amy had been waiting for. She pulled the gun from her waistband, pointed it at Michael, and shouted "FOR MJHD" She let out two shots; both hitting Michael.

No sooner had the shots been fired pandemonium went through the entire arena. People were diving to the ground, covering their heads. Mothers were grabbing their children and covering them. It was complete madness. Then another shot was heard. Amy fell to the ground. A single shot to the head. Mo looked over to see that Amy had been shot, and started to make her way to the doors.

Mo ran from the arena, in all the pandemonium she had managed to get away without being stopped. She leaned against a wall out of breath. She smiled. Everything had gone according to her plan. She never intended to share the top spot with Amy; just use her. She had to get to a computer. She had to finish the last stage of her plan.

Sitting in a little cyber cafe Mo registered the domain MichaelJacksonDead.com. She set up a front page and forum exactly as Amy had taught her. This was too easy she thought to herself, all the grieving fans will be at my website donating money. I'm going to be rich.

She waited for her email to load up, as she did she turned around to watch the TV that was on in the corner of the cafe. She saw that it was about Michael being shot. She called over for someone to turn up the TV. The reporter started to speak.

"I'm outside the Entertainment Arena, here in downtown Brisbane. Just a couple of hours ago a woman, who the police have named as Amy Sampson, shot who she thought was Michael Jackson. Police shot her and she died instantly. Just to recap Michael Jackson is alive but unfortunately E'Casanova is dead."

Mo couldn't believe it. She slammed her fist down on the table. Then she smiled, the smile then broke into laughter. She checked her email. There was the one she had been waiting for:

Thank you for choosing GoDaddy as your hosting company. The following domains have been successfully registered.


Please contact Technical Support if you have any questions regarding this transaction. Once again thank you for choosing GoDaddy.

Mo checked the website. Three members had already joined MichaelJacksonLivesForever; and one had donated $10.



Anonymous said...

oh,my fault ...i read:killed with a single cumshot......well,not that far fetched as an idea....

Anonymous said...

OMG. Epic!!!

anonymous 3 said...

hahahaha, love your imagination and the descriptions, omg it is like one of those surround movies, you feel like you're in the middle.....ROFL!!

Angie The F 777 said...

Mo outsmarted them all?!!! LOLLLLLLLLLL

Anonymous said...

Damn, I'm glad Michael didn't die! That was somewhat disturbing to me, even though it's fiction, LOL.

"This is it. No, really this time it truly is it..." Hahahah, how cute!

Oh well, it's sad that this saga is over, but I had fun reading it, hehe!

3D said...

Well I don't get why Mo is stll standing, but it's your blog. Quite worried when Michael was shot , but relieved when it was he was missed I don't like playing with Michael's life, even for fun. But what I don't get is, if Souza is Hitler, and Hitler is the star? as we all know from history, then maybe Souza should have been the last one standing with Amy? Or maybe you are following the biblical version, and Mo is really the anti-Christ who rises from her wounds and lives again? Either way, Souza and Mo are full of shit and they need to stop talking and let the real investigators continue on their forum. S&M , if you are smart, let your banned members return. Read your own archives, you used to really hum. Now you just shit.


Anonymous said...

G'day cobbers went out in the early 1900's and Aussieland turned to Celcius in the 70's...and for strewth, thats a rarity...sadly we have become too americanised over here and losing our boganness...damn baseball caps have ruined us all...Oh and Paul Hogan after his plastic surgery hes on the outer too plus a tax cheat 'allegedly'...Poor MJ could not have a chosen a more hole of a place than Brisbane, it really sucks badly..

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