New MJDHI TV Series

HBO announced yesterday that as part of their Summer line-up they will introduce a new show called MJDHI: Dutch - Behind The Scenes Of The Hoax.

HBO spokesman, Diego Aldana, said "We know this show is going to pull the audience in. It has everything, sex, drugs, and techno music. We took the three main people of MJDHI and put them in a single apartment, much like Three's Company, but with the added twist that they will be investigating the theory that Michael Jackson hoaxed his death."

The main cast will be Souza played by Rachel Stevens, Mo played by Sophia Bush, and Badkolo played by Rowan Atkinson.

Souza, Badkolo, and Mo
(Rachel Stevens, Rowan Atkinson, and Sophia Bush)

Rachel Stevens, former member of S Club, said "When I was approached by HBO to do this series I really didn't want to play a Dutch lesbian that hangs around with some gay guy who lives with his mum. But when I read the script and saw who some of the possible guest stars were I knew I just had to do it."

With regards to the guest stars that will be appearing, Sophia Bush, no relation to former President George Bush, said "I think it is great that the Jackson family can see the funny side of all this. In the first episode we have Joe Jackson sell Badkolo a used car and then Badkolo has to try and get the money to pay him before Joe has him kneecapped."

Rowan Atkinson, of Mr. Bean fame said "I don't know who these people are in real life and when I was researching my character I really felt sorry for them. I mean they they think the Illuminati is running the world. If that was true my paycheck would be signed by David Rothschild. And then the whole lesbian thing, and the fact that my character Badkolo, is in real life gay and living at home with his mother just cracked me up."

Although HBO were unable to confirm the exact date that the series will start air they did state that as the date gets closer an advertising campaign would start worldwide. Diego Aldana finished the announcement with "This is really it. People will see the reality behind these people and what really makes them tick. It is one of those shows where the reality is a whole lot crazier than the image they portray on their forum."

The website of the show is http://www.hbo.com/MJDHI


Legal Notice: Although Diego Aldana is an actual spokesman of HBO he had nothing to do with this announcement. The show MJDHI: Dutch may not actually exist and none of the celebrities mentioned know anything about it.


Anonymous said...

LMAO @ Rowan Atkinson playing Bumkolo!!!!

WhatTheDeuce said...

LMFAO! This is too fucking funny!

Yay, I love Mr. Bean! Poor Rowan Atkinson... He is just too awesome to play Bumkolo. The Gay Lord should be played by this guy:

I kid, I kid. Thanks for the laughs, Conspiracy. xD

Anonymous said...

this is fucking hilarious !!!! love it

Anonymous said...

is BadKolo really gay ?!! fucking hilarious!!

Anonymous said...

Ses lunettes resemblent à celles d'Elton John? Allons, soyons plus artistes....celles de Michel Polnareff, vous savez quand il habitait Los Angeles....

Anonymous said...

Très bonne analyse. çà correspond aux recherches que j'ai entreprises.

"Atop" très shakespearien. D'accord. Ce qui montrerait que le rapport aurait été concocté par une personne d'origine étrangère et devenu américain récemment car ces derniers ont davantage tendance à utiliser une langue à un stade plus ancien, du fait de l'apprentissage qui se veut parfait, au moins à l'écrit, pas à l'oral bien sûr où l'on entend tous les noms d'oiseaux....Et puis il y a toujours la tendance d'être meilleur dans ses choix que ceux qui y sont nés.

L'insistance sur la sphère sexuel de Michael Jackson est bien ce qui sonne faux dans ce rapport, montre qu'il a été fabriqué. C'est la fameuse question de certains sites web. Etait-il un castrat ou non à cause de sa voix superbe qui lui permettait de chanter dans le registre des soprano sans aucun falsetto commun aux chanteurs masculins (Voir Prince dans "Kiss" par exemple). A cela, Michael Jackson a répondu non. Mais n'est-il pas entrain de s'amuser avec cette autopsie?...A voir....

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