Not Confused - Just Helping

Before anyone starts bitching that I am confused, or I am kissing Amy's diapered ass, don't forget I am a MJHD member too. So this concerns me also. So get off your fucking hind legs and settle down. I'm mentioning this for me, and fellow members, not because I am confused or Tis_Ruthy visited this blog.

I noticed on the forum, under Admin Q&A, that a couple of members had issues with the site not working too well in Internet Explorer and FireFox.

If running Firefox 3.5 on Windows uninstall it (but keep your preferences), and then get an older version (3.0.15) install that and it will keep all preferences that you had when Firefox updated itself to 3.5. There are a few known issues in 3.5 which are documented all over the Internet. These will be addressed with Firefox 3.6 (currently in beta).

If running Internet Explorer 8, as soon as you arrive at MJHD, hit the compatibility button. This will allow better rendering of MJHD. Technically it is how Wordpress is rendered in IE8 which there is a big, long, technical explanation but I'm sure nobody would want to read it.

Those couple of things should help, not all problems, but most.

As for the run off on the right-hand side, I remember that being discussed somewhere on the Simple:Press Forum's forum somewhere. But that is something that Auntie Amy has to fix.



Anonymous said...

First, I just love those 'nutter' butter cookies! LOL!!

Second, you know some stuff!

I really "vant to pick your brain" :)

Anonymous said...

Hey MJHDC, I hope you are well up. Nothing new for two days... I feel concerned about you.

Anonymous said...

So what now? Amy left. Five left. The site is a complete chaos, wouldn't surprise me if it's shut down, is there something else you want? Or are you done?

Anonymous said...

I have my doubts that Auntie Amy is really stepping down. Just a cover up.

Anonymous said...

Oh come on Five left the forum because she was revealed!
BerlinBabyGermany that was her, the forum shutdown then was because of her: BerlinBabyGermany (FIVE) published infos about Amy on the forum!
She'll stay on the forum with another username, she is a MJHD junkie she loves to play with the users dumbness and low level of intelligence and she loves to be in the focus of attention...

Anonymous said...

I still say Five is Amy, just my opinion as she/he/it creates drama and keeps everyone entertained in her/his/its own forum. Think they call that "trolling your own site" or something like that. But the forum being taken over by someone else, umm, no, she's definitely lying, it's still her forum, her money, her drama channel, her everything. She wouldn't just walk away from a gold mine and if it was sold, then bam!, it's sold (last I read it's worth about $35,000) and you don't have admin rights just for a day or so to sit and post "Oh poor me and my identity" crap before the big hand-off. That's udder bullshit. She's a liar, and until they fucking wake up, she'll continue to manipulate them until they end up on suicide watch at the nearest looney bin. (hopefully you all read the thread that gives out the hotline numbers, seriously, it's there)! I mean, fuck, how stupid can you be with just the thisisalsoit.com bullshit? Fuck me, it doesn't take a brain surgeon to figure out that SHE redirected the site - first to MJHD, then to Sony (to keep them guessing once they noticed this), then to wikipedia to some V for Vendetta crap. Fuck, instead of saying "Oh Sony is watching us" Or "Wow, that's creepy, what could it mean" do your damn homework before you look like a moron. Sony OWNS their own webhost/webservers, they don't use Godaddy for god sakes! You know what they say about how you can lead a horse to water ... fuckin hell, do they need a crane to take them to the pond?

Anonymous said...

I call bullshit too anonymous. It's still Amy over there. She is a liar.

Anonymous said...

Five and Amy are friends.

Anonymous said...

How long are the people over at MJHD going to fall for the deceits going on over there? Can't they face the truth? I know many of them are adults, how dumb can they be? I don't feel sorry for them.
Fool me once shame on you
Fool me twice shame on me.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

BTW, five hasn't left the forum. I have seen it logged on everyday since she "left".

Your Shadow said...

As I troll MJHD and several other sites, I am at the point of wondering if the Amy's of the world are to be blamed for merely taking advantage of a golden opportunity. I cannot really be angry at "entrepreneurial spirit"...lol.

Messing with people's heads equals bad behavior. Agreed? Agreed! However, if members cannot think for themselves or use their minds to reason...are the Amy's of the world the real problem?

These are adults...most anyway. How do they function in life if they fall apart and have daily meltdowns on fucking web forums?1!

I am, for the most part, a good person...lol. However, sometimes my evil twin sees such a range of opportunities to have a little fun and make a profit in the process. It would NOT happen if people were on alert and prevented it from happening. So many site members open their legs wide and scream "Come FUCK (over) ME!".

Many site members wear the same glasses..rose colored. It would be so easy to climb inside of their heads and take a piss...lol. I will not though...that damn conscience of mine would get in the way. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

I also agree with all the comments above

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