Spoon Bender Geller And 0.2%

Over at MJHD.NET, in the topic The Uri Geller Show, allegedly Uri Geller announced that maybe Michael Jackson will be making a comeback next week. Allegedly after a show Uri Geller said:

"I shouldn't be saying this, but there will be a person here next week. Everybody here in the Netherlands knows him or her he / she is a Mega star and he will reveal himself here next week. This will be breaking news all over the world. I'm 99.8 % sure that he will be here next week, but there is a possibility that he won't show up." (paraphrased)

Hold on there Uri - just how did you know this ground breaking news? We haven't forgot that your fucking useless psychic powers did not pick up that Martin Bashir was nothing but a snake. And we haven't forgotten that Michael severed his friendship with you in 2002 because of your part in that documentary. And now we are all supposed to jump up and down like a bunch of Miley Cyrus fans because you say Michael Jackson is making a comeback next week?

But wait, with your great psychic powers you didn't actually say that. Because you put a 0.2% possibility of it not happening in there. Nice cover for when it doesn't happen. Like me making a prediction that I'm 99.8% sure next week Souza will declare her love, publicly, to Mo - but there is still a 0.2% chance she won't.

I'm not sure why PianoGames is all over this guy. I mean the PianoGames forum is like some scary shrine to Uri Geller. But before I even think of believing Uri on this in the slightest I'd like Uri to answer a couple of questions:

Why didn't your mystical psychic abilities pick up that Martin Bashir was a useless fucking cunt?

What did you do with the 'expenses' money that Bashir/ITV paid you?

Do you really expect us to believe that Michael's comeback will be announced by a person he put on a 'hate list' along with Tom Sneddon and Gloria Allred?

And how come the only time it was mentioned that you and Michael had patched things up was after June 25, 2009?

Come on, Michael announcing his comeback through Uri 'I bend spoons' Geller is about as likely as Michael announcing his comeback on Karen Faye's Facebook page. This guy is one fucking crackhead that is relying on the 0.2% possibility of it not happening to save his sorry ass when it does not happen.


Legal Notice: Uri Geller is a tosser. This is public opinion by a lot of fans of Michael Jackson and people that are not fans of Michael Jackson. The fact that he can bend spoons does not mean he can predict the future. I bend forks but have no psychic powers.


Anonymous said...

Haha, I dare you to tweet him with those questions @gelleruri

Anonymous said...

He means Lady Gaga...She pops up all over the world & she/he is a she/he according to the pics

MJHD Conspiracy said...

Anonymous said: "Haha, I dare you to tweet him with those questions @gelleruri"

Done. Via - http://twitter.com/_MJHDC_ ... LOL

Anonymous said...

Hallelujah, The King is coming back to kick the Sh*t out of Uri's sorry arse!

you should add Uri's name to your previous post on people who used Michael's name /likeness to cash in, right next to that fa* Ian Halperin!!!

Anonymous said...

C'est bien. On va voir ce que รงร  donne!

Finnlady77 said...

I don't think that the person behind those "Dutches" is lesbian, because what I understood she was pretty much after MJ's dick and jealous of other women on the old MJHD forum. "Souza" started the Gold Pants topic, and those other +18 years old -topics, if I remember right.

tis_ruthy said...

umm conspiracy, no offence but you are just going off what the press said. Uri can't be blamed for what Bashir did, Uri played no part in it..yes he recommended he do the documentary but Michael isn't some vengeful loon blaming the whole world for everything. I can guarantee Uri felt dreadful, he didn't know, poor feller. Bashir played a sly game, dealt some great moves and then stabbed Michael and Uri in the back, all for the sake of controversial journalism.

That said, I agree with everything else you mentioned about Uri and his predictions are feeble.

MJHD Conspiracy said...

tis_ruthy said: "Uri can't be blamed for what Bashir did."

As you said he recommended that Michael do the documentary. Not exactly a great psychic if he couldn't even work out Bashir was trying to further his career. And if he felt dreadful in any way whatsoever it is a bit late after the fact. Psychic my ass - just another charlatan.

tis_ruthy said...

I agree and after this latest prediction he will probably piss off even more people lmao. 0.2 percent will probably be just enough to cover his balls lol..,the rest of him is fair game for anyone wanting revenge with a baseball bat! omg lol, I don't believe I just typed that! I should have said penis, lmaooo

Anonymous said...

Hi tis-ruthy,
Where's 5?
Mo and Souza // Tis-Ruthy and Five?
tis and 5 left MJHD.Net last week ... "Ruth" is back again.
MJHD Conspiracy, what do you think sweetie?

Angie The F 777 said...

LMAO seen this: http://michaeljacksonhoaxforum.com/phpbb2/viewtopic.php?f=97&t=8148 ????? Speechless...

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