Same Scam - Same Old Henda

So Henda has finally graced MJHD.NET with his presence. Oh boy they never learn. Tell you what, why not ask the Double Dong team nicely and they might let you change your name to MJHD.COM.

What the fuck are you thinking? Let all these fuckers that created drama on MJHD.COM in on MJHD.NET and watch it fucking sink down the fucking toilet. Way to go. Might as well pack your shit up now; because within five months it will be in the same state that MJHD.COM was in when that shut down.

Firstly Henda joins under the topic "I'm Back". Big fucking deal. Let me ask them to roll the fucking red carpet out. Sorry, but nobody even knew you were gone; or cared. But what the fuck seems you went to the bother of announcing "I'm back" might as welcome you back... "Welcome back fuck stain. MJHD.NET needs an overinflated ego and look here you are."

Sorry but did anyone even know Henda had ever not been around? I thought he'd fucked off to jack off to WWE and Fishing magazines.

But don't give this guy time to breathe because he has an idea. On the second day of being a member he wants to drag a shitty idea over from MJHD.COM. Great idea. Bring Amy with you, she'll keep the members in line as it seems Lara may not be up to the job with all the monkey business she is allowing to go on. Lara, just as a suggestion, ban 4thetruth and Tis_ruthy, those two lying cunts were both in that Michael Jackson scam together. The only boyfriend involved is whichever one decided to be the butch bitch that night.

Anyway I digress again, Henda comes to MJHD.NET and wants to start a fund just like he suggested at MJHD.COM. Way to go genius. The idea never happened there what makes you think it is going to happen here. But wait, it involves PayPal. Truly the student has learned from the master; and Amy has taught this boy well.

Wake up. If it looks like shit, and it smells like shit you don't have to buy it to know it is shit. Get a fund together, cream some off the top. Wait, WWE King Of The Ring is pay-per-view; that is what he needs the money for - and Henda it is not King Of The Ring like you are thinking. He should of at least been honest and just said "Buy a band so I can jack off to Chris Jericho when he sweats."

You want to buy a band, buy the one below:



MichaelTheKing said...

Damn i missed you . Been away for awhile, now I'm here stopping by your awesome kick ass page!!
back and refreshed , thanks for the laughs and your postings .

Anonymous said...

Did anyone else notice that by some strange coincidence just near hendas post announcing himself was that silverfish fucker biscuit(aka Goldie) also announcing herself

why was I the only one to find this not only strange...but very scary..especially now that Lara has gone into hiding ...the forum is left in the hands of moronic weak moderators like wozinack and mjforever who were stupid enough to post in the thread where the "fake" michael jackson aka tis ruthy and 4 the truth were acting as MJ...these 2 mods were in there posting fucking hellos to Michael Jackson in case he was real...are you bitches that gullible??? at least mjforever had eno9ugh balls to suggest the offer proof..but wozinack just pissed in her pants showed her usual lack of balls and sent flower smilies and a big hello and warm welcome if you are Michael..wtf

PROTECT your already disturbed members you fool!

The members picked up the user name changes and log ons not the 2 start struck moderators..oh no not this lot

And so now to add to the weak moderators..here come the MJHD bad guys....this just gets more and more idiotic by the fucking day

Anonymous said...

You are trying soo hard to get some sense into those people and it IS entertaining, I have to admit, BUT they will never learn... wanna bet?

Anonymous said...

Exactely! I didn't believe my eyes when I saw that. Way to go, what a nerve! cringes..

Anonymous said...

Now even the marriage cert of MJ and LMP is a fake - as the allknowing MJHD.net forum members claim:

So maybe MJ and LMP hoaxed their marriage?!


Conspi I am so thankful for you and your blog, you are the light of sanity in this bunch of madness :).

Anonymous said...

maybe you shoud create you own forum mjhdc... it seems that you`re bored.. but I think the only thing you can do is bashing and insulting..L.A.M.E.

MJHD Conspiracy said...

Anonymous said: "maybe you shoud create you own forum mjhdc... it seems that you`re bored.. but I think the only thing you can do is bashing and insulting..L.A.M.E."

L.A.M.E? Transferring L.O.V.E to L.A.M.E now that is lame and retarded. Keep up the good work and one day your Mom might let you take the helmet off.

Anonymous said...

Seems to be En Vogue to write with dots like: I.D.I.O.T.

Conspi, maybe you should try that too: P.E.A.C.E. ;).

Anonymous said...

@ anonymous 10.35pm

well mitch, woz is your buddy & you left to create your own graveyard of a forum with that cripple diana jean. that didn't work out did it? mjhd.net is gonna blow up just like the other place. all the old mods and morons are hard at work to make it go down even faster. after all lara doesn't have a clue who she's got in charge and who she's dealing with. she thinks those idiots are her friends. hmmm.... wtf???

