Is MichaelJacksonHoaxDeath Illegal?

Auntie Amy may have been quick out of the gate in setting up MJHD; but was she too quick?

Back in the latter part of September this year, Michael's estate started proceedings, which were eventually filed September 29, 2009, in a Los Angeles court.

The basis of the filing, is that "Allegedly using Michael Jackson's name and likeness without permission, as well as cybersquatting and trademark infringement."

Also, the suit states, "It pertains to the foundation allegedly using Jackson's name. Apparently, they've been doing it to get fans' donations for what appears to be a Jackson-related cause."

The question, therefore, is this: Is MichaelJacksonHoaxDeath.com illegally taking donations because of the words Michael Jackson in the web address?

Surprisingly enough most Intellectual Property lawyers seem to think that all the websites which sprung up after the 'reported death' are illegal; whether they accept donations or not.

The drama, and in-house arguing, over at MJHD could soon be the least of their worries as the Michael Jackson Estate has reportedly said they are looking into this and more lawsuits will be filed so that unscrupulous people cannot defame, or misuse, Michael's name.



Anonymous said...

Good.I hope Amy's diaper rash ass is the first one hung. She is making money off his name and there is no doubt about that.

Anonymous said...

I hope you are right, since that would difenetlty be a good thing!

Anonymous said...

I am very surprised by the results of the poll of the blog. I think that Amy comes here to have a look and answer the poll. Have u noticed there is 7 votes for "Amy is not cashing in" How come?? lol

Anonymous said...

BWAHAHAHAAA OMG I really peed my pants and I don't wear a diaper DAMN!

Check this out: http://www.michaeljacksonhoaxdeath.com/?page_id=293/this-is-it-movie-discussion/my-interpretation-of-the-forum-listed-in-the-credits/

They really mean "The Forum" (listed in the credits) is the meaning of THEIR forum LMAO!!! The level sinks and sinks... WOW! They reached a NEW level of dumbness! I can't believe that ROFL!!!

QUOTE: "For those who do not believe in the hoax,they will know nothing about the forum and not take much interest in what it actually means,yes?."


MJHD forum is not the only forum on the net AND it is NOT NOT NOT THAT forum they mean "The LA Forum" (for the dummies it's kinda a building) DUMBASSES!!!

I L. O. V. E. this site, always a good laugh!

But I L. O. V. E. this blog MORE :o)!

Anonymous said...

They are full of themselves over there. Shows the level of intellegence they have to believe it was their forum.
Isn't there medical help for extreme paranoia?

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