Does Everyone Know About The Hoax?

Over at MJHD.NET there is a thread concerning Sony and their choice of words in their new advertising campaign. The words in particular are "SONY - Make.Believe" and "SONY - Like.No.Other" which supposedly point to Sony being involved in the hoax.

Sony employ thousands in their marketing departments around the world. And now they don't even have to think to get paid because Sony are forgetting their $15 billion dollar profits to promote the hoax to the world. So that is thousands of Sony employees added to the people that would have to know about the hoax.

General Manager: We need a new advertisement.
Ad Executive: Shall we promote the PS3 and how it does everything?
General Manager: Not this time. I think we need to tell the world what we know.
Ad Executive: You mean about the hoax?
General Manager: Yes, but in a way where it looks like we are still selling electronic equipment.
Ad Executive: We could have Michael Jackson moonwalk behind the Sony logo.
General Manager: Too obvious.
Ad Executive: How about we put a fedora hat on the O in Sony?
General Manager: I like it, but still too obvious.
Ad Executive: What about we just put the words "make.believe" under the Sony logo?
General Manager: Great idea. Doesn't say we know anything but at the same time says everything.
Ad Executive: I'll get my department working on the commercials.
General Manager: Hold up on that. I'll check with Mr. Jackson first.

It just doesn't make sense that all these people are supposedly in the know about the fact that Michael Jackson faked his death. Add all the Sony employees to the LAPD, LAFD, Jackson family, the TII production crew and dancers, TMZ, the media, Conrad Murray, Kenny Ortega and almost anyone else that has had some connection to Michael Jackson in the past 30 years or so and you end up with close to a million people that are in on the hoax; and that doesn't even include all the psychic nut-jobs that have received word from the spirits saying Michael is not dead.

At A Seance

Weird Woman: Is there anybody there?
Spirit: Yes, I am.
Weird Woman: Have you seen Michael Jackson?
Spirit: No, but then again last Tuesday I did see someone but I can't be sure.
Weird Woman: I am trying to contact Michael Jackson.
Spirit: Have you tried leaving a message with Kurt Cobain?
Weird Woman: Would that work?
Spirit: I doubt it. You see Michael Jackson is not dead. I was just pulling your leg. It gets lonely here. Sometimes I don't see anyone for weeks at a time.
Weird Woman: You are of no use.
Spirit: Be like that. I'll haunt you if I want. Well I won't really but it sounds good.
Weird Woman: Seen Elvis by chance?
Spirit: Can't say that I have. Although I was haunting a Wal*Mart in Alabama and I thought he was stocking shelves there.
Weird Woman: Never mind.

So with all these people knowing about the hoax, how come the big question of "where is Michael Jackson?" still remains unanswered. It would seem that everyone except those investigating the hoax is aware, and knows, that Michael faked his death and what he is up to right now.

Sony's next commercial is more 'in your face' about what they, and almost a million others connected to Michael are aware of but are just not saying:


Legal Notice: Kurt Cobain is not a messaging service for spirits - please make no attempt to treat him so. Sony had nothing to do with this post in any shape or form. This post is merely using the Sony logo for satire.


Anonymous said...

Stories like these make me doubt the hoax a little.


Anonymous said...

Hi!Hi!Hi! a GOOD laugh......

Commercial politics go exactly that way...

Sure you are inspiring Sony.....

Anonymous said...

But have you seen that moonwalking Dodo bird in the Coca Cola ad singing "Im alive, Im alive"!!!!


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