Rest In Peace Beloved Hoax

Less than ten months ago, on June 25, 2009 when Michael Jackson was supposedly rushed from 100 North Carolwood Drive to the UCLA hospital, a hoax was born. Sadly it lived a short life and before a year passed it was dead.

Thanks to people like Amy Sampson, Souza, Mo, and Badkolo and insanely run hoax forums it was doomed to die. It was almost a conspiracy to kill the hoax.

From the very beginning Amy Sampson screwed with members and moderators alike. Using the hoax as a way of making money from advertising and always looking to make more money with various schemes such as "premium membership" and selling t-shirts - looking back Auntie Amy was nothing more than a poor mans forerunner to Brian Oxman.

Along came MJKit which later became the S&M Concentration Camp. With a trio of Nazi fucks running the place anyone who had an idea that disagreed with the official forum stance on a subject was instantly ridiculed and banned. Yet the dumb fucks wonder why the "Nazi" tag sticks. Soon the topics about the hoax were weeded out to make way for the topics about the Illuminati, Mind Control, and a bunch of other conspiracy theories that had little, if anything, to do with Michael Jackson.

Thrown in to the mix we have MJHD.NET which has little do with the actual hoax and is more an amateur psychology unit with emotional support and flowers everywhere. In all honesty MJHD.NET is more like a fan forum as opposed to a hoax forum. Topics such as "I Had A Dream Last Night" "I'm Feeling Sad Today" are there for members to offer their advice and thoughts.

So we come to today. The day the hoax dies. In actual fact it is not the day the hoax dies it is the day the investigation of the hoax dies. All the people that made the hoax forums places where information and ideas were shared and discussed have gone. What is left is a shell of what could have been. Everything could have been so much more, so much bigger, just a lot more than it is.

So at this solemn time I'd like to personally say something to the various members of the forums, the people that have left the forums because of the way they were treated, and the admins of the current forums.

To the S&M Concentration Camp members that are left: The Nazis are constantly saying to open your eyes to the Illuminati and their tricks. But the members that remain should open their eyes to how previous members have been treated and why they are no longer there.

To the MJHD.NET flower shop members that are left. None of you are trained psychologists; and none of you are ever going to replace Google image search. Some horny 300 lb woman sat at a computer wants to see pictures of Michael Jackson wearing gold pants they can search for them. Learning to use something useful like a search engine might be more useful than putting up some flower smiley and clicking next. As for how people are feeling, everyone has a shit day nobody really cares. A few people put up a hug smiley and a flower smiley and instantly forget what your problem is because they have their own which are more important.

To Souza & Mo: Forget the Illuminati bullshit. You want to do a forum on the Illuminati and all the secrets they supposedly have create a separate website. Remember you are MJDHI stick to the topic. RFID chips have nothing to do with Michael. Then once you get back on track, start to treat your members better. It is good to have differences of opinion it opens discussion. Stop treating everyone who disagrees with you as a piece of shit; you know no more than them. Finally, get your egos back in check. You used to be good investigators in the hoax then somewhere along the line you seemed to think you were the fucking best thing since sliced bread and everyone else was beneath you. Truth is we are all on this journey together nobody really knows anything for sure a lot of it is speculation.

To Lara: Get your forum in order. Forget all the emotional support shit and the dreams. If some fucking person has some pseudo-erotic dream about MJ it has nothing to do with the actual hoax. There are already enough MJ fan sites and forums they can put that stuff. Then you need to get your moderators in order. If they are going to follow instructions they need to do it all the time not just when it suits them. Inconsistency in rules is just as bad as having none and making them up on the fly.

To all the people that left the hoax forums: Get together and create a forum where investigation and the hoax are not only the main topics but the topics. A lot of you are great investigators and made the original MJHD what it was. All together you could make one of the most informative hoax forums around.

If these few things do not happen the hoax will die. It will be seen as some conspiracy which the public will always view as some Illuminati bullshit theory when it is much more than that.


Legal Notice: The opinion in this post is merely the opinion of someone who uses a dog as an identity. It is not satire just a vision of what will happen if the hoax forums stay on their current paths.


Lorrie said...

As the Italians occasionally say, "Bravissimo!"

Best MJHD Conspiracy blog post ever, IMO. I hope the folks who read it and need it actually get the message.

Anonymous said...

I agree with most of the stuff you stated, but I don't think this is the end. there are many enthusiastic people who are doing their own investigations (I'm one of them) seeingclues has a good blog too.

"To all the people that left the hoax forums: Get together and create a forum where investigation and the hoax are not only the main topics but the topics. A lot of you are great investigators and made the original MJHD what it was. All together you could make one of the most informative hoax forums around."

you seem 2 b in the right track & if u know u r not gonna turn into an egotistical maniac like the dutch Nazis then maybe u should bring all the people together & start a new page where Hoax investigation is the one & only topic, u can count me in. I have medical background & that might come in handy.

but if we all sit around & wait for others to do, it'll never get done. It reminds me of what Michael said in "This is it": people saying "they" do it, "they" will take care of it, "they who"?! let us be "they"

think about it!

WhatTheDeuce said...

It would be great if all the good and serious investigators could come together in ONE forum free of drama, paranoia, religious crap and bullshit theories - that way we wouldn't have to visit a bunch of forums, blogs, twitters and video-blogs on Youtube to find some new and useful information regarding the hoax. It's a damn shame so many hoaxers separated themselves from the hoax community because of some stupid little feuds or ridiculous bans. I know working as a team can be a pain in the ass, but it would be wonderful if everyone could forget about the stupid fights of the past and come together once again, with only the hoax in mind, to find the truth about Michael Jackson's death.

