Listen Up Crackheads

Over at the S&M Forum, there is a thread all about a doggie and how vile and disgusting they are. Laughing My Fucking Ass Off. You fucking crackheads need to lay off the drugs.

The post entitled "Can Anybody Let Me Know What Is This All About?" was started by Becca26, who goes on the forum and pretends she knows nothing about the blog post which I entitled "Rest In Peace Mo".

Then as usual they get into the whole mud slinging and saying that the blog should be taken for making death threats. Just to clear the matter up I didn't make a death threat; I wrote a fictional piece of literature. If you think that is a death threat Agatha Christie, Stephen King, John Grisham would of all been arrested years ago.

See you dumb fucks don't even know what you are bitching about any more. You just come out with some cum-induced crap hoping that Hitler and Goering might notice it and thank you for being such faithful sheep.

So everyone (Becca26, Kirsche, TruthBeTold, DancingTheDream, Jude (who managed to spell LOSERS correctly this time), IBelieveInMiracles, Puff, AngelShadow, MumOf3, Nefferteareya, AintNoSunshine, Liegi and all the others) learn to read and then decide what to type. Not just some shit because it sounds good in your feeble mind. Because it wasn't good. It made no sense. You hate what? The freedom of speech that I can write my own opinion?

And then we get Souza opening her fucking mouth saying: "My reaction to this is not suitable for this board as there are minors reading also. I think that says it all. This is not deleted because I hope people of this board will report this kind of hate to blogspot.com as well, like we already did. This blogger attacks us personally, but does not have the balls to reveal himself. First it was Amy, now it's us, I wonder who will be his target if his fantasies about us are becoming less interesting."

Fucking hell, how much bullshit can be on one forum? I haven't attacked you personally, other than a few names, I've attacked your ethos and how you treat people. I never attacked Auntie Amy either I just hated the way she ran things. And as for my next 'target' it depends on who runs a forum with such disrespect to their members like you do.

Souza grow a fucking pair of balls. I tell everyone my thoughts exactly as I think them. I don't hide behind some excuse to not say it. And as for BlogSpot pulling the blog I don't think so, there is nothing breaking their terms and conditions. The EFF would have a fucking field day if they did.

And just why are they going to take this blog down? Oh, because I show hatred to people being misled. Great reason. I can play that game too, I sent BlogSpot a copy of the entire blog, and various links to your forum where you allow hatred to the Jackson family to constantly persist.

See Souza, its not just about showing hatred. If you allow hatred to be shown, you have to expect to receive it. I receive hatred, I get hate emails. Think I care? No. Doesn't bother me one little bit. You know why? Because someone is thinking and making a decision. So it is all good.

You allow hatred to various people on your forum, the bashing of the Jackson family and others, yet when someone points out something that is very wrong with your website and forum you cannot handle it.



Anonymous said...

oh blogger you have problems...that`s so boring here.. how old are you?? 12?? LAME!!! when you were bashing the old mjhd,you liked mjkit, didn`t you??!

and don`t say "if you don`t like it, don`t read it" because I could say the same to you.

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