Auntie Amy Is Dead Long Live Souza And Mo

You can always tell a forum started by people who were once members of MJHD.COM; and have been influenced by Auntie Amy's "iron fist" way of running a forum.

Souza, found it in her heart to post a thread entitled "When will people get banned and when will posts be deleted?" which is basically some bullshit post trying to rationalize the way members get banned.

Now, before the haters all come on supporting Souza and Mo read the fucking post that Souza did, and then read this blog post before you all start bitching like a bunch of lost fucking puppies.

So here is Souza's post (with all spelling and grammar errors intact):

"Due to some comments of some lovely people here that are complaining about them being banned, after they have stated that they didn't even like it here, I decided to let you all know WHEN Mo and I will permanently ban someone and also when we delete posts or threads.

First let me explain you that there are people on the fora (not just this one, also on others) that have an agenda. What do I mean by that? Well it means they don't have an open mind, they have their orders to ridicule other members or theories. Why? Well I will let you decide for yourself. Those members mostly have very few posts and only made an account to bash someone in a thread or try to get people on their sides. We like to call them "bad news'. They are not here to help, they are here to provoke, to bash and to ridicule.

So who gets a permanent ban?

  • those 'bad news' posters
  • anyone that is disrespectful towards other members, mods or admins
  • anyone that is only provoking in threads and trying to stir things up, without wanting to give a decent argumentation themselves
  • people that posts threads about the fact that they do nopt agree with the way we handle this forum
  • People making threats to other members, the mods or admins

Believe me, we check other hoaxrelated sites as well and other people are monitoring for us elsewhere too, so the fact that some play nice over here does not mean they have misbehaved about members from this forum somewhere else.

We can see more then you can, so we know more than you do about certain members. We do have freedom of speech here and that will stay that way. Everyone is allowed to disagree, as long as they will share their own, decent stated thoughts about it. People that will make comments like "This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen/read, you are insane, who the fuck do you think you are, he would never do that" are not only thinking for someone they do not even know, they are also not contributing anything relevant to this board. It's not a matter of Freedom of Speech, it's a matter of attitude and behaviour.

I know most of you don't feel addressed at all, and most of you indeed shouldn't. This post is to make clear why we do what we do because I can assure you, after 7 months on the way and 5 months of bashing and threats towards us, we are sick and tired of the drama and the circus.

If you like to bash, hate and ridicule, I advise you to check out some hoax bloggers on the net, they are good at it but we won't tolerate it.

Every thread or post that appears on this board with childish comments like "I got banned by Mo/Souza for nothing, we have no freedom of speech here" will be deleted and the poster gets a ban.

When will a post be deleted?

  • If it creates unstopable drama
  • If it is provoking an whatever way
  • If we get argumented complaints
  • If it's from trolls we don't trust or of which w think they are playing very nasty games with people
  • Double posts (the newest one will be deleted)

We got the attack with the BoW thread that we can't decide for others. Well there are minors on this forum and instable people, people that are easily influenced by these kind of people. I will not allow that kind of posts here on the board, because we are not all strong and mature, we have kids here too and there are very bad people that even try to obtain personal info from (young) members. We have the task to keep this forum as safe as it can be for everyone, and if you are interested in the BoW posts, you are free to check other forums as well, it's not like you can only be on this board.

Is your thread deleted or have you received a ban and you don't agree, you can contact us by e-mail, see contact page. If you have problems with a thread, a poster, a mods decision, or whatever problem you might endure: same story... e-mail or pm us.

I really hope I explained this now for once and for all and all I am asking is some understanding on this matter.

This is how it is. Strict and harsh? Maybe...but this forum needs to focus on something that is of importance, and that is Mike and his message.


Strict and harsh? Maybe... You have to be fucking kidding. Didn't I already cover this shit. Put the fucking weed down before you start typing. It is like saying Hitler was a bit harsh. You run the forum like some sort of concentration camp. Anyone steps out of line you take them to the gas chamber and delete their account.

And what is this bullshit that you check other hoax related sites and monitor what your members do there too? You should both pack your shit up, wave goodbye, and move to Germany. I'm sure they are looking for a couple of egotistical socialists that think they control more than they really do.

You are one forum out of many, in many different languages, you have the backing of a faggot that calls himself Badkolo, big fucking deal. You are still just one forum. And other people monitoring other sites to see what your own members say - give me a fucking break Adolf. But you don't leave it there you have to mention freedom of speech like you believe in it. Fuck off right now, you are just taking the piss. If any of your 6 members that are left feel they have freedom of speech they should be hospitalized by their parents. You don't even know the meaning of freedom of speech. It does not mean ban anyone who disagrees with you.

