Jason Pfeiffer Speaks Exclusively

The man that has been causing controversy in the mainstream media and in the Michael Jackson hoax death realm spoke exclusively with me today in a phone interview.

MJHDC: So this is Jason Pfeiffer I am speaking too?
Pfeiffer: Yes it is.
MJHDC: OK, let us not get caught up in any of the media lies and start with the questions right away. So you are the gay boyfriend of Michael Jackson?
Pfeiffer: Yes I am.
MJHDC: (Laughing) Sorry, but have you any proof of that other than your word?
Pfeiffer: There are pictures.
MJHDC: I did a Google Image search on that, and well to be honest, every picture with you and Michael, or Michael's family had a certain Arnie Klein in it too.
Pfeiffer: What are you suggesting?
MJHDC: I'm not suggesting anything. You are very defensive. I was just stating that Arnie Klein is in all the pictures with you and Michael. Some might say that your boss, Arnie, is in actual fact your gay lover and you came out with this bullshit to cash in.
Pfeiffer: What? I was Michael's lover. If you don't believe me I don't care.
MJHDC: OK. Work with me here. Let us work on a hypothetical level for a while. Let us suppose Michael Jackson is indeed gay, why would he choose you; I mean your no oil painting, you are out of shape, and in all honesty you look like a cheap Arnie Klein knock off?
Pfeiffer: Me and Michael connected. We shared a lot in our childhoods.
MJHDC: How? I'm not playing the race card here but you are white Michael was black. And at the age of 5 Michael was famous you was not. I don't see the connection.
Pfeiffer: What the fuck. Don't ask stupid questions of course I'm white.
MJHDC: Yeah. I said that you was white. I also said you were never famous until now and that basically you looked like a cheap Arnie Klein knock off.
Pfeiffer: Leave Arnie out of this, he is not just my boss, he is my lover.
MJHDC: Oh really? Thought Michael was your lover?
Pfeiffer: Yeah he is.
MJHDC: But you just said Arnie was.
Pfeiffer: I was confused. I am hungry.
MJHDC: Aren't you always? Anyway, some people may see it that you are nothing but a mule for Arnie Klein.
Pfeiffer: Do I look like a mule?
MJHDC: (Laughing) Actually more like an ass. But how would you answer the question?
Pfeiffer: What question? Oh the one about being a mule. I am not an animal of any kind and these rumors of me being a mule are a lie. For starters I only have 2 legs.
MJHDC: So is Arnie paying you while you take this time off to do various interviews and that to spread your lies?
Pfeiffer: Yeah. It is great. I make money from the interviews and Arnie pays me at the same time.
MJHDC: About your alleged relationship with Michael. Why leave it until now to talk about it?
Pfeiffer: Well Arnie is a bit short of cash. And he hasn't got his jacket back yet. So one night in bed Arnie suggested it and I thought it was a great idea.
MJHDC: So what about proof about this relationship?
Pfeiffer: Ask Arnie, he'll confirm everything.
MJHDC: Anybody other than Arnie Klein?
Pfeiffer: Not really.
MJHDC: So basically you are saying you had a sexual relationship with Michael Jackson and nobody but you and Arnie know anything about it; but it really happened?
Pfeiffer: I knew you wouldn't believe me.
MJHDC: Well Michael wasn't gay, he married twice, and dated a few women. And now you expect the world to believe you and Arnie Klein. And nobody else knows but you and Arnie. You see what I'm getting at?
Pfeiffer: You are just jealous I slept with Michael and you didn't.
MJHDC: But you never slept with Michael. To be honest your just lying.
Pfeiffer: Fuck you. I knew this was a bad idea. You hate gays and love Nazis. And you hate everyone and everything.
MJHDC: (Laughing) You obviously read the comments on my blog.
Pfeiffer: Well I slept with Michael ...
MJHDC: Of which you have no evidence.
Pfeiffer: Fuck you.
MJHDC: Tell Arnie I said hi, and he needs a better shit-packer than you to spread lies.
Pfeiffer: I will.
MJHDC: (Laughing) Thanks.
Pfeiffer: Wait, they are not lies, Arnie said it was true.
MJHDC: I'm sure Arnie thinks they are true. But for Arnie the line between reality and his sick fantasies is very blurred.
Pfeiffer: No. Arnie is great. At work we do this thing where I sit in his chair and pretend to be him and then he pretends to be me. Then I tell him off, he cries, out comes the Vaseline ...
MJHDC: Whoa! That is a great place to end this interview. Just so you know. I do think you and Arnie are lying, and not just in bed together, and nobody is going to believe your bullshit lies that you are spreading.
Pfeiffer: Fuck you. I don't care.

At that point the phone interview ended. As can be seen from the vagueness of Jason Pfeiffer's answers it is obvious to even the blind man, with a blind dog, and has a blind girlfriend that he is nothing more than a lying shit-shoveling faggot that is under the guidance of Arnie Klein.


Legal Notice: Jason Pfeiffer is indeed a homosexual and by his own admittance is condemned to hell according to the Bible. Not being religious in any way I neither condone or condemn the lying faggot to eternal damnation in the pits of Hades. Although it would look like this interview actually took place it did not. This post is satire. Although the basis of this post remains true in that Jason Pfeiffer has no actual proof, or evidence, that this alleged relationship took place.


Moon said...

OMG you are too much Oompa! You crack me up! Thanks for making my day :)

Anonymous said...

oh thanks Doggie, I love u! u did it again man, they should use ur skits in SNL LOL!

that piece of Sh*t Arnie is a Fuc*ing media whore, 1st he started by putting up the Chevrolet that "allegedly" Michael used to drive up 4 sale, but that didn't get him anywhere, then he comes up with the Jacket BS & now this...business must be real slow!

once again Doggie u ROCK!

Anonymous said...

u've been making up laugh so generously, I though I should return the favor by sharing this link. It's Arnie's add 4 that lame ass Chevi he's put up 4 sale, just read the description..what a fag, funny though


WhatTheDeuce said...

Pfeiffer: I was confused. I am hungry.
MJHDC: Aren't you always?

LMAO! I totally agree with you, Conspiracy - Even if Michael was gay, which he isn't, why would he want to date that fat ass? It's really sad that some people will do ANYTHING for money...

Anonymous said...

that was very funny thanks we need that

Anonymous said...

Great great laugh! Poor Jason! Although you never know...

"L'amour est enfant de bohème.
Il n'a jamais, jamais connu de lois!
Si tu ne m'aimes pas, je t'aime!
Mais si tu m'aimes, prends garde à toi!"
For those who might not know....

Randa said...

Bravo , Bravo - Standing Ovation to you ! I knew that guy was full of shit ! thanxs for exposing the truth to the masses !:)

Anonymous said...

hahaha very funny :P

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