Such forum is an utopia, though. Besides, there's not much to discuss lately. I don't think the hoax will die, at least not for now, because there's many many people (including me) still interested in finding the troot. What bothers me is the fact that some people with Nazi complexes are destroying what could be a very united and respectable community.

Anonymous said...

Good overview of the general situation!

Anonymous said...

You are so right. I would love to be a part of an actual hoax investigation forum again. In the beginning, MJHD really was THE best thing. That was long before it even had a forum. All of us there were seriously into investigating. And even though we didn't have tons of info to go on at the time, we knew how to use what we had. Then MJHD started turning into some high school popularity contest and all the drooling over Michael and what not started happening. Unfortunately, the more people that joined, the faster it went downhill. And now, MJHD is simply crap. As are all the forums. I really hope that we (the serious ones that aren't into discussing gold pants, hairstyle and erotic dreams) can get together and investigate this hoax the way it should be done.

Anonymous said...

dearest conspiracy, i have followed your advice and started a forum

i hope now people will join up and do some real investigating...
there will be no emotional support, or NWO threads, and anything else that is non-hoax related.

Anonymous said...

Here is an interesting forum (according to disclaimer:"contain published rumors, speculation, assumptions, opinions as well as factual information"). why not join? They have there a lot of information: http://forum.mjfiles.com/index.php

Anonymous said...

The problem is starting it aaaaall again.
It´s like if our work would be arrested, and we were prisoners through it.

Anonymous said...

the person who posted "http://forum.mjfiles.com/index.php"
stop advertising your crap here,

anyone who check out just the title of their topics will see they're tabloid junkies & into the same crap as S&M camp, they even have a mind control topic & talk about Michael's psychology & etc. who made them the authorized shrinks? & unless Michael himself sat on a couch & split his guts out, no one can claim 2 know shit!

pls, if you're suggesting anything let it not have anything to do with Mind control crap

(sorry Dog, I lost my temper heeee heeeeee )

Anna.K said...

I don't think a new forum would help anything - there's a good dozen of hoax forums out there and they're more or less the same. I guess it's just better for everyone to stay within their research group and post their findings. It will interest whom it will interest, I just think it's sad that the concrete stuff and reasonable hypothesis attempts get drowned in the countless "OMG X+Y = 7 !!!" and "Was Lady Gaga a knight of the Axis" threads which, whether ppl believe in this or not, leads hoaxers absolutely nowhere except paranoia land.
Some useful information, like all the inconsistencies in Murray's various statements which can help theorize what is going to happen during court dates/potential defenses, or how, based on calculations, it turns out MJ was only taking a pill or two a day, is all out there to be read. Too bad very few ppl do and comment on that. I guess it's not like anyone is going to blow off the lid off of the hoax, 'cause this end of this doesn't depend on us, but the more factual stuff we get, the more we can channel everyone's hope and let the hoax community remain sane so it can have a valuable voice. No one will listen to the seemingly crazy. Also, there are too many ppl on forums who are actually isolating themselves in real life for this - they're nourished by the BS and it's just not worth it.

Diana Jean said...

I agree, people have lost interest in investigating. Just because there isn't some new "ground breaking" clue everyday doesn't mean that there's nothing left to find.

I can't count the number of people who have told me "There's nothing left to investigate". I mean really? Conrad Murray isn't even in jail yet, he has anouther court date in June...and still there's "nothing left?"

I'm tired of seeing 100 paragraph novels of nothing but attention whoreing and crap.

Step it up people.

Reflection said...

Anna K., I agree with you. Good to see you here. I'm also still here, reading and observing. Doing my own thinking, and waiting. The hoax is not gone, yet. Many of the questions are still open. You're right, the end does not depend on us.

Anonymous said...

There is a new forum which has only just started & it's really quiet over there so needs some good investigators(300lb gold pants lovers need not apply).

Anonymous said...

Well, Conspiracy's forum is not a bad place either cause this person has shown really what freedom of speech is and the subjects are good too.

On top, satire puts things in their right place. And not many people got this talent.

So, I would rather join that forum.

anonymous 3 said...

@Anon 3:33 PM
I agree. That's why I joined a while ago.

Anonymous said...

hope mjhdconspiracy is not gonne die too, there's nothing left after this.
long live mjhdconspiracy!


Anonymous said...

Apart from the dutch nazis I was really tired of the same crap all the time, you even can go right now and check. It turned into a black hole full of s++t, NWO and Illuminati crap. I really don't want to know their theories on how about any nice feeling good song turns into an attempt to fight the illuminati. They screw up the forum and I stopped being interested in the hoax. Anyway I will not stop keeping an eye on it and on some interesting topics like this one.

Waiting said...

I'm definitely tired of the forums and bizarre, pointless, irrelevant theories that do nothing but waste space and time. But I'm not tired of the hoax and the search for the truth about what happened on June 25th. Would love to have a place to really investigate and really discuss the hoax, without all the bullshit.

But I will say that I think that there is only so much information/evidence about the hoax that can be found on the Internet. If I lived anywhere near L.A., I'd be doing real investigating. So many of us are just stuck with Web surfing as a means of investigation, and that just ain't gonna cut it. Not by a long shot.

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