Why Do MJHD Administrators Always Have To Lie?

Auntie Amy started the ball rolling, with constant lies, and seems to have set the trend for all of the people that take the role of Administrator over at MJHD.

Silverfish, made a big thing about being open to all the members over at MJHD and how him and his redneck mother were from Alaska. They both had posts on the MJHD forum which stated this; although both posts have been removed.

One thing - and Michael said this himself - "Just because it's in print doesn't mean it's the gospel." Silverfish may be a redneck, may live in some back woods place nobody else wants to live in, may be having sex with his mother, but as Silverfish's God is my witness he does not live anywhere near Alaska.

So the greasy Silverfish starts his life-long dream of being the MJHD Admin by lying to all the members. Just another wolf in sheep's clothing. And before he tries to convince you he is - remember he visits this blog. Yesterday he visited 3 times, and lo and behold, according to Google Analytics not one visit from Alaska.

I'm guessing when Auntie Amy left she must of took the MJHD balls with her because although she lied about a lot of other stuff she at least told the truth about her location.

So now, as loyal members of MJHD, we just have to wait for more and more lies to spew from the unclean mouth of Silverfish.



Anonymous said...

first again! omfg you mean he really isnt from Alaska? because I believed them..hangs her in head in shame..no wonder I havent solved the mystery of MJ's hoaxed death or not..I couldnt even figure out silverfish and nightmare were bullshitting me..thank god for you blogger! I think im in love Im stalking your blog now lmao
your scarcasm and intellect have made my day..no make that year(my lifes pathetic too much time on MJHD you know)
see you on jerry silverfish/fuck/willie ..whatever..jerry springer episode 23, my mom caught me sleeping with a moose

Anonymous said...

He may have been using a proxy. They live in Fairbanks.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Silerfish does not know where he lives? Maybe he just knows that he lives in a house and find out by change Alsaka, so to be fashioned, he says that he lives in Alsaka ???

MJHD Conspiracy said...

Anonymous said: "He may have been using a proxy. They live in Fairbanks."

It's possible but Silverfish isn't even smart enough to google "repair a mySQL database" so I doubt it very highly.

Anonymous said...

lmfao @ the greasy silverfish part LOOL

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