Anonymous said...

thanks for your answer mjhdc....you are so creative...lmao. you are a little bit aggressive the last days.. maybe you should look for a girlfriend and have a little bit fun.. :)

Anonymous said...

"The only boyfriend involved is whichever one decided to be the butch bitch that night."

LMAOOOOO!! Oh Dog... you're too funny! xD

Anonymous said...

All those mods, incl. the ex-mods from the old forum, are a bunch of spineless, backstabbing cunts. The lot of them!

Anonymous said...

Kolbey and wozniack are responsible for the attacks on Lara. They want her to leave, so they can take the place over, more than they already have. Can you imagine?

Anonymous said...

Henda11's topic at mjhd.net:
"Guys, do you not think we should all create a fund and get as many of these wristbands as we can to share out between all of us?. I came up with this idea on MJHD.com but the site disappeared a while back. The bands could contain " Heal The World ", L.O.V.E or a message of your own if its something to do with MJ. They come in a variaty of colours, and we could open some kind of donation through paypal?,i would happily set it up and give the admins of this site access to the account just so that it gives a sense of sercurity for those who don't know me or may not trust me."

Paypal, fund, donation... Reminds me in something.


Anonymous said...

LMAO!!! They look like cockrings!!!!

Anonymous said...

Part2 of his post:
"And once we've reached a total to get a certain amount of bands, we can give them out to those who firstly donated and then they can be given out to those who want one on a 1st come 1st server basis and we can get the LOVE out there, and maybe even sell them on the front page of this website?..
feel free to reply to this if you want to possibly try."

As you wrote Conspi, Same Scam...
Ans as you can read the members love the idea - and forgot history.

Or do I get that post wrong?

Anonymous said...

I completely agree with you on banning 4theTruth and Tis_Ruthy. I could tell they were BOTH in on that impersonating MJ bullshit as it all went down. Tis_Ruthy was all laughs about it and defending 4theTruth until it started to turn ugly and THEN all of a sudden, she is appalled and starts to ACCUSE 4theTruth! What the hell. I get so angry at posters sometimes because they flip-flop SO EASILY! At first they were all gung ho on banning 4theTruth because it is cold and insensitive to impersonate MJ UNTIL a Mod comes on and thinks 4theTruth should be given another chance. Well, everyone is so afraid to piss off the Mods that they turn on a dime and agree that 4theTruth should be given another chance! Unbelievable!

I also noticed that Henda is bringing MJHF.com crap over like trying to convince everyone to believe in TIAI and their 400 pages of bullshit that they expect everyone to read and then swoon at the thought of how much time and thought was put into it so we could see the REAL TRUTH!

I wouldn't be surprised if half the Mods on MJHF.com are Mods on MJHD.net, just under a different name. DON'T BUY INTO THE BULLSHIT YOU ARE BEING FED!

ROFL said...

Glad I never posted there , just created an account but never go in there
WTF ? hahaha people are so gullible XD LMAO
I don't know who is this henda , ruthy or anyone of them but that's madddd FUNNY hahaha

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with Anonymous @ 11:51 AM
Couldn't have said it any better myself! Bravo!

MJHD Conspiracy said...

Please note that since yesterday Blogspot's comments have not been working.


Soon as they are back I'll get them all up.

MichaelTheKing said...

Conspiracy would you consider making a forum?

anonymous 3 said...

and if you would can I join?...lol

Reflection said...

"Michael Jackson is back ..."


If only it were true.

Reflection said...

"It's unclear why the brothers wouldn't jump at the chance for a paycheck ... but then again, it's the Jacksons ... so nothing is ever as it seems."

Read more: http://www.tmz.com/category/michael-jackson/#ixzz0e225MqWd

Reflection said...

That sounds eerily like someone we 'know'...

"We're told Dr. Klein stored certain drugs at a pharmacy he used to fill prescriptions for patients. When the drugs would expire, there was a protocol for destroying them. But Klein says Ayers would go to the pharmacy and get expired Demerol for his own use -- and the pharmacy gave it to him. Klein says the pharmacy violated protocol."

Read more: http://www.tmz.com/category/michael-jackson/page/3/#ixzz0e28RyRHw

anonymous 3 said...

hmm, still not up and running again??
Conspiracy are you conspiring maybe?!....roflmao
It's a sign it's a sign...hahaha

MJHD Conspiracy said...

As can be seen by the moderated comments. Everything appears to be working now.

Anonymous said...

Oh happy day...oh happy day...(all together now)
when Henda's mod again
oh happy day

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