Michael Will Save Us From WW3

So a post on the Double Dong forum, by Mo, entitled "September 3rd and the significance of this date" suggests that Michael faked his death to stop World War III.

Admittedly there are some dates from WW2 which have significance to September 3rd; but why is Michael going to stop WW3?

Didn't the same fucked up dutch duo try and imply Michael was being mind-controlled by the Illuminati? So now the Illuminati want to stop WW3.

But if you buy into the Illuminati theory they are all the major bankers of the world, control every government, and funded both sides in WW2. So if WW3 happens the Illuminati gain in two aspects:
  • They will fund all sides again; meaning they will control the eventual winner (if there really can be a winner).
  • They will achieve one of their goals set out in the Georgia Guidestones which states: "Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature."
Surely WW3 will be a nuclear war which will all but wipe out humanity? Thus, giving the Illuminati a start on reducing the population to 500 million.

So what are they controlling Michael's mind for? To try and make it look like they didn't start WW3? These people don't care what everyone thinks of them.

That is all based on the fact that the shadowy Illuminati actually exists and have as much control as suspected.

You can't have it both ways. Either Michael is controlled by the Illuminati or he isn't and is working against this elusive group of people.

Which makes you wonder just how much effort the Double Dong duo put into their theories before attempting to brainwash their members with their latest theory. Because if you are a member and you disagree with the Dutch dykes you are banned.

Don't Buy In To Their Bullshit.



Anonymous said...

lets feed the monkey..
thats their goal. The followers believe it. So love and peace is all around. In the meantime: Sony/CBS earns more money out of this shit.

And Souza, Mo and Chris are their truly followers. Who is behind????
money, money, money.

Souza, Mo, Bad: you have already lost..

Anonymous said...

meet and greed:

Anonymous said...

LOL, Michael sings a couple of songs about saving the world and suddenly he is "the target" of the Illuminati. Yeah right. And I am the Pope. =/

Anonymous said...

Oh and by the way, how is Michael Jackson going to stop World War III from happening? Sure he is a powerful and influential man, but shamone! LOL

And I'm LMAO at the "clue" (according to Souza) - the song "Cry"... Hahaha some people are really grasping at straws now!

Anonymous said...

actually,the nwo doesnt want to have more than 5 milliard population.we are nearly now 7 milliards...its 2 milliards to erase....

but anyway,i still say,its more profan story than everybody is thinking of....

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Lorrie said...

And people have actually wasted moments of their lives they will never get back leaving comments on that crap. What a trip, and so very pitiful. The crazies just won't leave Michael alone.

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