Let Me Run MJHD Properly

I'm always portrayed as just constantly bashing MJHD, the Admins, and some of the outlandish theories. So to offset the balance here is my suggestion.

Hitlerfish, let me buy MJHD from you, at whatever price you paid Amy. Just give me the domain, and both the Wordpress & phpBB3 databases and I will be the Admin. I will give the members THEIR forum, the way they want it. A forum that does not listen to it's members is never going to be a family always just a forum

I will show you how a forum should be run - with no dictatorship, no donations, no banning of possible subjects because they involve the Illuminati.

Just a thought. But hey I read the comments on here from MJHD members, and others, I know what they want in THEIR forum.



Anonymous said...

Yes let this fuckhead run that fucked up place, better than the previous owner and the current.

Anonymous said...

I wish your application would succeed! You will be definitly a great and fair admin! MJHD need you!

Anonymous said...

yes. i would like that!

Anonymous said...

you dont even know who I am..and you would be surprised..I post here alot you know that too..and no,for all the MJHD peeps I am NOT anything to do with MJ....I warned people along time ago about ruining that forum,that it belongs to the members not someones frigging ego or controlling attititude..its being screwed up by silverfish,nightmare,and the other admins.note admins..they hate the members .who dont have that forum or its members or the hoax as the ultimate goal..please sell to @conspiracy..please before you fuck it up even more

Anonymous said...

there are soo many other hoax forums, for example the backup forum, "without" any rules..If you don`t like MJHD, go to another forum, or make your own..yes, make your own without any rules, invite JCC, closepaltomj, Lack London, ella, keisha and Peter Pan..have fun :) maybe MJ`s twin will be a member too..

nobody is forced to be a member of MJHD..and it`s still a good forum. I don`t need "gold pants" threads or illuminati bs..
most of the members who believed in the illuminati theory acted paranoid and saw a conspiracy everywhere.. like you..

you are skeptical about the date Amy created the website..If she created it too early, it would mean that she`s in the hoax, so why are you bashing her?? what exactly is your point?

And people like you are the reason that MJHD changed.

I know your answer will be not very nice..but I had to say that..


Anonymous said...

and don`t forget: its all 4 the truth....

MJHD Conspiracy said...

You may not need 'Gold Pants' threads, or threads about the Illuminati, but others do. And that's the thing, it should be open to all.

Yes, I am concerned the website was created early, and yes that does lead to the possibility that Auntie Amy was in on the hoax. But instead of just abandoning MJHD she could have been more truthful about that.

People like me changed MJHD. That's a good thing. It is people like me that ask the questions of the Admin that need to be asked. Did you try to ask Auntie Amy about the date when you didn't believe her version? No. And if you had, you would have had your post deleted, kicked from chat, and even possibly banned. WHat does that tell you?

Anonymous said...

First: Thanks for your answer!

well, Amy told us more than once when she created this site...but some people didn`t accepted this.. what else could she do??
and MJHD was/is not about Amy it`s about the DEATH HOAX..
And that`s why I wasn`t and I`m still not interessted when MJHD was created. I was glad that there was a place I could go. And even if it was MJ`s own site, I don`t want to know this..If it is/was part of the hoax..well that would be cool, but I don`t think so. I also don`t believe that Amy is a big MJ fan, I think she`s just a very smart person..

I just read your first 2 posts on your blog, and I have to say, you changed a lot..it`s good to be a little bit skeptical and I can understand that.. but your following post were rude and had nothing to do with a "MJHD Conspiracy". you just don`t like the old/new admins..and you`re bashing them.

If you want to change sth. you shouldn`t do this in that way..

but that is just my opinion..:)

by the way: michaeljacksonsightings.com was also created an june25... another conspiracy??lol


Anonymous said...

"People like me changed MJHD. That`s a good thing"

??? but you still don`t like it..you want it back the way it was...so why is that a good thing??

Anonymous said...

"by the way: michaeljacksonsightings.com was also created an june25... another conspiracy??lol "

You're an idiot, and clearly not paying attention.

MJHD was created prior to the death announcement; which obviously raises a lot of questions: how fast she planned out to make this site, how the hell did she know to snatch up a domain name like this, etc.

The fact MJS.com was made on the 25th means nothing in regards to the hint of it being a "conspiracy"

And if the fact Conspiracy is going off in THEIR OWN BLOG bothers you so much, don't read. And I think you misunderstand their title of the blog "MJHD CONSPIRACY" meaning a conspiracy to manipulate a group of sheeple who'll jump when you say jump. NOT the "Death HOAX Conspiracy". Duh.

Again, blogs are meant to express one's opinion, and I think Conspiracy is doing that nicely.



MJHD Conspiracy said...

You are not interested when MJHD was created? Damn, it could be the one thing that saves it. If it was created on June 23 it was well before the announced death. If you use Auntie Amy's answer of June 25 (Australian time) it is still before the announced death.

This fact alone means that MJHD could be involved somehow. Or if not the site, Auntie Amy herself.

As for me not liking the new Admins (Hitlerfish & Nightmare) It is not that I dislike them as people I dislike what they are doing to the forum - i.e. not listening to what members want; or accepting advice, and help, from members. After all members are what make a forum, not a couple of Admins.

Anonymous said...

@anonymous 7:07AM

you missed my point..but it`s ok..lol

and thanks for that "idiot". Really nice...

and it was created June 25 US time(June 26 Australia time), you can see that in the e-mail of Amy you posted..

but again, if it was created before his death, it means she is in the hoax. so, there`s no reason for bashing her..

Anonymous said...

No GOLD PANTS allowed, but it's okay to have a SILVERDICK running the place.
Rather hypocritical if you ask me.

callmealice said...

Man, don't do it. The same thing's going to happen. The posters are going to get suspicious and whiny again and compare you to Hitler in Nazi Germany, or the lack of rules will make them all go butthurt. Sooner or later, someone will make a conspiracy blog and then it's the same shit all over again.

Don't do it.

Anonymous said...

SILVERDICK.... LMAOROFL!!!! WTF??? I'd call that a DILDO! LOL!

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