Pepsi Knows Something

A recently leaked advertisement for Pepsi definitely suggest that they know more than they are letting on.

Leaked Pepsi Advertisement

Pepsi spokeswoman, Nicole Bradley, sent the following statement:

"Pepsi neither deny or confirm that this advertisement has anything to do with Pepsi in any way. All things will be revealed only at the time they are meant to be revealed and not before. The LAPD have started an investigation to the source of this advertisement. Although if any soft drink company was to be involved in Mr. Jackson's fake death it would undoubtedly be Pepsi."

Larry King, of CNN fame, said "What? Pepsi? I'm getting fucking divorced and you ask about Pepsi knowing anything about Michael. When I was talking to him the other ... oh shit, forget I said that. Damn. Suppose that will be another slip-up that makes it to Youtube."

Although no reliable sources can confirm the Pepsi advert media attention whore, Paris Hilton, had this to say "Well nobody asked me if it was OK. I was tanning at the time, I suppose they didn't want to disturb me. The could have called my Blackberry, the number is 200-50-1901 no wait that is my Social Security number. I'm such an airhead."

So at present it would seem only time will tell if Pepsi know anything and if they have exclusive rights to a comeback tour with sponsorship.


Legal Notice: Pepsi, Nicole Bradley, Larry King, or Paris Hilton had nothing to do with this post. It is merely satire to take up some time until some new evidence or clues come about. Also 200-50-1901 is not Paris Hilton's SS#.


d.o. said...

LMAO, too funny! ahah, the hoax world seems a whole lot brighter when you are around.
The Pepsi add looks great btw.

WhatTheDeuce said...

LMAO @ Larry King and Paris Hilton!

Anonymous said...

Oh! this Larry King! Hum....hum...hum...

Anonymous said...

ROFL, I love ur Larry King skits :D

don't 4get the almighty Papa Joe & his Ox-moron lawyer ahahaha, if there were such add they'd be all over it try 2 get a piece of the action. Btw isn't Ox in suspension (I mean his bar status)?

Anonymous said...

LMAO. The LAPD is right on this, but it took them over a month to be on Michael's case... LOL... This is way to convinient

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