Silverfish Continues To Lie - Lie #2

Alright I predicted it would happen in the last post, and not to blow my own trumpet too much, I was right.

In the topic "We are a GO on imbeding youtube video's!!" Silverfish states: "Okay guys, embedding youtube videos are okay! We had to custom make our own BBcode to do it, but it's done. EXTRA special thanks to alexwestconsulting for his amazing youtube video on making this work! (I will personally email this guy if he has any contact info!

DayDream did most of the work, I pointed out where things needed changed, and we are all good to go! So WOOHOO--youtube videos can be embedded now!"

First thing first. The lie is: "We had to custom make our own BBCode..." No you didn't Silverfuck, its a BB code (notice the space) that was first published 4 days after the release of phpBB3.

Secondly, why thank Alex West Consulting? The person who originally did this code, and assisted in the coding of phpBB2 & 3, is known; and it certainly isn't Alex West (for the geeks it is D4RK_L0RD).

And a minor point here (minor as in small, not minor as in what Silverfish's mom was when she had him) it is videos not video's - the second implies that video owns something.

Keep up the good work Silverfish. You make my job so much easier when you so easily prove what a fucktard you are.



Anonymous said...

FIRST!!! okay Ive always wanted yo write that on TMZ but Im never first,, seriously @conspiracy,did you expect silverfish to tell the truth?? NOOOOOOOOOOO lol thats too easy,to be a part of MJHD admin you obviously need to be a good ass kisser(him and daydream lived on Amy's ass)a LIAR (note not a good liar, just a liar),software inept(then when the shit hits the fan you can crash a whole forum and pretend it was an accident) an impersonator(you have to pretend to be a new admin named JOhn Smith lmao,while the old one is in the process of running off with donations)yeah silverfish tell the truth?? about as likely has him getting a life

Anonymous said...

TMZ's wacky family photos contest - win 250$

SilverFish it's your chance to get the money: http://photos.tmz.com/galleries/celebrity_gossip_wacky_family_photos_portrait_contest#tab=most_recent

MJHDC: I love your style of writing ♥.

Anonymous said...

We are a GO on imbeding youtube video's!!

How many spelling mistakes in one simple sentence, I ask?
See how he acts as if he just invented something great. And tells how "hard" they're both "working". On nothing, really. It's a scam. A pack of lies. Nothing more and nothing less. Disgusting.

Anonymous said...

all the sheeple at MJHD continue to fall for the bullshit lies. Incredible.

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