The S&M Interview

Travel down any little Dutch back street, and you will leave the serenity of the Netherlands and find the darker, sleazier, side they forget to mention. It was in this dark, seedy, area that I met the infamous Souza and Mo of MJDHI fame in a small bistro.

Souza and Mo agreed to this interview on the condition that no location would be mentioned, and their pictures would not be used.

MJHDC: (laughing) So you may know I'm not really your biggest fan.
Souza: You just don't like us. Which is why we agreed to this interview. Just to prove you wrong.
Mo: Yes exactly what Souza said.
MJHDC: So you supposedly did a couple of lame interviews. Will you admit they were set up?
Mo: What do you mean set up?
MJHDC: Well, there was no deep questions and both fucking muppets that allegedly did the interviews didn't exactly ask for clarification on some of your answers.
Souza: We gave the answers that we felt were right. We don't care if anyone agrees or not.
MJHDC: OK. So they were basically bullshit to promote your own over-inflated egos.
Souza: Are you going to ask questions or just insult?
Mo: Of course they will ask questions. That is why it is called an interview.
MJHDC: Yeah. Be pretty pointless if I don't. Kind of like the other two interviews you did.
Souza: Get on with it then.
MJHDC: OK. I'll go to the most important question first - so you two a couple of rug munching dykes?
Mo: Our sexuality has nothing to do with the hoax.
MJHDC: Nor does the Illuminati but you have a whole forum about that shit.
Souza: Our sexual preference is not important. If Mo, or myself, were lesbians it wouldn't matter. And I'm not saying we are either.
Mo: (whispering to Souza) That was close I thought you was going to tell him darling.
MJHDC: Seems you won't admit that you are a couple lesbians; anything going on between one of you and Badkolo?
Mo: I thought he was gay.
Souza: Nothing is going on with either of us and Badkolo. As for him being homosexual that has never been confirmed.
MJHDC: Pretty much everything on your forum and blog was never confirmed but it didn't stop you. Talking about your blog and that; what was with the now infamous dog autopsy?
Mo: That was funny. We were sitting at Souza's apartment and were just bullshitting and Souza suggested it and we just laughed. Then Souza laughed and said nobody would believe it. So we put it out there and people really believed it for a while. We laughed about that for a long time.
Souza: Our investigations occasionally lead us down the wrong path but we just regroup and start investigating again.
MJHDC: So what is with all the Illuminati bullshit that is on your forum?
Mo: We were on this website, and they had some good information, and so we copy and pasted into the forum.
MJHDC: But what does it have to do with Michael Jackson?
Souza: Well the connection between Mike ...
MJHDC: You mean Michael.
Souza: Whatever. The connection is the whole music industry is controlled by the Illuminati.
Mo: Especially that Beyonce.
Souza: Mo we discussed this. It is the whole music industry.
MJHDC: But the forum is Michael Jackson Death Hoax Investigators not Music Industry Hoax Investigators.
Souza: It is our forum, and notice I said forum not concentration camp, and we will allow whatever subjects we want.
MJHDC: And if people don't agree with you they just get ridiculed right?
Mo: No. Souza just explains we are always right, except the dog theory, and then we wheel Badkolo out to issue warnings.
MJHDC: (laughing) Even you two have to see the funny side of having a gay clown as your forum 'security guard'?
Souza: No.
MJHDC: OK. So the classicbands.com interview was that faked because the interviewer sucked big time and the website itself looks like it was designed by Crayola?
Mo: No that was a real interview.
Souza: Yeah it was real. People complain that the questions were lame. But at least we get the hoax out there.
MJHDC: I for one am not to happy with you two allegedly representing the believers. You make it sound we are all a bunch of Illuminati fearing fools.
Mo: The Illuminati is everywhere. They are powerful. They can have you killed.
MJHDC: So how are you two surviving as you unveil all their plans?
Mo: We hide in Souza's apartment so they cannot find us.
Souza: You are not meant to tell them where we hide.
Mo: Sorry.
Souza: It is OK love.
MJHDC: So that Dutch newspaper how come you never stood up for yourselves?
Souza: What?
MJHDC: Well they basically took the piss out of you, and you never corrected them. You just fed them the Illuminati bullshit. You looked a right pair of muppets in that one.
Souza: OK this interview is over.
MJHDC: (laughing) But I haven't asked you about the Hitler connection yet.
Mo: That is just wrong.
Souza: Mo, stop talking, they will just twist it so we look stupid.
Mo: (giggling) We did the dog autopsy theory. We are doing a great job ourselves.
Souza: Let us just go back to my place. I have this new lubricant we can play with.
Mo: Do we have to sell the pictures again? I really don't care if Badkolo gets kicked out of his mothers home.
Souza: Look we said we would help him. His boyfriend can't help him obviously.
Mo: Why? Is his boyfriend gay too?
Souza: Well duh. Luckily I don't lick you for your brains.
Mo: You mean like right?
Souza: I know what I meant.
MJHDC: Ladies, and I use that term as loosely as possible, thanks for your time. I know you have drugs and lesbian things to do.
Souza: Fuck you.
Mo: You are welcome sweetie.
MJHDC: (laughing) Yeah, you have a great day too.


Legal Notice: This interview is fictitious and Souza and Mo have never admitted being lesbians. Neither Badkolo or his boyfriend have admitted to being homosexual. Although the lubricant mentioned was never named my apologies to KY Intense for getting you involved.


Anonymous said...

this seems so real... hahaha! xD so funny! i love your sense of humor! <3

Anonymous said...

it's not real?

Anonymous said...

I don't get it...?

Angie The F 777 said...

LMAO Seems so real..indeedxDDD

MJHD Conspiracy said...

Not sure where people were commenting this morning but about 11 comments were lost thanks to a BlogSpot error.

Anonymous said...

he lives on Dutch Street, all day long on Dutch Street.
He has a house and garden,
I would like to see what happens....

WhatTheDeuce said...

"Neither Badkolo or his boyfriend have admitted to being homosexual."

ROTFLMAO! Conspiracy, you witty little dog!

"MJHDC: Ladies, and I use that term as loosely as possible, thanks for your time. I know you have drugs and lesbian things to do."

Hahahahaha! Oh man... Who needs exercise when you can read this blog? I'm getting a six pack just from laughing so hard! Thanks, Conspiracy! Loved the interview - too funny!

Anonymous said...

"and then we wheel Badkolo out to issue warnings."

LMFAO!!! The mental image is just too much! LOL!

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