And as for threads being deleted - get over yourself. Shit, if you applied your own 'rules' to your own posts then most of your drug induced shit would have been deleted by now.

A thread can be deleted for being provoking in any way? What, like thought provoking? Shut the fuck up. It's the Nazi forum - think like we do or be ridiculed by the Admins and then banned.

You couldn't even get it right about the 'hoax bloggers' that allegedly like to bash, ridicule, and hate. I'm presuming that I am included in that statement. I do bash, hate, and ridicule - but only the people who deserve it. The people that have took this hoax and tried to make some fucked up theory and then belittle everyone who does not agree with them. Read the comments on this blog Souza, 25% of the people don't agree with me - now that is freedom of speech because their opinion still gets published.

See, it is not getting everyone to agree with you. Fuck that, it is never going to happen. It is about getting people to look for themselves at everything. Don't take anything for granted because someone told you - check it out for yourself.

And just when you think it cannot get any more retarded, lo and behold Mo follows up with another post on the same thread:

"Maybe needless to say, but the same as stated by Souza about the forums goes of course for the chat room as well.

Last week I posted a thread about what's discussed in the Hoax Room, and asked everyone to take non hoax related topics to the Chit Chat Room. Please do as we ask, as the non hoax related chat is very annoying for those who want to have a serious conversation in the Hoax Room.

Transcripts can be pulled, and this morning I had to ban a member because of ridiculing and bashing us and this website in the Chit Chat Room. That of course won't be tolerated."

Now as their chat is Gixaw Chat, Basic 2, the thing that Mo forgets to mention when rambling about pulling transcripts - this isn't just chat transcripts it is also PM transcripts. And before the dyke duo claim that is not so DON'T take my word word for go to www.gixawchat.com and check for yourselves. Administrators have the right to ALL transcripts including PM as long as it is not the free one.

It is not about keeping transcripts for the sake of prosperity. The dutch duo have done so many drugs that paranoia is setting in. They are worried that if they do not delete posts which ask questions, posts which disagree, members who want to know, then their little safe world will collapse around them. The only reason it is going to collapse is because the Double Dong team are the ones creating the drama, and are running the forum and chat like a concentration camp.



Anna.K said...

Let me take the liberty to be petty to people here for just a sec and say a big f'in I TOLD YOU SO. I got personnally attacked by Mo and Souza a while back (I used to be friends wit Mo) when I called them out on their manipulative behaviour with fellow MJHD members. They would come under my name in chat and spread all sorts of lies under my name or their own.

They're CRAZY. Seriously, literally crazy. Everyone's first clue was the "MJ killed Lady Gaga's dog for autopsies" theory. Not to mention "Ashton Kutcher's twin is hatman" and "TII is a mockumentary".

When they threatened to sue for defamation of character, that was the richest thing I have ever heard from them.

Anonymous said...

dont fool yourself.
amy isn't dead..
amy has now more followers
souza, mo, bad are followers of amy
amys goal: lead ppl into .... ?

mj is alive.
mj currently stays (read you blog!!)

money money money.
and some followers will be rewarded. kick kick kick.. :-)
they bought the shit..

anonymous 3 said...

question : do the Dutchies have a little moustache??? .... LMAO
I was wondering when you would get to that Conspiracy.
Have you seen the thread where the members are thanking them? If I wouldn't be such a naive ignorant, I would be starting to believe they put those posts up themselves...rofl
Maybe they have multiple personalities and are posting under all those different nicks and registering themselves as new members.... OMG they might not even now they are doing that!! It is a serious disorder.......

Lorrie said...

Those two posts present a perfect picture of two mentally disturbed people who mistakenly believe they are FAR more important in this universe than they actually are. I never took either of the Dutch KooKoos seriously because their "theories" and repeatedly juvenile behavior were way too effed up to be anything more than entertainment.

As for MJkit 2.0, it's merely a very faint shadow of what it used to be, when it had primarily intelligent, open-minded, and mentally stable members who enjoyed actually discussing a wide range of topics instead of dictating self-important nonsense and giving in to intolerant, paranoid ridiculousness.

Reading the threads there these days (which I can do effortlessly, despite my alleged “permanent” ban) is one big snooze-fest. I only bother to see if someone has discovered anything useful or relevant, and that hasn't happened yet.

So, the Dutch KooKoos can forget about the forum ever returning to its former glory because the types of members that transformation would require are either long gone or incapable of putting up with their predictable crap.

And the Great Delusion continues...

anonymous 3 said...

@Lorrie : as an ex-MJHD and ex-MJDHI member (good thing my marriage is more stable than my hoax site's memberships....rofl) I couldn't agree more, you took the words right out of my mouth. Nice to meet some sane people once in every while..rofl
Don't you ever stop this blog Conspiracy (it is said in a very loving way; I don't have a little moustache...lol)

Angie The F 777 said...

Anna K
U said:
"They would come under my name in chat and spread all sorts of lies under my name or their own."
All i can say is WOW. Wondering what those lies were about though..

Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree with the above comments more. The forum has turned into a circus.

The same happened at MJHD when Souza decided to adopt her holier than thou attitude and think she was better than the majority of the members on there.

Mjkit went down the pan when "Double Douche" decided to make their triumphant return and ruin all of the hard work that members had put into it.

I will make a prediction now that MJHDI will end up the same way. People can only take so much before they just decided to say a big STFU and walk away from it. Drama follows them wherever they go so maybe they need to re-evaluate things and realise that it's them who are the shit stirrers and no-one else.

To the members on MJDHI who are still blind to their actions, and this is meant with nothing but good intentions, take your head out of their asses and you may be able to see things a bit more clearly.

Anonymous said...

(souza and mo reffered to here now as 'it')
it is power hungry .
it is boring.
it is egocentric.
it is EXTEMELY manipulative.
and it would NEVER HAVE A SMIDGEN OF A CLUE what MJ would want.
its just an insane little ant.

Anonymous said...

Yay! I saw that thread today on the S&M Forum and I was wondering if you would post something about it... I'm so glad you did! BRAVO, Conspiracy! I agree 100%. *clapping*

"And other people monitoring other sites to see what your own members say - give me a fucking break Adolf."

WTF? This is just unbelievable. Those two girls are even more messed up in the head than I imagined. And have you read the comments on that thread? Are those people fucking serious?!

Anonymous said...

Awwwwwwww, The Double Dutch Hounds are concerned about minors being influenced in a bad way! That is laughable, because if that were so ,they would have never posted the trash theories that they have! But I guess they consider their mind control/ Illuminati and dog autopsy posts a good influence on minors! S&M ARE the bad people, so children beware, you need protected from them! By the way S&M ,if you are so worried about children, then make your site readable by members ONLY, and membership to adults only!

Anonymous said...

Conspiracy...As all the decent ex MJHD members are here on your blog i reckon you should start your own forum...Go on...Im sure you have plenty of support out there...That would certainly fuck up the double dykes & gaykolo

Anonymous said...

Oh stop your relentless Poor Me "victim" bitching, Anna.K! You constantly whine all over this blog and your own blog about how everyone fucks you. Ever thought maybe the problem is YOU, fucking genius? Your enemy list is a mile long! LMFAO!

Anonymous said...

"You should both pack your shit up, wave goodbye, and move to Germany. I'm sure they are looking for a couple of egotistical socialists that think they control more than they really do."

I am not passing judgment on Mo & Souza since frankly I don't care and I think that all this fighting is so nonsensical but I want to comment on your statement above:

No, "they" (the Germans) are not looking for a couple of egotistical socialists that think they control more than they really do.

Germany has a dark past. So do many countries however. Germany's dark past is in the past and will hopefully never surface again.

Reflection said...

"If it is provoking an whatever way"

Even if it is thought-provoking...?

I'm glad I'm not involved in any of this.

For me it's only about Michael. Only him.

Anna.K said...

@Anonymous :

If my problem is having the balls to tell someone they're manipulative and getting out of control, then I'm more than fine with it.

If you actually DO check out history, my problems have always been with Smouza and their sympathizers. It's them against us who actually don't condone any kind of mind-boggling B.S and speak up against it.

Anonymous said...

Wow! I NOW understand why Germany is the key!! LOL You nailed it again conspiracy - hats off to you! LMAO

Anonymous said...

I like the way you write about this and I surprised myself cracking up reading.I also mention to you that I'm on both forums. And the reason it makes me laugh is because : does they need to go that far ? I mean, what's that ? Didn't we come here because we care about Michael and what happened to him that day ? I don't give a fuck about two freaks trying to mind-control members of their board : if that give a sense of life,fine.
I'm here on these forums for a purpose,and nothing won't stop me.
All the way to you ! Your blog is genius !

Anonymous said...

I won't be suprised if souza and mo's website is hacked or shutdown.
they both act like asswholes...
they act like they have huge sticks up there asses. I actually started to like the website
but when I noticed the admostphere of their wesbite getting very nasty and negative it made me leave very quick.
I mean you can't even chat in their chatroom with out them heeving over you making sure you don't say the wrong thing or its like if you blink they kick you out and ban you from their chatroom. alot of people will soon be leaving there website. thats already coming.. more members everyday will leave their website unstill they won't have any.

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